Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 732: My Woman!

Chapter 732: My Woman!

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"OK," An Zihao nodded.

After hearing An Zihao's response, Chen Xingyan turned around, returned to the bedroom and went straight to bed after having a shower. She assumed that if she obeyed An Zihao's​ words, he would never give up on her.

But, she was unaware that her reaction signified her lack of security. She simply knew that she felt uneasy on the inside, but didn't know how to voice it.

An Zihao knew that he had hurt her. So, he put down the work in his hands and entered the bedroom. Amidst the darkness, he stretched out his arms and wrapped Chen Xingyan in a hug, "Sorry for not protecting your heart."

Chen Xingyan did not say anything. She simply bit down on An Zihao's arm and left a deep bite mark.

"No matter what happens, I will never give up on you nor abandon you. But, I hope you won't give up on me either."

Chen Xingyan was still young, so her personality wasn't very stable and her mind was not mature. Hence, An Zihao did not expect her to even endure this far to begin with.

After all, it was certain that the torment from Yun Xin's parents wasn't going to end there. However, he was going to try his best to find a solution.

"OK." Chen Xingyan didn't actually know how long she could endure either.

Since a young age, she did not like to force others. At the same time, she did not like to force herself for the sake of someone else.

But, this was the first time she had feelings for someone. So, she hoped that her affection wouldn't be wasted on a man that wasn't worth it.


After Tangning gave birth, Hai Rui kept it tightly under wraps. But, the media still managed to capture a photo of Xia Yuling carrying the babies. As a result, Tangning's pregnancy once again sparked up the media's attention.

Mo Ting had yet to provide a response while he welcomed public speculation. However, businesses heard of the news early on and had begun to send contracts to Mo Ting via Lu Che.

After all, Mo Ting was still Tangning's manager!

"President, these draft contracts are all baby related..."

In other words, the outside world was telling Tangning that she should change her style.

She was no longer in her youth. After becoming a mother, she was bound to go through many changes.

Mo Ting did not lift his head as he brushed the contracts onto the floor, "From now on, don't place stuff like this on my desk."

"Understood," Lu Che had assumed this would happen; it was normal for Mo Ting to react with anger. Who dared to say that Tangning could only represent mothers? And who dared to say that his wife was old?

He was going to let his Ning live a more youthful lifestyle than before.

"What should we do in regards to the rumors about Madam giving birth?"

"I will find a chance to clarify it," Mo Ting said before he continued to look at the document in his hands.

Meanwhile, Tangning had already heard about what was happening via Long Jie's small channels of information: how there were plenty of opportunities and contracts presented to her by baby related companies. However, her reaction was the same as Mo Ting's.

"These people must be blind. Look at your figure and look at your firm skin. You are exactly the same as before," Long Jie said as she ate. "Why don't we ask Boss to organize an appearance on the runway for you?"

To remain forever fresh and energetic, the dividing line was too obvious for an artist.

Tangning did not say a word. She simply looked at the contract for 'Concubine Ning' and pretended to be unfazed.

"By the way, everyone is trying to guess the gender of your baby and whether it has been born with any disabilities. I think it's time you give them a response. Of course, it's not for the sake of the nosy observers, but for your fans. You've always been honest to them."

Tangning nodded as she took the words into consideration. However, as she looked at the way that Long Jie wolfed down her food, she couldn't help but laugh, "Don't you think you're overeating and drinking too much?"

"I'm not sure why, but I've been especially fond of eating lately," Long Jie mumbled.

"Have you done an examination? Could you be pregnant?"


Hearing this, Long Jie froze. She had never considered this possibility. After Bai Lihua told her to move houses last time, her worries disappeared and she simply let nature take its course. If Tangning had not reminded her of the possibility, she may have thought there was something wrong with her stomach.

"I will head straight to the hospital to get an exam."

"Go," Tangning nodded. "Give Lu Che a phone call. You need someone to accompany you."

"OK," Long Jie said before she quickly disappeared from Tangning's sight.

Afterwards, Tangning fell into deep thought.

She could not accept the way that the world defined her after she gave birth. As a result, she worked even harder to train her body.

That night, Mo Ting returned to find Tangning inside the gym. So, he walked over to feed the babies. However, Tangning had already spotted him. Just as he picked up one of the babies, Tangning took a photo of the loving moment.

As Mo Ting lifted his head and noticed Tangning taking photos, he said, "Let's make a public announcement with the photo you just took."

Tangning nodded her head and understood Mo Ting's motive: they needed to setttle the rumors, especially after all the previous slandering from Hua Wenfeng.

So, Tangning logged onto Mo Ting's social media account and posted up the the photo of the father and son, accompanied by two words, "Daddy Ting."

After seeing the photo, the public exploded in excitement.

"Tangning has given birth to Little Ting!"

"It's actually a son! Tangning sure knows how to give face slaps!"

"Everyone has been making random speculations about her baby going to hospital. We can finally relax. Look how comfortable this photo is..."

"Daddy Ting is filled with love..."

"I dislike this post, since Tangning isn't making an appearance."

"Tangning's figure must have gained a lot of weight."

Mo Ting had told Tangning to make this post because he wanted her to maintain her air of mystery and to prevent the public from defining her as a mother.

While doing this, Tangning did not reveal to the public whether she had given birth to one child or two either!

"Before making your comeback in acting, I've accepted a commercial for you," Mo Ting said while he was in the bathroom with Tangning after they had put the babies to sleep. "It's for a famous international luxury makeup brand."

This was the strange thing about Tangning: logically speaking, after retreating from the industry for so long, her fame should have faded. But instead, she did not suffer much of an impact at all. This was all thanks to her three films. As there was always a delay in international screening of films in comparison to domestic screening, 'The Lost Relative' had just started screening overseas.

As her influence increased abroad, it was naturally easy for her to secure an international endorsement.

"Why did you choose to do this?"

"Because I want to prove to everyone that my woman is still as stunningly beautiful as ever!"

Tangning nodded.

As she trained with Mo Ting, the wheels of her endorsement project was set into motion.

Of course, Mo Ting's vision was as sharp as ever. The reason why he had helped Tangning secure this commercial was because the commercial created the image of a cool western woman and had the ability to highlight Tangning's energetic side.

When the time came, he would tell all the baby related companies that this was his woman and that she was no different from before!

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