Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 741: Good Is Always Ahead of Evil

Chapter 741: Good Is Always Ahead of Evil

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An Zihao stretched out his arm and wrapped it around Chen Xingyan. After scanning his eyes across the apartment, he placed a set of keys on the coffee table and said, "This home is currently my most expensive possession. I'll give it to the both of you. You can live in it if you want, otherwise, selling it is not a bad idea either."

Father Yun and Mother Yun were stunned as they glanced at each other and asked An Zihao, "You're giving your apartment to us? Are you saying that we only want your money?"

"Zihao, just because you have your hands on a rich heiress now, have you forgotten the promises you made to our Yun Xin...?" Mother Yun began to cry.

"Yun Xin is already dead. Did you expect me to spend the rest of my life with her ashes?" An Zihao's voice suddenly turned cold. "Not only are you not my birth parents and have no right to intervene with my affairs, this is my life we're talking about. You've already received what you wanted. Isn't that already enough?"

"Zihao, those aren't very nice things to say..."

"I'm already being polite. You are well aware of what you've taken from me over the years. I can accept that you needed to use it for yourselves, but you instead gave everything to your newlywed son. He should be the one that's taking care of you."

"I will move out of this apartment as soon as possible. From now on, I hope the two of you can stop clinging on to me."

In reality, An Zihao knew these two elders were like vampires sucking him dry. In fact, he knew it for some time.

But, it never bothered him too much because he thought they had a bottom line. However, Chen Xingyan had now been hurt, so he could no longer tolerate them.

"You're not going to take care of us until we die?"

"You didn't give birth to me!" An Zihao growled. "Auntie, a moral person needs to learn some restraint."

After hearing An Zihao's words, Chen Xingyan finally understood what was involved; even the son of the Yun Family relied on An Zihao to survive. They had a son of their own, yet they didn't rely on him, instead they clung to An Zihao just because he was once their daughter's boyfriend.

Chen Xingyan was aware that An Zihao was a loyal person. But, she also understood that they had reached his bottom line.

However, Chen Xingyan did not want him to be at a loss anymore.

So, she said to the elders, "Since the two of you won't accept something as superficial as this apartment, then I'll take it."

Hearing this, the other three people in the room froze.

A moment later, Mother Yun yelled angrily, "He already gave it to us..."

"Why should he be giving this to you? Who are you to him?" Chen Xingyan asked. "His money didn't fly in with the wind. He worked long and hard for it. Why should he just hand it over to you? I don't care. I'm taking it..."


"Zihao, you told us that you'd give this apartment to us! Are you going back on your words?" Of course, Mother Yun couldn't beat Chen Xingyan's shamelessness, so she turned back to An Zihao instead.

"Yes, he's going back on his words. Since no documents have been signed yet, what can you do about it?" Chen Xingyan shielded An Zihao behind her. "If it wasn't because the two of you are Yun Xin's parents, I would have kicked you miles away by now. Did you think you'd still have the chance to come here and voice your opinions?"


"An Zihao, let me tell you, no matter how much of a grudge or debt you owe Yun Xin, you've already paid it back over the years. You may want to treat someone wholeheartedly, but they need to be grateful in return. So, I would like to ask these two slackers to leave. Nothing in this house has anything to do with you!" Chen Xingyan said as she pointed to the door.

Mother Yun trembled in anger, but there was nothing she could do.

Initially, she wanted to put on a fainting act again, but Chen Xingyan was one step ahead as she said to An Zihao, "Zihao, give my brother a call, my head hurts. I'm not sure if it's because my injury from last time hasn't fully recovered. Tell my brother that someone has angered me and tell him to come deal with it."

Although Father Yun and Mother Yun weren't familiar with Mo Ting, they had heard of his name.

With the act that Chen Xingyan put on, the old couple immediately retrieved their anger and sat there, helpless and pale-faced.

"Zihao, my head is really hurting. Take me to the hospital..."

Seeing that Chen Xingyan's face was turning pale, An Zihao thought that she was truly unwell, so he immediately pulled out his phone to call the hospital. This action frightened the two elders so much that they did not dare to mention the apartment again and immediately left.

Even Lan Xi, who had schemed against Yun Xin, was easily destroyed in Hai Rui's hands, let alone two old people.

Seeing the two old people disappear in a puff of smoke, Chen Xingyan burst into laughter. As she lay on the sofa, tears began to seep from her eyes from laughing too hard.

Seeing this, An Zihao took a deep breath and pulled her into his embrace, "You scared me to death."

"How shameless of them to attempt playing games with me. I was already a master at 7-years-old." After Chen Xingyan finished laughing, she recalled the previous day's incident to An Zihao, "Tell me, why did you take care of these two old fools?"

"Previously, it was because I thought I had caused Yun Xin's death and I felt guilty. Later on, it was because of sentimental reasons."

"I can't believe it. You actually felt sentimental towards these two?" Chen Xingyan shook her head as she stood up from An Zihao's embrace. "From now on, when you see these two pieces of trash again, there's no need to be polite. I can't believe they sucked you dry so they could feed their son. I really want to throw a few swear words at them."

An Zihao pulled Chen Xingyan back into his embrace. At this moment, his heart was finally stable again because Chen Xingyan did not give up on him and didn't get scared away by the mess.

"It won't happen ever again..."

"It better not. If you try to be nice again, I'll..."

"As long as you don't leave me. I am willing to do anything," An Zihao quickly added.

"Why would I leave? It's not like you were at fault," Chen Xingyan returned An Zihao's hug. Fortunately, she had Tangning by her side to teach her persistence. Otherwise, she would have given up on this tiresome relationship long ago. "From now on, I'll manage your finances. Those jerks are dreaming if they think they can get another cent from you."

"As you wish..."

"I was really hurt last night..."

"I know," An Zihao gently pushed Chen Xingyan away from his body, placed a kiss on her forehead and another one on her lips, "This will be the last time. I'll never hurt you again because of someone else."

"You better do as you say. Otherwise, I will definitely leave you." After speaking, Chen Xingyan pressed her lips firmly against An Zihao's lips. The couple were suddenly consumed by passion as they expressed every bit of love they had for each other. It was not until An Zihao uncontrollably placed his hands on Chen Xingyan's breasts, did the couple stop in surprise.

"No...we can't yet."

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