Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 733: Does Tangning Need You To Defend Her?

Chapter 733: Does Tangning Need You To Defend Her?

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It turned out, Long Jie was already over 2 months pregnant!

This was perhaps the best news that Tangning had received in recent times. Thinking about the way that Long Jie and Lu Che had been wishing for a child for so long, Tangning's​ heart filled with glee.

To take good care of her pregnancy, Long Jie immediately dropped all her work and returned home to anticipate giving birth. Meanwhile, as soon as Lu Che's mother heard of the good news, she directly flew back to Beijing from another city with the intention to take care of Long Jie in the long term.

By this time, Tangning and Mo Ting's babies were almost 60 days old.

As she looked at the sparse hair that had appeared on the rascals' heads, Tangning reached out her hand and rubbed the older brother on the head.

Originally, Mo Ting wanted to begin weaning the two babies. After all, Tangning needed to return to filming. But, Tangning refused, "The babies need to be breastfed to improve their immune systems. They are our babies, I will give them the best."

"My sons won't be that weak..."

"I have breastmilk, so why can't I give it to them? Even when I make a comeback and film my commercial in a month's time, I can always pump breastmilk for them to have when I'm not around. That way, they won't be lacking in nutrition," Tangning replied with a smile.

Mo Ting was helpless around Tangning. All he could do was pull her into his arms, "These two little rascals have sure benefited!"

"Hey, they're your sons!" Tangning said as she hit Mo Ting on the chest. "Plus, someone doesn't know how to be considerate when he steals his sons' food at night..."

Mo Ting did not argue as he carried Tangning in his arms, "They wouldn't dare to complain!"


As she had accepted a few invites to variety shows, Chen Xingyan had now gained a bit of fame. Of course, the reason why her path had become a lot smoother was partly due to the fact that she was Mo Ting's sister.

Even if someone wanted to make things difficult for her, they would have to consider whether they could afford to offend Mo Ting first. Even though Mo Ting had never acknowledged Chen Xingyan in public, he never denied her either.

The variety show scheduled for Chen Xingyan today was a talk show because the new discussion format of these shows was very popular.

Chen Xingyan was amongst the guests invited.

An Zihao did not accompany Chen Xingyan to the show because she now had her own assistant. So, whenever she attended activities like this, An Zihao would let her express herself freely.

In the backstage, Chen Xingyan shared a waiting room with the other invited guests. As they were her peers, the other guests approached to give their greetings. But, Chen Xingyan was completely unfamiliar with them.

Seeing Chen Xingyan's emotionless response, they drew back their hands awkwardly and chatted on the side, "I really don't​ know how many lifetimes of luck she has used to be born as Mo Ting's sister."

"So what if she's Mo Ting's sister? Look at Tangning. Even though Mo Ting is her personal manager, don't you see how she's become outdated after giving birth?"

"She's the wife of a rich socialite family. Why would she care about fame?"

"Don't forget, this industry is all about fame and fortune. In a few years, when Tangning is old and no longer beautiful, take another look at her, won't she just end up as a typical sad housewife?"

"You're right. Now that Tangning has given birth, the stretch marks on her stomach are probably so deep, they could squish a mosquito. Supposedly, Hai Rui has turned down a few commercials for baby formula. Are they trying to be in denial?"

"Does she think that she can defy nature? She can't avoid it. As soon as a man has a child, he is bound to lose interest in his woman. Just wait for it. No matter how loving a couple is in the entertainment industry, they will end up cheating on each other."

Initially, Chen Xingyan wanted to ignore the two women. But, the two b*tches continued to gossip behind her back.

In the end, she couldn't take it anymore, "Wait until you reach Tangning's level before you claim that she is outdated. You aren't even at the stage where you have that chance."

The two women turned and glared at Chen Xingyan. They then rolled their eyes and snorted disdainfully.

What were they saying about Tangning's body going out of shape and becoming outdated?

Chen Xingyan had just seen Tangning not long ago and she was even more beautiful than before. How dare these women insult her?

However, the industry was indeed rumoring that Tangning was in denial.

How could a woman still consider herself as a youthful beauty after she had given birth?

"Did you think that there'd be a place for you here if you weren't Mo Ting's sister? You're just a stunt double. Do you think you are worthy?"

Chen Xingyan's assistant was a competent person, but she wasn't good at arguing. Especially in situations like the one before them. So, Chen Xingyan felt like she was of no help.

At this time, An Zihao appeared in the doorway of the waiting room and said to the women, "Since you are aware that she is Mo Ting's sister, shouldn't you be keeping your distance?"

Chen Xingyan turned around. As she soon as she realized it was her man, her heart filled with emotions.

"Do you want to know what happened to the last artist that offended Chen Xingyan?"

The two women were obviously frightened as they packed up their things and scurried off to another waiting room.

"I thought you weren't going to come?"

"Did you think I could be rest assured enough?" An Zihao asked as he crossed his arms.

Chen Xingyan smiled sweetly as she pounced into his arms, "I knew you loved me the most. I didn't want to get angry at the start, but these two women's mouths deserve to be sewn up. They said that Ning Jie was old and that her stomach was covered in stretch marks. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I had to say something..."

"Does Tangning need you to defend her?" An Zihao shook his head. "She's used to ups and downs like this and can control her emotions a lot better than you. That's enough hugging, if someone sees, the news will say something ridiculous about us."

"I'm not famous enough for that!"

"But, you are Mo Ting's sister!"

Hearing this, Chen Xingyan was unhappy, even though she knew it was the undeniable truth. However, because of the argument tonight, she had no idea that she had created many hidden dangers for herself. If the women disliked her and wanted to play a trick on her, they had their methods.

Even if she was Mo Ting's sister!

Soon, Chen Xingyan entered the studio for recording. Since she had been in the industry from a young age, she was better accustomed to situations like this than the other newcomers. But, because of this, the other guests disliked her even more.

At exactly 10pm, Chen Xingyan finally finished recording. Her assistant handed her a jacket as she prepared to meet with An Zihao outside. However, when she went to the toilet, someone ended up locking her inside the cubicle. Worst of all, they poured sewage on top of her...

Chen Xingyan couldn't avoid it in time, nor could she open the door. All she could do was give her assistant a phone call.

As soon as the assistant was contacted, she immediately found An Zihao and explained the situation.

"Go to the nearest clothing store and buy a new set of clothes."

"Yes, Mr. An."

Afterwards, An Zihao stormed into the women's bathroom, forced open the door and carried Chen Xingyan out. He then washed her off at the sink.

"Why can't you learn to behave after experiencing situations like this?"

"If you aren't as wise and farsighted as Tangning, don't go around offending people!" An Zihao was so angry that his eyes practically ignited in flames. "Do you want me to be in a state of high alert all the time?"

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