Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 744: Waiting For Me To Become A Joke?

Chapter 744: Waiting For Me To Become A Joke?

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Bai Linlin wasn't any better. However, she had an older sister in Hollywood, so the two women were evenly matched in terms of background.

Little Seven gave An Zihao a phone call to explain the current situation; she was afraid that Chen Xingyan would be bullied again. So, An Zihao soon arrived at the auditions. Seeing Chen Xingyan holding the temporary script in her hands, he immediately strode over and asked, "What's wrong?"

As Chen Xingyan watched An Zihao appear, she immediately said, "I actually have a thought."

"Your thought is to become Beijing's best stunt double."

Chen Xingyan took a deep breath and realized her previous casual image had been etched too deeply in An Zihao's heart. As a result, he wasn't used to her seriousness. However, Chen Xingyan still said what she thought, "I know you arranged this audition for me because you want me to secure some resources and to have a film to partake in. I also know that you don't have much expectation for me, but I want to have some expectations for myself from now on."

"I've looked at the script and I'm aware that you want me to audition for the secondary female character, but I feel that this female character that disguises as a guy is more suited to me."

An Zihao examined Chen Xingyan seriously as his lips curved upwards, "Have you made preparations to become a superstar yet?"

"Even if not for myself, I would do it for the sake of your dreams. You were once a top manager, I don't want your skills to become dispensable because of me."

An Zihao patted Chen Xingyan on the head; she had grown up.

"You are indeed more suited to the character of this tomboy. Although it isn't a notable character, the design of this character is the most detailed, life-like and the most complete in the entire script. If portrayed well, it has the ability to outshine the secondary character and even the female lead. However, if done badly, it would just be another forgettable, insignificant character. But, we have nothing to lose, we can treat this as a chance for you to accumulate some experience."

"OK," Chen Xingyan nodded.

"Bai Linlin came for the secondary female character, but she has no idea that this character was merely created to highlight the existence of the female lead. It actually has less value than most of the other characters. The character may appear in a lot of scenes, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be likable."

After hearing this, Chen Xingyan began to laugh as she whispered beside An Zihao's ear, "According to Bai Linlin's personality, she will definitely mess up."

Bai Linlin seemed to have noticed Chen Xingyan and An Zihao talking about her, so she rolled her eyes and walked towards the couple, "The secondary character is mine. Don't even dream about it."

Chen Xingyan didn't want it to begin with...

As she began to think about the way that Bai Linlin stood in front of Tangning, she couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Thinking about the way you were punished to stand."

"You just wait. After I become the secondary female, there will be plenty for you to see," Bai Linlin was struck where it hurt. So, after making a lame threat, she turned around and hurried away. Chen Xingyan was extremely amused as she erupted in tears of laughter.

"I heard her sister is quite powerful, she won't come looking for trouble, will she?"

"Her sister is on Tangning's level, so Tangning will naturally find a way to deal with her. If she comes to look for you, she will be devaluing herself," An Zihao replied with a smile.


Bai Yu was indeed angered. Tangning had forced her sister to stand for two hours like a student in front of a school dean. No matter who was to hear this, they were bound to feel bad.

"She's just an actress on the brink of expiry, shouldn't she just return home? Why's she walking around acting like a nice person when it's obvious she's not?"

However, Bai Linlin had no idea that Tangning had entered the studio that day because she had been contracted as the global spokesperson for an international luxury cosmetic brand. This brand was well-known for its lively image. And this was exactly the reason why Mo Ting chose it for Tangning. At first, the company was worried about Tangning's condition. They wondered if she'd be appealing enough. But, as soon as Tangning put on her white suit, tied her hair into a high ponytail and stepped out in front of everyone, her beauty made it impossible for people to look away.

Because of this, the photographer let out a sigh. Tangning was in the same state as when she was a model. It was clear to see that Tangning's professionalism resulted in the strict management of her figure.

It didn't take long before Tangning began conversing with the man in perfect English and understood the content of the shoot.

So, with the help of the stylist, Tangning got changed into a set of white activewear.

As the stylist looked at Tangning's stomach and how it had recovered beautifully, she couldn't help but gasp, "I really can't imagine that you're already the mother of a baby."

"It's actually two babies," Tangning smiled, "I gave birth to twins..."

The stylist gave her a thumbs up, "You're amazing!"

Throughout the entire shoot, Tangning changed into a total of 7 sets of clothes, all following a white theme and aimed at women. Inside the rose-filled room, Tangning's state was unbelievably perfect.

"A professional is indeed a professional," the photographer continuously praised. Tangning did not forget her original profession at all, especially her gaze.

She was capable of looking fierce, wild, tender and even pure. Perhaps, due to the experience she had gained from acting, when she applied her skills to the advertisement, even the advertiser gasped in surprise. Out of all the models they had ever worked with, Tangning left the deepest impression.

"Wait until we release this advertisement, the result will definitely be shocking. I can't wait!" the photographer said to the other staff members after he finished.

After Tangning completed her shoot, she simply wanted to hurry home. The advertiser originally wanted to invite her to dinner, but she regretfully rejected them. After all, she still had two babies waiting for her at home.

"Rather than focusing on work, you're constantly worried about your baby. You're honestly a great mother," the lighting designer laughed.

Because she was a great mother, she wanted to rush home and comfort the good father at home.

Tangning smiled as she bid farewell to the staff. Afterwards, she left the studio with Lu Che.

She was capable of returning to the workplace, but the big guy and two little ones at home, were forever her biggest concern.

Upon returning home, Tangning found Mo Ting fast asleep with the babies.

Seeing Daddy Ting's head up against his two son's heads, Tangning felt a rush of warmth spread through her body.

She remembered that her and Mo Ting had once promised that they'd be a normal couple as soon as they returned home. It was a place for just the two of them.

Tangning approached the trio and placed a kiss on Mo Ting's forehead. She then headed into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

It didn't take long before Mo Ting appeared behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist, "Did your first day back at work go smoothly?"

"Of course..." Tangning nodded confidently.

"Hai Rui received news that Bai Yu plans to return to Beijing to develop her career. It's obvious that she's aiming at you. When she gets back, she may cause you trouble."

"Is this all because I punished her sister to stand?" Tangning snorted. "Isn't it normal to have small arguments within the industry?"

"She is a smart woman. If necessary, she could even sacrifice the most important people in her life. You are both on the same path. But, when the two of you reach a fork in the road, you are bound to go separate ways. So, she wants to wait for the result."

"Regarding everything else, this Bai Yu is quite charming!" Tangning had to admit this. "She must be waiting for me to become a joke."

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