Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 739: Don't Act Weak In Front Of Me

Chapter 739: Don't Act Weak In Front Of Me

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"We came specifically to see you. There's no need to notify Zihao."

Chen Xingyan looked down at the smashed phone on the floor and then looked up at the two domineering elders in front of her. She was so angry that her hands began to tremble.

Father Yun could sense that Chen Xingyan was on the brink of releasing her anger, so he quickly pulled Mother Yun behind him to protect her. He then said to Chen Xingyan, "If you're angry, then direct your anger towards me, don't you dare lay a hand on my wife. To be honest, it's not that we won't allow Zihao to get married, you are simply not good enough for our son-in-law."

Tsk tsk...what a couple of bold and confident parents!

Chen Xingyan's eyes turned red. She was so angry that tears began to gather in her eyes.

However, words that Tangning had previously said to her, suddenly came to mind. If she didn't want to be bullied, she should not hold back even if she had to fight until the world was flipped upside down.

So, she shoved the old man and said, "Don't think that I'd respect you and hold back. You're not deserving of respect to begin with. Don't try to scare me off by saying that I'm not good enough. Let me tell you, I am Mo Ting's sister. When it comes to family background, your Yun Xin isn't worthy of even carrying my shoes!"

"Also, don't pretend to faint or act weak in front of me. If you dare to that, I will immediately jump down from the third floor and tell the police that you forced me to commit suicide!"

Father Yun froze and Mother Yun's eyes grew big as she stared at Chen Xingyan. They had never experienced a situation like this, nor had they ever met anyone that was more ruthless than themselves.

Chen Xingyan used the right amount of power and appeared ready to give up anything. This was, of course, enough to stun the two elders, especially Mother Yun... Her original plan to faint, suddenly became useless. All she could do was stutter angrily as she repetitively spurted the same word, ""

"Did you say that I was shameless?" Chen Xingyan was finally in control of the situation. She then sneered at the elders, "Although these words don't sound very nice, when it comes to being shameless, I am still miles behind the two of you. An Zihao and I are an official couple. I am his girlfriend; I have an identity. What relationship do you have with him?"

"You're neither relative nor friend... He simply took care of you over the years because of his moral principles. Yet, you have the audacity to come to his home and force him to break up with his girlfriend? You are like 'The Farmer and the Snake' 1 , returning kindness with ingratitude."


"Don't tell me that he was the cause of Yun Xin's death. You know better than anyone how she died. If someone else was in your position, they would already be thankful that they still have money to put food on the table. You are already in a good position. Do you think you're An Zihao's birth parents?"

"Old man...I can't take it head is spinning," Mother Yun said as she held onto her head and began to sway after hearing Chen Xingyan's words. At this time, Chen Xingyan displayed her shameless nature by walking over to the window and throwing it open.

"If you dare to put on an act, I will immediately jump out this window. There are so many people outside to act as witnesses. Let's see how you talk yourselves out of it! I'm a celebrity after all and I draw a high degree of attention. If anything happens, let's see if my brother will let the two of you go."

Seeing that Chen Xingyan was serious, Father Yun no longer dared to provoke her. So, he immediately carried the old lady on his back and left An Zihao's home to head straight for the hospital.

Chen Xingyan was aware that Mother Yun was honestly feeling unwell towards the end, but she couldn't buckle at the last minute and show any weakness. So she forced herself to stand beside the window. She refused to believe that the elders could be any more shameless.

And, as expected, she forced them to retreat...

But, as she looked at the empty living room, she suddenly felt exhausted. So, she gave Tangning a phone call, "Ning Jie, can I come stay at Hyatt Regency for a few days? I want to keep my nephews company."

Hearing her tone of voice, Tangning could tell that she had experienced some form of suffering, so she replied, "If auntie wants to come, do you think I could stop her?"

Chen Xingyan found a good place to go, so she immediately called for a taxi and headed to Hyatt Regency.

Tangning couldn't wait to hear Chen Xingyan's story. But, after arriving, Chen Xingyan did not say a word. Instead, she pounced into Tangning's arms and burst into tears. Afterwards, she went to play with the two kids like nothing had happened.

After all, it wasn't like her and An Zihao were going to break up. So, it wasn't right for her to tell others about his private matters. Even though it was Tangning, she still did not think it was right.

As Tangning looked at Chen Xingyan, she realized she had matured quite a fair bit. At least, she now knew how to weigh the pros and cons before doing something."


In reality, it wasn't actually the anniversary of Yun Xin's death. Father Yun had brought Mother Yun to An Zihao's home because he knew An Zihao had a late meeting from a phone call he made a few days earlier. But now, not only had he not shooed Chen Xingyan away, he even worsened his wife's condition. He was like a chicken thief that not only failed to steal a chicken but ended up wasting a bag of grains.

So, he was so angry, he decided to give An Zihao a phone call, "Zihao, come to the hospital for a bit. Your auntie might not be able to make it."

An Zihao was in the middle of a meeting. After receiving the phone call and gaining the understanding of Director Chen Feng, he immediately left.

But, after arriving anxiously at the hospital. He simply found the two elders sitting inside the hospital chatting to each other; this was no urgent situation.

An Zihao took a deep breath. After calming himself down, he asked, "What's wrong with auntie?"

"Zihao, you came at the right time. Your auntie and I visited your home today with good intentions, but that little girlfriend of yours called us shameless and said that we were like 'The Farmer and the Snake'. She even made your auntie so angry that she fainted..."

"She's not like that..." An Zihao responded.

"Zihao, after all these years, do you choose to trust a woman that you've dated for a short time over your uncle? You've really disappointed me."

"Uncle, take care of auntie for now. I'll go home to check," An Zihao turned around to leave, but got called back.


"Please, uncle. Do you know how important my meeting was tonight? Stop assuming that the entire world revolves around the two of you. I was honestly worried about auntie, but you ended up lying to me..." After speaking, An Zihao left without turning back and hurried home.

However, when he returned to his apartment, none of the lights were on and Chen Xingyan wasn't home. But, he knew she didn't have any work tonight...

He then glanced down at the mess on the floor and Chen Xingyan's smashed phone.

His heart felt like it had been crushed, causing unbearable pain...

"She doesn't have many places she can go," An Zihao mumbled to himself before he gave Tangning a phone call, "Xingyan's at your place, isn't she?"

"After crying for a bit she fell asleep," Tangning replied honestly.


"You shouldn't be saying sorry to me. How did you upset her. You need to show how you feel, that's what women want. Stop saying there's nothing going on between the two of you. No one believes you."

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