Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 727: One Of The Most Disgusting People

Chapter 727: One Of The Most Disgusting People

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After the police left, Song Xin glared angrily at Uncle Chen inside the hospital room, "Why did you tell the police? Don't you know, because of what you said, I may end up in prison? The Song Family hasn't treated you bad over the years, is this how you treat your benefactor?"

"Since you've done something wrong, then you should go to prison," Uncle Chen replied calmly; not threatened by Song Xin at all.

"You will definitely pay for what you've said today!"

Uncle Chen snorted and lay back down to get some rest. He couldn't be bothered responding to a crazy person like Song Xin.

He must have been blind to have worked for the Song Family and exposed himself to a psychopath employer.

Although Song Xin wanted to get revenge, she was more focused on the progress of the police. She wondered if they had already seized the camera and proved her crime.

As for Hai Rui, what game was Mo Ting playing?

Although her situation wasn't favorable, if Mo Ting wanted her to suffer a blow, she felt it was impossible!



Ever since her leg was injured, Huo Jingjing barely appeared in front of the public. If it wasn't because Tangning had given birth, she may have continued to stay at home and refused to face the outside world.

Song Xin's affairs had stirred up the entire city and discussions about her once again resurfaced. But, no matter what the final results were, it didn't matter because her career could no longer turn back.

Especially as she looked at the scars on her legs, she wondered how she was to return to the runway with legs like that.

"The babies are so well behaved. The brothers look practically the same."

"Of course, why else would they be called identical twins?" Tangning said as she tidied the babies' cots while Huo Jingjing minded the babies.

"What do you plan to do from now on? You don't plan to make a comeback?" Huo Jingjing asked as she teased the babies' chubby hands.

"Let's talk about it after Song Xin is dealt with."

Tangning hadn't thought about the future. The birth of the twins had completely disrupted her plans. After all, life was very different before and after giving birth and she didn't want to be away from her babies for too long.

"I've seen the news. This Song Xin is one of the most disgusting people we know."

"I will definitely send her to where she needs to go..."

Needless to say, Huo Jingjing understood that Tangning was referring to prison...

"I hope everything runs smoothly tomorrow."

However, they no longer needed to wait for tomorrow. Because, according to Uncle Chen's instructions, the police had already fetched the camera from the car and discovered that Song Xin was the cause of Elder Song's car accident. Therefore, she was taken into the police station for interrogation overnight. Even so, Song Xin refused to speak; her lawyer had previously taught her not to speak impulsively whenever he wasn't around.

Later that night, after Mo Ting received news of this, he had just finished bathing the babies. So, while he tidied the bathroom, he turned on the handsfree on his phone and called Lu Che, "She is only temporarily detained. This is not our final goal. Don't forget that our ultimate aim is for her to be sent to prison. So tomorrow, let's continue as planned and send her a huge surprise."

"Yes, President!"

Tangning looked at Mo Ting from behind; at his tall and built figure. As the CEO of Hai Rui, it wasn't necessary for him to handle matters like this personally, but, whenever she or the babies were involved, he was hands-on, regardless of the seriousness of the matter.

Tangning couldn't help but feel a little emotional as she threw herself against Mo Ting's back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. I just feel that I married an extremely capable husband."

"Did you only realize that now?" Mo Ting smiled as he stood up and carried Tangning on his back out of the bathroom. His steps were steady as he added, "Since we're spending a lifetime together, you will end up discovering even more amazing things about me."

Tangning did not respond. She simply leaned on Mo Ting's shoulders and bit down hard.

"You are already a mother, why haven't you changed this habit of yours?" Mo Ting wasn't upset, he simply realized that it had been a long time since Tangning bit him.

Tangning let go and tore open Mo Ting's shirt to look at the bite mark. As she looked at it, she suddenly felt a little guilty, "Does it hurt?"

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply let out a laugh as he carried Tangning over to the bed.

The couple had always been like this. Regardless of how they were in public, as soon as they returned home, they would be each other's most needed partner.

And now, in their lives, they had two cute little babies.


This was probably the most distressful night of Song Xin's life. While being repeatedly questioned at the police station until the middle of the night, she didn't even get a chance to eat, let alone have a bed to rest in.

"Miss Song, if you remain silent like this, you are only making things difficult for us. Why don't you just get it over and done with? The case is already evident."

"Before my lawyer comes, I won't say a thing," Song Xin repeated all night. The officers heard it so many times that they felt like they'd get calluses on their ears.

The officer interrogating her rolled his eyes and shook his head, "It's beneficial for you to tell us what happened."

Song Xin closed her eyes and pretended not to hear a thing.

The officer stood up and slammed his hands on the table helplessly.

"Your willpower is strong."

This was the frightening thing about Song Xin: without evidence, she would not reveal anything. Because, the evidence they currently had, wasn't enough to make her admit defeat.

Soon, Song Xin's lawyer arrived at the police station and managed to bail her out.

The police watched as the criminal walked out, but they couldn't do anything about it. As a result, Song Xin's smile carried a sense of mockery and arrogance.

Xiao Yuhe was waiting outside for Song Xin. Seeing her helplessness, he immediately rushed over and escorted her home, "Have some food before you do anything else."

"All I have suffered today, I will return a hundred-fold."

Song Xin was dreaming about the future, but she had no idea that Mo Ting never gave anyone second chances.

"What do you plan to do about Hai Rui tomorrow?" Xiao Yuhe asked as he sat down beside Song Xin and added food to her plate. "Mo Ting isn't easy to deal with. I don't have the ability to help you."

"Don't worry, Hai Rui won't be able to present any evidence." When it came to other things, Song Xin may have been unsure, but when it came to Huo Jingjing and the provocation of Hua Wenfeng, she knew that Duan Jinghong was the one that executed it. So, what did it have to do with her?

"Did Hai Rui act without any evidence?"

"I'm not sure about other times, but this time, I'm certain that Hai Rui has no evidence - because I didn't do it!" Song Xin then put down her bowl and chopsticks and added, "I'm going to pay grandfather a visit at the hospital later. I refuse to believe that grandfather would betray me too!"

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