Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 735: I Don't Want To Be Ridiculed By Those People

Chapter 735: I Don't Want To Be Ridiculed By Those People

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"Is that why you gave up on your own son when you changed career paths? To increase your value?" Mo Ting asked.

The woman was obviously dumbfounded by Mo Ting's words; she never imagined him to strike back in such a way. But, a moment later, she began to laugh, "This is my family's choice. President Mo has no say in it."

"Then you should keep your mouth clean."

Mo Ting did not give his opinion regarding other things. But, when it came to Tangning, retaliating was only natural.

"Fine, I'll keep my opinions to myself. After all, everyone has eyes of their own..."

"I've already noted your attitude today. So, don't blame me for not giving you face."

The woman laughed again, but this time she compromised a little, "How about this, I'll go home and lecture her. What do you think, President Mo?"

"It's too late!" Mo Ting said before he hung up the phone.

Even though she originally came from Hai Rui, she was no longer a part of them. And of course, Chen Xingyan wasn't a part of Hai Rui either. But, when it came to Tangning, no one was allowed to insult her in front of him.

Mo Ting did not like people that sucked up to him nor people that defied him; those in the industry knew this well. This made the woman a little unsettled.

The matter didn't only involve Chen Xingyan - it also involved Tangning!

After all, Chen got into this mess because she was sticking up for Tangning.


The CEO of Yi Xing Film and Television was named Bai Yu and her sister was named Bai Linlin.

Bai Yu originally had the intention to personally train her sister, unfortunately her sister had too many ideas.

Due to fear of Mo Ting, Bai Yu ended up calling her sister on the phone, "You've created too big of a problem this time. Others may not have been an issue, but I can't believe you actually covered Mo Ting's sister in poo. Do you still want to survive in this industry?"

Bai Linlin was currently at home, legs crossed with a proud expression, "So, what? My sister is currently working in Hollywood. If worse comes to worst, I can always work with you!"

"Go apologize to Chen Xingyan!" Bai Yu ordered.

"I won't go!"

"If you don't go, then don't ever call me your sister again. I will never let you pursue a career in Hollywood. Tell me what you are going do, after you've thought it over carefully.

Bai Linlin hung up the phone angrily, almost smashing it on the ground. Although she couldn't contain the anger inside her, she understood that a wise man never fought when the odds were against them. So, she ended up calling her manager, "Find a chance to buy Chen Xingyan a present as an apology."

"You don't want to go over there yourself?" the manager asked.

"She's already lucky that I am willing to apologize. Me going there to apologize in person? No way. Plus, what did I say about Tangning? It's true that she's old, so becoming outdated is only a matter of time. There's nothing to hide."

The manager looked at her phone uncomfortably. Bai Yu had made a phone call and told Bai Linlin to apologize in person...

"Yu Jie told you to apologize in person."

Bai Linlin kicked the leg of the table angrily. After releasing her anger for a bit, she finally replied, "Help me find out the sl*t's schedule."

"OK," the manager thought that Bai Linlin had come to her senses, so she happily began her research.

Bai Linlin scoffed. She was going to see if her sister would care if she truly offended Hai Rui to the extreme.


Tangning understood the situation that Chen Xingyan was currently in. Although no one dared to insult her in the open, she had faced many difficulties behind-the-scenes. After all, as the sister of Mo Ting, she had the luxury of threatening others, but she also had to carry the pain that came with her identity.

Mo Ting had always been ruthless in the industry. When dealing with artists from other agencies, he never showed any mercy. So, there were plenty of people that held grudges​ against him. But, because of his capabilities, they never dared to do anything recklessly. However, Chen Xingyan was different. She wasn't a part of Hai Rui and she had no one else to back her up. Although her manager was An Zihao, he wasn't enough to act as her shield.

If someone wanted to play tricks from the shadows, no one would notice.

After the news of her being covered in poo was leaked, Chen Xingyan remained silent for a few days.

Even though An Zihao kept her company during this time, she was still depressed that there was nothing she could do.

Yet, she still had a live broadcast scheduled for tomorrow. Thinking about the ridiculing looks from other people made her deeply unsettled. No matter how big the job, she no longer wanted to attend it.

An Zihao could tell that she was feeling dejected, so he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap. He then asked gently, "Do you want to cancel the job tomorrow?"

"Uh huh, I don't want to be ridiculed by those people."

"You are no longer the Chen Xingyan that I once knew. Where did the Chen Xingyan that would flip the world upside down just to anger others go?"

After hearing this, Chen Xingyan let out a laugh, "I'm afraid of causing trouble for you."

After all, she didn't want An Zihao to exhaust his funds in order to get revenge for her again.

"Respect is gained. If you want others to think highly of you, you need to first think highly of yourself. You will attend tomorrow's broadcast as scheduled. Even if the sky falls down, I will hold it up for you!" An Zihao comforted as his heart ached. Chen Xingyan had changed too much since being with him.

She was once the free and careless Chen Xingyan. But now...

...she was so cautious that she had completely lost herself.

Later that night, An Zihao sat in the study room to go through some documents. At this time, Tangning gave him a phone call to confirm Chen Xingyan's schedule, "She has a live broadcast tomorrow night, doesn't she?"

"Yes, 8pm tomorrow night."

"I'll go watch it and show her some support."

"OK," he was more than happy to have another person join him in protecting Chen Xingyan.

Of course, Tangning did not expect that Bai Linlin would also appear at the live broadcast. At a time like this, it was only right for her to act like a sister-in-law. At least, she had to tell everyone that the Mo Family wasn't easy to bully.

Behind Tangning, Mo Ting had heard her conversation on the phone. So he asked, "Are you planning to protect Chen Xingyan?"

"You protect me and I'll protect our family."

Mo Ting did not respond as he ran his hands through her hair. It seemed, he was in agreement.

"Plus, if Xingyan continues to be bullied, won't it be an embarrassment to you as well? How could a Mo Family member allow others to torment them like this?"


So, tomorrow, Tangning wasn't officially attending the broadcast, she was simply showing some support. Of course, before her commercial was to be filmed, she wasn't going to reveal herself recklessly to the media. But, since someone ridiculed her for having stretch marks, she was going to give them a slap in the face.

However, as the victim, Chen Xingyan had no idea about Bai Linlin, nor did she know that Tangning was going to make an appearance.

The upcoming show was going to be entertaining to watch...


The next afternoon, accompanied by An Zihao, Chen Xingyan arrived at the television station. However, as people walked past her, they secretly smiled in ridicule.

Chen Xingyan was of course embarrassed, so An Zihao straightforwardly asked them, "What's so funny?"

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