Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 742: Staying At Home To Take Care Of The Kids

Chapter 742: Staying At Home To Take Care Of The Kids

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Chen Xingyan lay against An Zihao's chest and calmed herself down, "When...can we do it?"

"I'm not sure, at least not now." After speaking, An Zihao patted Chen Xingyan on the back, gesturing for her to get up. "I'm going to go have a bath..."

"Is it really OK to endure like this?" Chen Xingyan laughed as she watched him lose control.

"That's why you should stop seducing me," An Zihao said before he rushed into the bathroom and washed himself off with cold water. Even though he had dreamed of touching Chen Xingyan's soft body like he did just a moment ago, the feeling was so intoxicating that he almost lost control.

Perhaps due to experiencing a relationship crisis, Chen Xingyan suddenly felt very emotional about life.

That night, as An Zihao lay in bed ready to go to sleep, Chen Xingyan suddenly appeared at his doorway hugging her pillow, "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

An Zihao was a little stunned. Just as he was about to respond, Chen Xingyan quickly added, "I promise, I won't do anything reckless."

An Zihao stared at Chen Xingyan for a while. In the end, he couldn't reject her, "I hope you won't regret it." After speaking, he shuffled over and offered half his bed to her.

Chen Xingyan jumped onto the bed and pounced into An Zihao's arms. The feeling of gaining back what she had lost made her promise herself that she'd never argue with An Zihao again.

An Zihao gently ran his hands through Chen Xingyan's hair. At this moment, the couple simply felt affection for each other without any other desires. As they hugged each other tightly, they slowly fell asleep...


The next morning, before the sun rose, Tangning gave An Zihao a phone call while she was feeding the babies, "Have you calmed her back down?"

"Yes," An Zihao said as he looked at the woman sleeping soundly in his arms.

"Are you sleeping together?"

"It's not what you think," An Zihao explained, "I didn't..."

Hearing this, Tangning let out a laugh, "I never thought you were so conservative. I bet Xingyan wants to eat you up."

"She's still young..."

"I'm just showing my concern. You can go back to sleep," Tangning said with a deeper meaning. After she hung up the phone, a tall and strong figure suddenly appeared and hugged her from behind.

"Have you been making phone calls often when I'm not around?" Mo Ting hugged both mother and son as he spoke in a deep and charming voice that carried a trace of danger.

"It's something meaningful. Pretend you don't know about An Zihao and Chen Xingyan," Tangning smiled. "You wouldn't be jealous, right?"

"From now on, when you feed the kids, call me to come with you. If I carry one of them, it won't be so difficult for you."

"There's not much you can help with. Plus, Hai Rui has been busy. I don't want you to have a lack of sleep," after feeding Tang Tang, Tangning put the baby down and turned to wrap her arms around Mo Ting's waist. "I can handle this. With you around, I am already relaxed enough. I simply need to wake up a little early."

"I am a man. Are you afraid that I can't get enough sleep?" Mo Ting lifted Tangning in his arms and carried her out of the nursery. "Plus, I am your husband and the father of our children. Taking care of you is my biggest responsibilty."

Tangning did not say a word as she leaned in closer to Mo Ting's neck.

"Don't worry, go film your commercial. Even if you're not at home, I can still take good care of the two rascals."

Tangning never doubted this. Mo Ting was already a professional at taking care of the babies. All the rascals had to do was stretch out a hand and he would already know what they wanted.

"OK, with you here, I can be rest assured."

So, the next morning, Fang Yu was called into the CEO's office; he had a few instructions to give.

"I won't be coming into the office tomorrow. If anything happens, you are in charge."

"Did something happen to Tangning?"

Mo Ting glanced at him and replied casually, "I'm staying at home to take care of the kids...."

Fang Yu wanted to laugh, but he was too afraid to. After all, it was rare to see Mo Ting take a day off work, let alone staying at home to take care of the kids. It was obviously something that a nanny could have done, but Tangning and Mo Ting, two extremely busy people, always had to do everything themselves. No wonder people in the office were beginning to nickname him 'Daddy Ting'.

"Don't worry, I will take care of things."

Of course, when it came to being a father, Fang Yu admitted defeat against Mo Ting. After all, he had been absent during a huge portion of Xiao Yue's childhood so far.

Even though things were a little better with Huo Jingjing around, the time that he had already lost, could never be made back.

"In regards to Tangning, should I hire an assistant for her?" Fang Yu asked thoughtfully. He had already assumed that if Mo Ting was staying at home, then Tangning must be working.

"Lu Che will be accompanying her. I can't trust anyone else at the moment."


Tangning was finally returning to work. Even though the industry wasn't lacking in celebrities, watching Tangning battling her way through the industry was a satisfying thing to witness. She was a rare kind of actress that should not be wasted. Even if Mo Ting was willing, others would not allow it.

Tangning was filming a commercial...

It had been a long time since Tangning produced something. This time, she was going to use her capabilities to convince the entire entertainment industry.


Meanwhile, after Father Yun and Mother Yun left, An Zihao assumed he'd finally have some peace. But, contrary to his expectations, Yun Xin's younger brother came looking for him.

"What are you doing here?" An Zihao leaned against the doorway with no intention of letting the man into his home.

"My parents told me that you don't plan to care for them anymore," Yun Xin's brother looked at An Zihao in disbelief. "What? Now that you've found a new toy, you've decided to forget about my sister? Let me tell you, I won't allow it. How could you take care of them halfway and abandon them? What do you expect me to do? I've only been married for a short time, how do you expect me to shoulder the responsibility for the entire family?"

"Have you lost your arms and legs? You shouldn't be asking me about the livelihood of your family," An Zihao replied firmly.

"No way, how could you be so heartless?!" Brother Yun sneered before he peeked in through the gap of the door. "I heard you originally planned to give this apartment to my parents, but went back on your words. I've never seen someone as dishonest as you..."

"Tell me your motive. Stop talking rubbish."

"If you give me the apartment, I won't cause anymore trouble," Brother Yun said. "Otherwise, I'll come over once a day and greet your new girlfriend while I'm at it."

It seemed, he had no idea that Chen Xingyan had been trained in martial arts from a young age.

So, when Chen Xingyan opened the door and saw their guest, Brother Yun began whistling at her, "Not bad, you're quite pretty..."

Chen Xingyan was angry as she asked An Zihao, "Who's this?"

"Yun Xin's younger brother..."

"Can I hit him?"

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