Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 731: I Can't Wait Any Longer To Eat You Up

Chapter 731: I Can't Wait Any Longer To Eat You Up

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As it was a month later, the babies were one month old. To celebrate, the elders organized a party at home. During that entire day, Mo Ting and Tangning did not get to carry their babies once.

After a month of careful recovery, Tangning finally stripped of her loose-fitting clothes and once again fit into her long dress from the past. Perhaps it was because she was still breastfeeding, her upper body was a lot more voluptuous than usual. With her tall and slim body, she appeared more sexy and feminine than in the past.

As a result, both Huo Jingjing and Long Jie expressed their displeasure, "When others give birth, their body ends up looking like an apple. Why is it, when you give birth, your figure looks more perfect than before?"

This was all thanks to President Mo.

After giving birth, Tangning's diet was managed by her previous dietitian. And, although she had to take care of two babies, she never forgot her daily body shaping exercises.

That's how she ended up with the current result: a body that was better than before.

"I feel like you are still capable of going for a walk on the runway."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting in the near distance and smiled lovingly...

It was because this man helped her plan her life so well that she didn't make a loss in any aspect.

Whether it was her figure or her confidence!

After the party, Xia Yuling carried the two babies and said to Tangning, "Your children can stay at granny's house tonight. You and Mo Ting can pick them up tomorrow."


Xia Yuling looked at Tangning and winked, "How long haven't you enjoyed some time as a couple? Can you bear to see your man endure for so long?"

"Mom..." Tangning cleared her throat.

"Don't worry. We have a nanny at home. Your kids won't starve. It's decided." After speaking, Xia Yuling and Bai Lihua bid the guests farewell and carried the two babies away.

The noisy living room suddenly fell silent. The decorations in the room were still like something from a fairytale, but Tangning took the opportunity to approach Mo Ting from behind and hug him, "We haven't had some carefree time to ourselves for a while."

"Since that's the case, let's not put mom's efforts to waste..." As soon as he finished speaking, Mo Ting turned around and placed Tangning on the sofa.

"Do you know mom's intent?"

Mo Ting pressed his body against Tangning. As he held her arms above her head with one arm, he used the other to lift her dress.

"She could see that I can't wait any longer to eat you up."

How long had it been since the couple were like this? Tangning couldn't even recall it anymore. All she knew was, as Mo Ting's hands ran across her body, it sent tingles down her spine; the fluttering feeling was as strong as ever.

"Should we go to the bedroom?"

"Are you shy now that you are a mother?" Mo Ting asked as he pressed his nose against Tangning's.

Tangning couldn't escape, so all she could do was agree as her face turned red.

Mo Ting did not say another word as he sat up straight, unbuttoned his shirt, threw it aside and removed Tangning's long dress...

The two toned bodies were just like before. Mo Ting had protected Tangning well; her body did not go out of shape at all.

A kiss followed naturally. Tangning didn't even get the chance to reject it... All she could do was wrap her arms around Mo Ting's neck as her emotions suddenly made her feel empty inside.

Soon, the restraint on her body loosened. Tangning looked helplessly at Mo Ting until the emptiness inside her was finally filled. As a result, she subconsciously let out a sigh of satisfaction.

She loved this man too much; she loved the feeling of having him inside her. The way they combined excited her and made her lose control.

Mo Ting was afraid that he'd hurt Tangning, so he gently rubbed against her. But, Tangning bit onto his shoulder and gasped out the words, " it like you used to."

"Huh?" Mo Ting pretended not to hear.

"I want you to do it like you used to: rough and hard."

Mo Ting didn't say anything, he simply responded with his actions...

On top of the sofa, on the stairs, inside the bathtub and at the basin...

That night was filled with endless frenzied demands.

After making love, Tangning lay weakly in Mo Ting's arms and said in a raspy voice, "Have I paid you back for all that I've owed you over the past few months?"

"Did you think this was enough?"

How naive!


That night, it was raining hard outside. Chen Xingyan had just finished work and was returning home with An Zihao when they saw an old person standing outside the door.

Chen Xingyan was a bit confused, but An Zihao simply said, "Go inside first."

Chen Xingyan nodded. She then entered her bedroom conscientiously to give An Zihao and the old man some space.

"Zihao, this girl..." Father Yun asked out of curiosity.

"My girlfriend," An Zihao replied calmly. "Uncle, why are you here?"

"Oh, you've got a girlfriend. Will you guys get married?" Father Yuan sat down and began to delve into the topic, "Didn't you promise..."

An Zihao understood what the old man wanted to say, so he patiently replied, "Uncle, it's been years since Yun Xin's passed away. It's time I live my own life."

"What do you mean by this? We never interfered with your private life. But...I simply feel that something isn't right. Yun Xin wouldn't be happy with this."

Hearing this, An Zihao fell silent. He understood what Father Yuan meant: he was afraid that An Zihao would stop taking care of him and his wife after he got married.

"Since I promised Yun Xin that I'd take care of you, I will never go back on my words."

"No, that's not what I meant. I simply can't accept that you found yourself a girlfriend." Father Yuan paused for a moment. His expression was stiff and unhappy, "We always thought that you'd attend to our deaths on behalf of Yun Xin one day."

In other words, An Zihao belonged to Yun Xin and couldn't be with someone else. Otherwise, it would be equivalent to cheating on her.

An Zihao had taken care of the old couple for many years. So, it was normal for them to be worried. But, weren't they acting a bit selfish?

"Firstly, uncle, Yun Xin and I were simply boyfriend and girlfriend; we never got married. Secondly, I promised Yun Xin that I'd take care of you, but I still have my own life. My life cannot be influenced by others​, do you understand what I mean?"

Father Yuan did not say anything as he quickly turned to leave, "I'll come see you again another day."

After the old man left, An Zihao sighed and glanced over at the bedroom door in the distance, "Come out..."

Chen Xingyan never expected that An Zihao knew she was eavesdropping, so she pushed open the door to reveal herself, "That man..."

"Yun Xin's father," An Zihao replied straightforwardly, "I've been taking care of her parents on her behalf."

Previously, An Zihao had thought that he was the cause of Yun Xin's death. So, taking care of the old couple on her behalf seemed reasonable. But, in the end, her death was actually a result of Lan Xi's schemes.

"Do you still need to take care of them in future?" Chen Xingyan prodded.

"You're unhappy about it?"

"If they were understanding, I wouldn't mind. But...they're not," Chen Xingyan replied straightforwardly. "He wants to control your life."

"Yes, I'm aware of that. Leave the matter to me. You don't need to be concerned by it anymore. Go have a shower, you have an audition tomorrow."

"An Zihao, I'm a person that likes to give up, but I don't want to give up on you. Please don't do anything that makes me feel bad."

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