Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 89: Let's Announce Our Relationship

Chapter 89: Let's Announce Our Relationship

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"But, if you do this, your relationship with Mr. Li will also be exposed. Yurou...I don't agree to this!" her assistant snapped, trying to stop her. "Even if we are no longer in this industry; even if we have to go back to the life we once led, we'll just suck it up a little. We don't need to sacrifice ourselves to damage the enemy."

"You Ge...don't you understand this industry yet?" Mo Yurou's gaze was filled with sadness, "Did you think because I've failed, Li Yu will just let me go? He won't! Don't forget, I have evidence against him in my hands, he won't go easy on me. Rather than waiting for that to happen, I might as well take the initiative and attack first."

"Do you really...have to do this?"

"I want Tangning and Han Yufan to go down with me!" Mo Yurou clenched the pure white bedding in her fist; her eyes looked ruthless and were filled with certainty.

Her assistant took a deep breath, he was helpless against Mo Yurou, "OK, calm down, I'll go organize it now."

If she wanted to advance like Tangning, it was almost impossible. But, if she wanted to destroy herself, it was much too easy. Mo Yurou's assistant was afraid Han Yufan and Li Yu would find her and blackmail her, so he found a way to get her out of the hospital. Afterwards, they found a place no one knew of and rented a small room. Her assistant took care of her as he contacted some trustworthy reporters; making sure the news they were about to release wouldn't be blocked by any big companies.


[Shocking turn of events: Tianyi Entertainment has fallen into a ditch!]

[The secret behind The Special Contribution Award: Tangning slept with the judges!]

[Agreement exposed: Tianyi reportedly the dirtiest agency in history!]

The scandal between Tianyi and the judges was exposed the next morning throughout Beijing. Details of the agreement signed between the parties involved Mo Yurou, newcomers and also Tangning! The media started making assumptions that Mo Yurou and Tangning received their awards because of 'Judge Li'. They suspected them of doing something under-the-table and claimed they had no right to receive any awards.

In an instant, the industry was in an uproar. Tianyi was scolded for being like a brothel, Tangning and Mo Yurou were called sl*ts and Li Yu was called a brothel client...Netizens gathered and made their verbal attacks. The fact that Tianyi and Mo Yurou were involved wasn't surprising; they'd always had a bad reputation, but, they didn't expect Tangning would be like that too. It was just last night that they were happy for Tangning for receiving an award...

Because of this, their attacks towards Tangning was the strongest. They claimed Tangning was too good at acting and should go be an actress.

Seeing these reports, Han Yufan exploded with anger as he sat in his office. He knew the only person that could get close enough to him to obtain this evidence was Mo Yurou. He couldn't believe Mo Yurou had chosen to sacrifice herself.

The news this time came too ferociously and was too shocking, unlike previous rumors. This time...Mo Yurou had evidence and his name was clearly on it; he couldn't deny it. Tianyi was over, and with it went all the hard work he had put in over the years.

Staff started handing in their resignations and Tianyi's higher-ups were frustrated. Han Yufan knew deep down, as soon as the board of director's held a meeting, he would be immediately kicked out of the company and be left with nothing.

Mo Yurou, you sl*t!

Han Yufan phoned Mo Yurou angrily over and over again, he even drove all the way to the hospital, but Mo Yurou had already hid herself away; he had no chance of finding her.

In the end, Han Yufan phoned Mo Yurou's assistant threatening him with his family. Finally, Mo Yurou took the phone from her assistant's hand, "Yufan..."

"Where are you? Mo Yurou, you sl*t, show yourself!" If Han Yufan had been hiding his true self all along, then today, he had truly revealed himself, "Show yourself or I will kill you."

"Kill me? Did you think I would be afraid of that at this stage?" Mo Yurou grunted coldly into the phone. "Did you think you didn't need to face the consequences of selling me off like that? Han Yufan, thanks to your untrusting personality, you signed this agreement and gave me an opportunity to secure a piece of evidence against all of you. No matter if it's you, Li Yu or Tangning, I want you all to go down with me!"

"You are crazy!"

"Crazy? Last night I had a miscarriage. While I was in the operating room, did you even consider the child in my stomach was yours? Did you feel an ounce of guilt? I know you, don't blame me for being heartless. Han Yufan, you deserve it." After speaking, Mo Yurou hung up the phone. A sinister yet pitiful smile appeared across her pale face.

Han Yufan screamed in anger as he smashed everything on the floor...

If he didn't cheat in the first place and had chosen to marry Tangning, then the situation right now would not be the same.

As for Tangning who didn't do anything wrong, she now had to carry around this scar to her name...

She had to carry around the name of being a 'bed-climber'...

Han Yufan was helpless and Li Yu refused to answer questions; he was no longer contactable. Li Yu's actions made it obvious, all the under-the-table operations were true; Tangning and Mo Yurou climbing into others' beds was also true...

All the media could do was make these assumptions.

Hyatt Regency. Tangning watched the TV from the sofa. As she watched the reports about her, she couldn't help but feel overcome by complex emotions.

Mo Ting embraced her tightly providing her with support and letting her know not to be afraid.

"Tangning, what should we do now?" Long Jie asked as she looked worryingly at the news. "Seems like Mo Yurou has been pushed into a dead end, that's why she decided to go down together. It's OK for her to be destroyed, but what about you? You're innocent and deserved the award, yet things have now turned out like this..."

"I forced Mo Yurou, so I'm not entirely innocent," Tangning mumbled.

"But, Mo Yurou can't be found at the moment, Li Yu isn't responding and Han Yufan obviously has no idea how to deal with this situation. The evidence is already out there, aren't we being too indifferent?"

"I lacked premeditation, everything ran too smoothly up until now. I've forgotten how painful it is to fall," Tangning replied helplessly. Although she had been wary of Li Yu, she never expected, Li Yu and Han Yufan would end up working together.

"There are only two solutions to this. Number one: Look for either Li Yu or Han Yufan. Number two: Announce our relationship," Mo Ting reminded Tangning. "Of course, the best solution is to find Li Yu, but from what I know, he has already left the country to hideout. In that case, we can only go look for Han Yufan. Only the two of them know what other verbal agreements they had made between them. Secondly..."

"I understand, but even if I look for Han Yufan, he won't help me."

"Who told you to look for him? I'll go look for him," Mo Ting replied in a serious tone. "Did you think an incident like this could be dealt in any other way other than with me making an appearance? I am not appearing in front of him as the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment, but simply...your husband."

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