Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 729: Duan Jinghong Will Accompany Me

Chapter 729: Duan Jinghong Will Accompany Me

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"Song Xin is ambitious and inhumane. Although I've been disabled for a quite a few years now, my biggest dream is still to personally see Song Xin being sent to prison!"

Song Xiaoxiao's words were firm and strong, carrying with it a deep sense of hatred.

Her feelings were on the same page as Tangning. The way that Huo Jingjing was injured and the way that she almost had a miscarriage, Tangning would never forget it for the rest of her life

So, she and Song Xiaoxiao had their eyes set on the same target.

Song Xin wasn't going to have the chance to escape the law again.

Even through the television screen, viewers could feel Song Xiaoxiao's pain; especially when they looked at the empty space where her leg used to be. All of a sudden, Song Xin's cruel actions were known by everyone...


Song Xin didn't expect Hai Rui to bring up an old case as their trump card. She realised she had been much too naive. It turned out, even without using Duan Jinghong's accusation, they could still destroy her. After all, she had done too many bad things.

Soon, Song Xin received a phone call from her lawyer telling her that he had no way of bailing her out this time. He then told her to go overseas as soon as possible to hide out.

But, Song Xin didn't want to admit defeat! How could she lose like this? She couldn't possibly lose.

Even so, she couldn't prevent the police from taking her back to the police station; back to the same room with the same officer, "Miss Song, we meet again. Who will you use as your shield this time?"

Like last time, Song Xin did not say a word. It seemed, she was waiting for Elder Song; he was her last chance.

But, in reality, after Elder Song awoke from his surgery and saw the news, he simply spent the next half an hour smoking in his hospital room. He could never imagine that he had brought up such a monster.

"How am I to face people from now on?"

The news continued to broadcast the live situation at Hai Rui's press conference. At this point, Song Xin's reputation seemed like it was already beyond repair. But, even so, Song Xin still continued to deny her crimes and remained mentally firm and stable.

This was until the police received news that Elder Song had committed suicide at the hospital!

After receiving the report, the interrogating officer returned to the interrogation room and placed some documents in front of Song Xin, "I've seen plenty of cruel women in the past: ones that chop up their husbands and strangle their daughters. But, when faced with solid evidence, they never continue to play tricks like you do."

"If you still have a bit of conscience left in you, you should pay your grandfather back with your life!"

In that instant, Song Xin didn't quite understand the officer's words. Until she saw Elder Song's death certificate.

"What happened to my grandfather? How did my grandfather die?"

"Why did he die? Shouldn't you ask yourself that?" After speaking, the officer handed a suicide note from Elder Song to Song Xin.

As she glanced down at the snow white envelope, Song Xin finally realized that her hands were trembling. Seeing this, the officer grabbed the envelope and helped her open it.

"Xin Er, this is the last time that grandfather will be calling your name. After seeing all the bad things you've done, grandfather can no longer face the world. All I can do is use my life to pay back for all the bad things you've done. This is my retribution; retribution for not teaching you properly. And your retribution, is to lose the only family you have left on earth..."

"I hereby declare that all my assets will be donated to charity. I do not wish for them to go to a cruel-hearted person like you."

"From now on, you are on your own. All the best."

After reading the short note, Song Xin broke down, "This can't be possible. My grandfather can't possibly die."

"He's dead. You were the cause of his death. You killed your grandfather!" the officer yelled at Song Xin. "If I was him, I would have chopped you up before killing myself. That would have been a valuable contribution to society."

Song Xin's eyes grew wide as she sat paralyzed in her seat. Eventually, she kneeled onto the floor and cried, "I didn't cause my grandfather's death. I didn't! They did!"


"Elder Song sure is unfortunate to have a granddaughter like this. In the end, all he could do was pay with his life." Long Jie was at Hyatt Regency helping Tangning with the babies. While she read the news with one hand, she helped dress one of the babies with the other, "Although it is quite a pity, I guess this is life."

"They all say that children are one's enemies from a past life; here to get pay back. I wonder what Elder Song did in his past life to have owed Song Xin so much."

Tangning smiled as she received the baby from Long Jie's hands, "Although it is quite a pity, there's​ nothing we can do about it."

"But, even at this point, Song Xin is still refusing to speak. Doesn't she feel any guilt towards her grandfather?"

Tangning shook her head. Just as she was about to place the baby into its cot, she received a phone call from Lu Che, "Song Xin has confessed. After visiting the hospital and seeing her grandfather's body, she could no longer control herself and finally revealed everything to the police."

"Isn't this great?" Long Jie asked as she looked at Tangning. "We finally disposed of the demoness."

"If she could still act like nothing happened after this, then God would have had to send a lightning bolt to strike her to death."

How hated was Song Xin? One look at the tens of thousands of comments left online would be enough to answer this question.

"Although it sounds cruel, I hope the judge sentences her to death. If they could cut her up, one slice at a time, that would be even better."

"Song Xin is a disgusting b*tch. She caused her own grandfather to die. Is she happy now?"

"I hope the police don't let her have an easy death. It's better for her to spend life in prison."

Meanwhile, at the police station, Song Xin had indeed confessed to a few crimes. But, when it came to Huo Jingjing's incident and provoking Hua Wenfeng, she still refused to admit defeat. In fact, she said to the police, "If you want me to confess to these crimes, then get Tangning to see me in person!"

"Tangning is no longer someone that you can see..." the officer said as he put on her handcuffs. "You will only have the walls of prison to accompany you for the rest of your life and you will never see the light of day again..."

"No, Duan Jinghong will accompany me..." Song Xin tried to find the last bit of comfort. But, the police quickly destroyed her hopes.

"You're wrong. Duan Jinghong has been praised for surrendering herself to the police. Plus, the victim has forgiven her. Her punishment will be much lighter than yours. There is a fine line between good and bad, and this fine line is enough to determine whether you go to heaven or hell. Sit back and wait for your sentence!"

As it was a big case that shook the entire entertainment industry, Song Xin continued to receive the attention of the public.

With the numerous incidences added together, Song Xin's punishments were enough to last her a lifetime...

The happiest person at this time would probably be Hua Wenfeng. She was going to have company very soon!

The entire incident came to an end at the same time that Chen Xingyan completed her filming. After returning to Beijing, she and An Zihao went to visit Tangning at Hyatt Regency. Seeing her two nephews, Chen Xingyan was filled with glee.

Tangning noticed An Zihao's gaze follow Chen Xingyan, so she laughed and asked, "Are you guys in a relationship?"

An Zihao shook his head, "We are just normal business partners."

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