Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 728: Tangning, Give Me All You've Got

Chapter 728: Tangning, Give Me All You've Got

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Actually, Song Xin simply appeared tough on the surface. Because, deep down, she was well aware that every time Hai Rui made a move, they were certain of what they were doing. But, she honestly didn't know if there were any flaws in the way she handled her matters.

The only possibility she could think of, was for Hai Rui to create fake evidence!

And according to Tangning's ruthlessness, this was indeed possible. So, all she could do was wait for them to make a move and act accordingly.

Tangning, give me all you've​ got...

The winner and loser was yet to be determined...

Unfortunately, she had no idea that Hai Rui wasn't going to chase her down for the incident she had in mind...


After the car accident, Huo Jingjing's dog bite, Tangning's close-call to having a miscarriage and Elder Wu's plagiarism scandal, the public monitored Song Xin closely. Everyone was practically certain that she was the culprit, but they were worried whether Hai Rui would be able to present any evidence.

This was originally a matter to be handled by the police. But, because it happened in the entertainment industry, the matter had to be resolved with entertainment industry methods.

Of course, Song Xin ignored the speculation. She simply believed that if Hai Rui couldn't present any evidence, then she would be fine. But...the wheels of change were already in motion. For example, the entertainment industry would soon have no place for her.

The next morning, at exactly 8am as promised by Hai Rui, Hai Rui officially started their press conference.

The conference was run by the new head of PR because the incident involved Huo Jingjing and they were worried that Fang Yu wouldn't be able to control his emotions.

Amongst the clicking of the media's camera shutters, the new head of PR stepped up onto the podium and announced to the reporters, "As the reputation of Hai Rui is involved and multiple artists under our management have been affected, Hai Rui will provide a response to Miss Song Xin's accusations today. I hope everyone from the news industry will be able to report the truth!"

"Of course!"

"We will not show mercy because of her grandfather!"

"Song Xin has been embroiled with Hai Rui for quite some time. So today, Hai Rui will clarify the accusations she has made against us, one at a time. The first issue at hand: Song Xin claimed that Hai Rui suppresses its artists to keep Tangning in the top position. Obviously, when she says this, she is merely referring to herself. But, as everyone is aware, Tangning is an actress and Song Xin is pursuing a career in music; the two women pose no competition for each other. Moreover, Miss Tangning has already announced her indefinite retreat from the entertainment industry, so what could she compete with Song Xin for? This first accusation is complete slandering from Song Xin."

"Secondly, the plagiarism case with Elder Wu; the case that caused Elder Wu to suffer brain damage, Tangning's film to be removed from theaters and Tangning to be secretly banned from the industry. The author of 'The Tracker' has already pointed out the instigator and the internet has been gossiping about it since. I know that Hai Rui hasn't given any response to this. But, I will hold onto the response for now and reveal the truth shortly."

"Thirdly, regarding Song Xin's former manager, Duan Jinghong. Her image was severely damaged after she was discovered stealing not too long ago. But then, soon after, Hai Rui ended up helping her debut. There are reasons for this. Firstly, Duan Jinghong explained to Hai Rui that she had entered President Mo's office for the sake of her artist, Song Xin. She wanted to help Song Xin get a copy of her evaluation report and, therefore, made a serious mistake. Secondly, Duan Jinghong revealed all the cruel things that Song Xin had done in the past and asked Hai Rui for help. As Duan Jinghong knew of Song Xin's secrets and Song Xin was notorious for her misdeeds, Hai Rui decided to help Duan Jinghong for the sake of her safety."

"If Duan Jinghong simply wanted to be famous, she could have started on her path to stardom with a completely new identity. Why would she step out to accuse Song Xin?"

"Everyone must be wondering why someone that was so loyal to Song Xin would suddenly turn around and betray her. This was because Duan Jinghong was called a thief for the sake of Song Xin, but Song Xin ended up abandoning her. Hence, the result we see today. While Duan Jinghong has decided to be honest with herself, someone is still refusing to admit their wrongdoings."

"For now, we won't talk about matters that we have no evidence for, nor will we talk about the recent car accident. Instead, Hai Rui will be exposing another crime that Song Xin has committed in the past! I hope our friends in the media can open their eyes to what we have here!"

After the head of PR was done talking, a person supporting a young woman with crutches appeared on the red carpet.

The reporters made way for them, but they couldn't understand what Hai Rui were doing.

Who was this woman?

"This young lady is Song Xiaoxiao. She is in her early twenties; the same age as Song Xin. As well as that, she also went to the same school as Song Xin."

"I'm sure everyone has noticed that her left leg has been amputated. How did this happen? It was all because of Song Xin!"

"They were both 19 years old when it happened. Simply because Xiaoxiao beat Song Xin and came in at first place at the time, Song Xin made a crazy decision to push her down the stairs. Because of her injury, Song Xiaoxiao ended up missing out on the awards ceremony."

"But, the thing that Song Xin didn't expect was that Song Xiaoxiao saw the person that had pushed her. In response, Song Xin did something even more cruel, she used her grandfather's identity to threaten Song Xiaoxiao and her family!"

"Over the years, Song Xiaoxiao​ has been living in pain. She's watched as Song Xin climbed up the ladder of fame, while she became a useless nobody."

"In the past, she was afraid she'd put her family in danger, so she didn't say a word. But now, she simply wants everyone to know the truth - that Song Xin is a merciless monster!"

"And this time, don't you try to deny the facts Song Xin. We have a witness as well as evidence that you went to threaten the Song Family. We will pass that information onto the police very soon."

Seeing this disabled young woman in front of them, the reporters snapped their cameras furiously.

They never expected to be exposed to another story!

So, after everything they had heard, it was clear to see that Song Xin was pure evil!

Seeing the reactions of the public, the head of PR handed the microphone to Song Xiaoxiao. And even though Song Xiaoxiao was disabled, in the face of vengeance, she was braver than ever.

Her raspy voice echoed to all corners of the hall, "Song Xin is an extremely cruel person. It may be hard for all of you to imagine..." Song Xiaoxiao pointed to the empty space where her left leg used to be and continued in a cold voice, "When I was 19-years-old, I fell from the fourth floor. If it wasn't because I was lucky, I may have already lost my chance to speak before you today and to redress an injustice."

"So, as soon as I heard about the rumored schemes that Song Xin had instigated, I was the first to believe it. Because, she is indeed that kind of person!"

"Yesterday, after the car accident scandal surfaced, Song Xin was detained by the police for interrogation. Yet, she was somehow bailed out and allowed to go unpunished. So, my intent for standing up here today is to send her back..."

"I don't want to see this woman roam freely with her undamaged legs anymore. It's disgusting!"

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