Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 740: Cut Off Any Future Troubles

Chapter 740: Cut Off Any Future Troubles

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"Understood," An Zihao mumbled.

To be exact, he not only understood, his mind was also clear.

What Chen Xingyan meant to him and the position she held in his heart was clearer than ice. He was well aware that Yun Xin was already in the past. So, he wasn't going to let two unrelated people torment his girlfriend.

Therefore, regardless of how late at night it was, An Zihao went in search of a mobile phone store that was still open, helped Chen Xingyan order a new SIM card and delivered it straight to her. However, he requested for Tangning not to wake Chen Xingyan up.

Tangning received the phone and shook her head, but still helped her friend with this favor. It was best for her not to get involved with other's relationships.

Even though she only meant the best.

Plus, she understood that not everyone was like Mo Ting who ensured her safety no matter how ruthless he was. However, she believed that An Zihao had already tried his best.

"I'll only allow you to upset Xingyan this once. Never again!"

"Don't worry," An Zihao appeared determined. As he left, his gaze was firm.

However, he was going to spend the entire night in deep thought, because he was afraid that Chen Xingyan would give up and he was also afraid that he'd make the wrong decision. But, if some steps in life weren't taken, there would never be a result. If that was the case, then there would be no end to the pain experienced by Chen Xingyan...

He was never going to let that happen!


Actually, that night, Chen Xingyan was also tormenting herself. Ever since they became a couple, their days passed in sweetness. Conflicts like the one today were rare...

But, one conflict was enough to pierce straight into the depths of her heart; it was not a good feeling.

So, after crying for half the night, Chen Xingyan finally fell asleep. Of course, as a master of training people, Tangning knew that Chen Xingyan wasn't going to get much sleep in the first half of the night, so she did not give her the phone yet. It was not until she woke up to feed the babies at dawn did she casually place the phone onto Chen Xingyan's bedside table.

Seeing her in deep sleep, Tangning shook her head, "The poor thing cried so much..."

Her eyes were swollen like walnuts.

But, this was a normal reaction from a woman and Tangning was aware that love could help a person mature quickly. Hence, even though Tangning's heart ached a little, she did not intervene.

Soon...the sun fully rose. Chen Xingyan sat up drowsily from her bed and noticed a phone sitting on the bedside table that looked exactly the same as the one she had. That's was exactly the same!

Chen Xingyan rushed out of the room with a head of messy hair. Seeing Tangning preparing breakfast, she asked, "Ning Jie, where did this phone come from?"

"'Someone' delivered it last night," Tangning replied casually.

"Did he leave without saying anything?"

"He told me not to disturb your sleep and to let you get some proper rest," Tangning said before she walked out of the kitchen with Mo Ting's breakfast.

But, Chen Xingyan's heart raced faster and faster, like the beat of a drum.

Last night, she was overcome by complex emotions, but today, because of one simple action by An Zihao, all her problems disappeared.


...a thing without reason; something that had no rules nor explanations.

"Are you sure that you want to attend the studio with that face of yours? Your assistant has been waiting for you..." Tangning returned to the kitchen a moment later and pointed to the guest sitting in the living room.

Chen Xingyan turned and looked at Little Seven before she quickly returned to her room and tidied herself up. She then approached Little Seven and said, "Let's go."

"You're not having breakfast?" Tangning asked as she crossed her arms.

"Nope..." How could she possibly have the appetite?

However, An Zihao knew that she had a habit of skipping breakfast, so he instructed Little Seven to bring her food. But, Little Seven waited until they boarded the van before she handed it to her, "Mr. An bought this for you."

As she looked at the breakfast, Chen Xingyan's eyes suddenly turned red. She had runaway so recklessly last night when the incident wasn't even An Zihao's fault.

Over the course of one night, she had thought a lot.

She relied on An Zihao too much. If one day, he was to leave, would she struggle to even stand up?

"Miss Chen, would you like to return home first? Or head to the studio?"

"Let's go straight to the studio," Chen Xingyan replied. An Zihao had done so much for her, hoping that she'd improve and grow. So, she couldn't disappoint him.

Little Seven was a little surprised, but she still obeyed Chen Xingyan's orders and drove straight to the studio.

Chen Xingyan did not contact An Zihao straight away because she still needed time to reflect on herself.

Of course, An Zihao was in no rush to contact her either. After all, he knew every activity she had scheduled and knew exactly where she was.

In order to give her a surprise that night, he did not call to check on her status nor did he remind her to behave.

After an entire day of work, Chen Xingyan put in more effort than ever before. As she left, she glanced at her watch; it was already 9pm.

"Should I take you home?" Little Seven suggested.

Chen Xingyan was fairly tired, so she nodded her head. It was time to face the inevitable. There were plenty of things that she wanted to say to An Zihao.

Soon, the van arrived outside An Zihao's apartment. Chen Xingyan bid Little Seven farewell and headed up to the apartment by herself. She originally thought that An Zihao wasn't home yet. But, to her surprise, An Zihao was sitting in the living room with Mother Yun and Father Yun. The scene in front of her was both ridiculous, yet harmonious.

It was almost like they were a family and she was just an outsider.

With this thought, Chen Xingyan wanted to turn and leave. But, An Zihao directly said to her, "Come here..."

Chen Xingyan was a little stunned. But, under An Zihao's soothing gaze, she ended up walking obediently to his side and sat down. Father Yun and Mother Yun did not look pleased as they immediately asked, "What is the meaning of this? Did you call us over to show off your affection?"

"Back when you were dating Yun Xin, you promised that you'd never fall for another person."

"Auntie, you need to have a basis to your words," An Zihao refuted.

"Yun Xin's not around anymore. Of course you're going to deny it..."

"For me, if I've said something then I'll admit to it, if not, then I'm not going to pretend that I did. I'm sure my girlfriend believes me," An Zihao said before he looked at Chen Xingyan, "Isn't that right?"

Chen Xingyan nodded firmly.


"That's enough, stop going around in circles. Be honest, what did you call us here for?"

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