Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 730: I Really Don't Want To Go To Prison

Chapter 730: I Really Don't Want To Go To Prison

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Tangning did not expose them. She simply smiled. Even if An Zihao could hide his feelings, Chen Xingyan could not.

"Now that the babies are born, will you return to filming?" An Zihao already began to think ahead for Tangning's future. "Your acting is really good. You can't just waste it like that. The crew of 'Concubine Ning' is waiting for you."

Tangning's gaze turned gentle as she watched Chen Xingyan carry one of the babies, "Let's talk about it later. These two rascals can't leave my side at the moment."

"You're not planning to announce it to the public yet?"

"I need to leave the headlines for Song Xin first."

An Zihao's gaze deepened as he looked at Tangning. He originally thought, after all the schemes that Tangning had experienced in the entertainment industry, she had become unfazed by it. But, in reality, she still had a burning passion for acting.

However, right now, the entire nation had their eyes on Song Xin's fate. A celebrity had committed a crime! The fascination for this story wasn't something that would fade easily...

By the time that Mo Ting returned home later that night, Chen Xingyan and An Zihao had already left. Mo Ting first hugged Tangning before he walked over to check on the babies...

"I've already asked Lu Che to contact a few people. They will 'take good care' of Song Xin."

"The rest of her life in prison doesn't sound like it will be very nice..." Tangning laughed gently as she shook her head.

Rest of her life? That will only be the case if she can survive that long!

Of course, Mo Ting did not say what he was thinking. However, the mention of Song Xin made his eyes fill with hatred and darkness.


Meanwhile, after An Zihao escorted Chen Xingyan back to his apartment, he headed back out again.

Chen Xingyan did not know where he was going. She simply had a shower and waited patiently on the sofa for his return. But, at this time, An Zihao had arrived at a relatively old housing estate and entered one of the buildings familiarly.

Yun Xin's father had given him a phone call: Mother Yun was sick. Ever since Yun Xin's death, An Zihao had taken care of her parents. Although he didn't visit them often, whenever something serious happened, he would see to it personally.

"Zihao, your Auntie Yun went to the hospital to do an examination and the doctor suggested for her to get treatment overseas. I don't understand what's going on, what should we do?"

"Uncle, don't panic, let me have a look at Auntie first," An Zihao said before he pushed open the door to Mother Yun's bedroom. Seeing the old lady lying in bed, he approached her bedside and asked, "Auntie, are you OK?"

"'re here." Mother Yun appeared weathered and her breathing was weak, but she still managed to grab onto An Zihao's hands, "Zihao, I'm really suffering. Don't ever abandon us...Don't ever get married and forget about our Yun Xin."

"Auntie, even if I get married, I will still take care of you on behalf of Yun Xin," An Zihao replied calmly.

"No!" Auntie Yun suddenly growled, "You belong to Yun Xin. You can't marry someone else. If you find another woman, I won't be able to continue living!"


Father Yun stood behind the two. Seeing An Zihao look slightly upset, he immediately comforted his wife, "He won't, Zihao will never forget Yun Xin."

An Zihao did not say a word. After visiting the old couple, he hopped back into his car and drove out of the estate. Upon returning to his apartment, he did not mention a word of it to Chen Xingyan.

Yun Xin was Yun Xin, she was already in the past; he was well aware of this. As for Yun Xin's parents, it seemed, they were afraid that he'd start a new relationship because they had relied on him too much over the years.

But...he had to get married sooner or later, right?

"Why aren't you sleeping?" An Zihao asked as he noticed Chen Xingyan huddled up on the sofa. He walked over and turned off the television, "You have a packed schedule tomorrow. Don't be naughty, go to sleep."


An Zihao did not say anything else as he headed straight for the study room.

For some reason he felt frustrated even though he knew that Yun Xin's parents weren't his responsibility...

Chen Xingyan snuck into the study room and quietly placed herself on An Zihao's lap, "Come sleep with me?"

"I still have stuff to do."

"You obviously have nothing!" Chen Xingyan exposed his lie.

"Listen to me, go to bed first."

"There's something bothering you," Chen Xingyan said as she shook An Zihao's neck, "I heard the question that Ning Jie asked you today. Why didn't you just admit to it?"

"I haven't prepared myself to go against Mo Ting yet," An Zihao said as he looked into Chen Xingyan's eyes. Plus, he still had to resolve the issue with Yun Xin's parent.

"Why does he have the right to make such an important decision in my life?" Chen Xingyan scoffed, "I can marry whomever I want..."

Hearing the word 'marry', An Zihao suddenly let out a laugh as he held onto her cheeks and asked, "You haven't truly understood me yet. How do you know that you won't regret?"

"Will you make me regret?"

"I will try my best to bring you happiness," An Zihao replied as he carried Chen Xingyan in his arms out of the study room into the bedroom. "Can you go to sleep now?"

Chen Xingyan stared at An Zihao for a while without saying a word. In the end, she nodded her head, closed her eyes and went to sleep. But, for some reason, she felt a little unsettled tonight.

She noticed there was something abnormal about An Zihao. When a person loved another deeply, they always seemed to become sensitive and suspicious. An Zihao was her first love, so she naturally invested her everything into the relationship and wasn't afraid of anything. But, what about An Zihao?

An Zihao ended up spending the entire night contemplating in the study room. Before Chen Xingyan, he had never imagined falling in love again so he never addressed the incorrect ideals of Yun Xin's parents. But now, he was regretful that he hadn't dealt with it earlier.

It seemed, he needed to clarify with the two elders that he cared for them because of the love he once had for their daughter - but he didn't owe them anything!

As for the reason why he didn't reveal his relationship to Tangning? It was because, before he resolved the issue, he didn't know how he could guarantee Chen Xingyan's happiness.

Mo Ting was accustomed to doting his wife. He would never allow An Zihao to have something so problematic that could hurt Chen Xingyan in the future.


Many days later, Song Xin's case was finally presented in court. As it affected so many people, the judge held a public trial so the entire nation could see her final sentence.

Prison was more torturous than Song Xin had ever imagined. In a short span of one month, Song Xin appeared completely helpless and exhausted. She had completely transformed from the once arrogant composer.

In comparison, Duan Jinghong appeared unfazed.

In the end, Song Xin was sentenced to 20 years in prison for inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent and instigating crimes...

20 years...

Hearing this number, Song Xin fell apart as she knelt on the floor and pleaded...

"I know I was wrong, I know what I've done was wrong! Please, let me go! I don't want to go to prison! I really don't want to go to prison!"

However, seeing her like this merely made most people think of three words: what a pity!

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