Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 743: You Shouldn't Force Me To Be Even More Ruthless

Chapter 743: You Shouldn't Force Me To Be Even More Ruthless

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An Zihao glanced at her with a look of approval.

Brother Yun was unaware that Chen Xingyan was a martial artist, so he laughed, "I love being touched by pretty women..."


All that could be heard was a loud pang as Chen Xingyan landed a kick on the man and threw him down the stairs. Before Brother Yun got a chance to check his injuries, Chen Xingyan had already jumped down and started punching him. Only until she was satisfied did she stand up straight and warn, "If you dare come here again, I will hit you every time I see you!"

Brother Yun never expected that Chen Xingyan had such skills. At this moment, he was simply lying on the floor moaning in pain, with no strength to stand back up.

"Pfft, the entire family is shameless!"

After saying these words, Chen Xingyan returned to An Zihao. The couple returned to the apartment, one behind the other, and closed the door shut.

"This won't do. To prevent this family from causing more trouble I need to think of a plan that ends everything once and for all." How could Chen Xingyan handle these people showing up at the apartment every couple of days? Even normal people wouldn't be able to handle it, let alone people in the public eye like her and An Zihao.

Seeing Chen Xingyan walking back and forth in the living room, An Zihao pulled her into his embrace, "I'll handle it. I won't let this disgusting family appear in your line of sight again."

"Really?" Chen Xingyan both trusted him and doubted him.

"Really," An Zihao nodded. "Go wash yourself down a little, you have an audition this afternoon. Take Little Seven with you and don't embarrass me."

"OK," after receiving a kiss, Chen Xingyan obediently headed into the bathroom. As she disappeared, An Zihao's expression turned dark, there were some things that he needed to end once and for all.

After Chen Xingyan and Little Seven left the apartment, An Zihao drove to the hospital frequented by Mother Yun. As expected, Brother Yun was also using the hospital for his broken bones.

Seeing An Zihao appear, not only Father Yun and Mother Yun, but also Brother Yun's wife was furious, "You are a bunch of bullies, why did you injure my husband?"

"An Zihao, how dare you turn up here!" Mother Yun yelled. "I'm going to expose you to the media. You're inhumane and a hideous mess!"

Mother Yun was uneducated, so she wasn't good with words. As she was flustered, her words were a bit reckless.

An Zihao gave a gentle laugh as he asked Mother Yun, "What are you planning to expose to the media? That your entire family has been living off me? Or that the money your son used to get married and buy a home was all from me as well?"

After hearing this, Father Yun and Mother Yun's ears burned red. They were aware that their words were quite unreasonable.

At this moment, Brother Yun's wife looked at her in-laws in disbelief, "Didn't Yun Hao earn the money himself?"


"Earn?" An Zihao looked at the elders in ridicule and replied to the naive young woman, "With Yun Hao's abilities, when would be be able to buy any property in Beijing? I'm sorry, but this entire family's expenses have been provided by me. Over the years, they haven't earned a cent. So auntie, you're more than welcome to expose this. I would also like to see the media's response."

Mother Yun did not look happy, but she could not say a word.

"So that's the truth, I knew it." The woman's eyes turned watery as she looked at the elders and continued, "I've decided to get a divorce with Yun Hao. And of course, I won't be giving birth to the child in my stomach either. Don't even dream about it. What kind of people are you? It's bad enough that you relied on someone else to survive, you even expected them to support your son as well. I must have encountered 8 lifetimes of bad luck to have married this useless piece of trash."

"It's because he caused my daughter's death. He deserves this!"

"That's enough, stop being so stubborn!" the woman sneered at Father Yun as she wiped her tears. "Not too long ago, Yun Hao told me happily that the culprit behind his sister's death had been found. What? You're still planning to blame it on Mr. An? That's enough, I'm getting a divorce. After I hand the request to the court, I will let them handle it. I would like to see how shameless you can be."

After speaking, the woman grabbed her bag and stormed out of the hospital room. Father Yun wanted to chase after her, but Mother Yun stopped him, "Don't worry about a person that can't see the bigger picture. Our son will be able to find someone better."

"An Zihao, are you happy now?"

An Zihao didn't originally plan for things to end up like this. But, when faced with people like them, it wasn't necessary to hold back...

So, he pulled out a few I.O.U notes from his pocket and asked the two elders, "When are you planning to pay me back for these debts?"

Seeing the notes, the old couple froze.

The couple was already under An Zihao's daily care, but, they were bound to encounter moments when they needed money, for example, when they needed money for Yun Hao to buy a property. At that time, they knew it would be a big amount, so they did not think it was right to directly ask for it. Hence, they casually signed an I.O.U note, thinking that An Zihao would never ask them back for it.

But, now...

"Altogether, when you add these debts together, you owe me roughly $10 million. I happen to be short of money lately, so when will you be able to pay me back?"

"Don't go too far!" Father Yun growled angrily.

"I'm already being nice, otherwise, I would directly hand this over to the lawyers to handle," An Zihao's voice turned even colder. "Since the two of you are so shameless, I can only handle this like business and pretend that I've been supporting a family of livestock over the years."

"What do you plan to do?" Mother Yun trembled in anger. But, there was no way she could return the $10 million.

"It's simple. Take your useless son with you and leave Beijing. I don't want to see you ever again. If you appear in front of me again, I will immediately hand these notes over to my lawyers. If that happens, don't blame me for being heartless."


"Isn't this a result of your own actions?" An Zihao glanced ironically at the family before he said in a cold voice, "So, are you leaving or not?"

"We will leave!" Father Yun said with all his strength. "An Zihao, you sure are ruthless!"

"That's why you shouldn't force me to be even more ruthless."

After speaking, An Zihao put the notes away and walked straight out of hospital room. He was finally free after being bound to the Yun Family for so many years. Even if Yun Xin was looking down in disapproval from heaven, he would not buckle. Because right now, the only person he wanted to protect - was Chen Xingyan.

Meanwhile, Chen Xingyan was in the middle of her audition for 'The Best Ex-girlfriend', a comedy by the so-called 'King of Comedy', Director Wang.

As an actress that was famous because of Mo Ting, the director didn't look highly upon Chen Xingyan's acting nor any of her other skills.

So, it didn't seem likely that she'd secure the second or third supporting character. But, at this time, Bai Linlin was also present at the audition.

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