Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 738: Leave An Zihao

Chapter 738: Leave An Zihao

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After Tangning taught Bai Linlin a lesson, it became the talk of the industry. After all, the unreasonable brat thought that she could act arrogantly just because she had a little bit of fame. So, she deserved to be taught a lesson.

But, after Bai Yu heard of this, she was naturally so angry that her face turned red as she slammed her hands on the table in front of her.

Although she often lectured Bai Linlin, she was, after all, her sister. By doing what she did, Tangning had practically thrown a slap across her face.

Because, in the end, Tangning's actions did indeed contain an extra meaning: since Bai Yu didn't know how to teach her sister properly, then she would have to take her place. Someone had to teach her how to behave like a normal human being.

Because of what happened, Bai Yu gave Bai Linlin a phone call. But, Bai Linlin simply complained about her sufferings.

"All you know how to do is cry. You are useless. Don't you know how to fight? Whatever that Chen girl wants, you fight for it as well. Don't tell me my sister doesn't know how to do this. What a piece of trash!"

"Sis, you don't know how cheap Tangning was..."

"I know..." Just hearing Tangning's name gave Bai Yu a headache. But, she had another desire in her heart. She wanted to personally experience competing with Tangning. She wanted to know, in the place that she gave up and from the position that she was afraid of falling from, was Tangning going to live in peace.

After giving birth, was it truly possible for her to maintain her fame?


Later that night, Tangning and Mo Ting each carried a baby in their arms. They were coaxing the two rascals and trying to see which one would fall asleep first.

But, the Guo Guo in Tangning's arms, once again had a fever, throwing the couple into a panic for half the night. After repetitively trying to lower his temperature, they finally managed to stabilize it.

At this moment, Tangning had already fallen asleep on the sofa. Seeing this, Mo Ting gently lifted her into his arms out of the babies' room.

"Did I fall asleep?" Tangning awoke while she was in Mo Ting's arms and rubbed her eyes before she hooked her arms around his neck. "Did Guo Guo have a fever because he wanted to punish me for not being at home to take care of him last night?"

"Stop imagining things," Mo Ting replied in a lowered voice. "I've already made an appointment with a well-respected paediatrician. The doctor will give Guo Guo a full body checkup."

Tangning nodded as she tilted her head and leaned in closer to Mo Ting, "To be honest, I'm already really satisfied. Look at the other men these days. How many of them offer to take care of their kids without being asked? In comparison, as long as you are home in our household, you always take full responsibility for our babies..."

"From my childhood, I don't remember as much about my father as I do of my second uncle. So, I don't want my children to view me as someone that's never at home."

"Daddy Ting, you've already done a great job."

Mo Ting didn't say it, but he definitely did no less than Tangning. Sometimes, Tangning even had a thought, if it wasn't because she was a woman and Mo Ting was a man, or perhaps, if it wasn't because men couldn't have babies, he would never have wanted to see the two babies come out of her stomach and torture her in such a way.

So, the love she had for Mo Ting...

...continued to build up over time because of little things like this.

It was impossible not to love a man like this.

"In a few days, do you want me to keep you company while you film your commercial?"

"No need...Stay at home and watch the kids."

When it came to English, Tangning was more fluent than Mo Ting. And when when it came to filming and other concerns on set, Tangning was well experienced; she didn't need his guidance. So, it wasn't necessary for her manager to be present. What she needed, was an assistant to handle miscellaneous matters. But, ever since the incident with Yanshu, Tangning had not settled on a permanent assistant.

"However, I must say, you're not a very qualified brother. Do you not like Xingyan?"

Hearing this, Mo Ting was stunned. A moment later, he replied, "She needs to practice on her own, the world doesn't revolve around her. Even if we place the opportunity to become an international superstar in front of her, if she doesn't come to a self-realization, she will never fit the role."

"Fine...I guess what you're saying makes sense," Tangning nodded in agreement. After all, this was exactly how she grew to where she was today. In the past, no matter how people tried to convince her, she never listened; she was so stubborn that she'd keep persisting until she ran into a dead end. In the end, it was because of the incident with Han Yufan that she finally woke up.

"Go, have a bath..."

After entering the bedroom, Mo Ting placed Tangning down and patted her on her backside.

Tangning was stunned for a couple seconds before she ran around behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, "Have we experienced...a 'carquake' before?"


"I want to continue compensating you..." Tangning's cheeks flushed red.

Mo Ting turned around and lifted her back up in his arms as he hurried towards the door.

"Are you in that much of a rush?"

"What if the kids wake up?"

They were, after all, parents now. So, everything they did, they would have to take their sons into consideration.

Tangning didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So what if she gave birth? Did it mean that her life would come to a standstill? Even though she was the mother of two children, she still had the choice to live a passionate life with Mo Ting.

After the couple reached the underground garage, Mo Ting selected their SUV. This was the only car with a comfortable amount of space.

Although they were still at home, Tangning found her heart was racing as she stepped into the car. It felt like they were in a secret relationship.

"If this isn't exciting enough for you...we can drive the car out."

"Hush!" Tangning couldn't wait anymore as she shut him up with a kiss.


After Bai Linlin was taught a lesson by Tangning, Chen Xingyan's situation improved a lot. After all, Tangning represented Mo Ting and Mo Ting represented Hai Rui.

As a result, Chen Xingyan finally let out a sigh of relief. After attending an event, she returned home with much lighter and relaxed footsteps.

However, on that particular night, as she returned to An Zihao's apartment, what was waiting for her, was not An Zihao, but Yun Xin's parents...

"Are you guys waiting for Zihao?"

"No, today is the anniversary of Yun Xin's death. Zihao has gone to visit her grave. We have been waiting for you," Father Yun explained as he supported Mother Yun.

"Oh, then come inside," Chen Xingyan invited as she opened the door. After they entered, she poured them each a cup of good quality tea. But, not only did Mother Yun not accept it, she directly knocked it over and said, "Although I don't know what your identity and background is, I must ask you to leave An Zihao. Stay away from our son-in-law!"

"From the moment that Zihao agreed to visit Yun Xin's grave, I knew that he only has her in his heart. He can't possibly like you. If you're smart, you should leave before you make things difficult for yourself!"

Mother Yun's words weren't very nice. Plus, this was the first time Chen Xingyan had experienced a situation like this. After all, this was her first love...

So, she didn't know how to manage the situation. Or, to be exact, she didn't know what to do.

"I think I should give Zihao a phone call..."

"What phone call?" Mother Yun grabbed Chen Xingyan's phone out of her hand and threw it on the floor, smashing it to bits...

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