Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 726: Hai Rui Makes A Move

Chapter 726: Hai Rui Makes A Move

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The plot changed so quickly that it was impossible for the public to know the most updated information. All the media knew was that Duan Jinghong's accusations against Song Xin had been rebuked due to lack of evidence.

Song Xin left the police station ahead of Duan Jinghong and acted arrogantly in front of the media. In comparison, how did Duan Jinghong react?

Faced with the sea of black cameras, Duan Jinghong suddenly kneeled in front of the media in an upset manner, "Right now, I don't wish for anything except for the evil to be punished. If someone can present evidence, I am willing to give them everything I have as a reward."

"Miss Duan, what prompted you to step out and testify against Song Xin? Can you disclose the reason to us?"

"I've already said what I should say in front of the police. I'm willing to accept any legal punishment. I simply hope the law will not let go of anyone that is guilty; especially someone like Song Xin!" After speaking, Duan Jinghong left the police station under the protection of Hai Rui's bodyguards.

Of course, an eventful entertainment gossip like this gave the bored netizens plenty to talk about.

"If Song Xin was really the instigator behind all this and the police can't find any evidence, then that would be really annoying."

"That's right, the fact that Duan Jinghong tried to seek justice shows that she has already prepared herself for the worst. We can see her spirit of sacrifice. I hope Song Xin doesn't go unpunished."

"It's possible that Duan Jinghong is merely seeking vengeance on Song Xin. Who's to say that that's not the case. Didn't they say that there's no evidence?"


No matter what, there were plenty of supporters on both sides and they were all set on their decisions.

Duan Jinghong insisted that Song Xin was guilty, but the police couldn't find any evidence.

If she wanted Song Xin to pay for what she had would be quite difficult.

No wonder, even at this stage, Song Xin could still face the situation in such an arrogant manner...

After hearing about the result of Duan Jinghong's surrender, Tangning asked the bodyguards to escort Duan Jinghong back to Hyatt Regency. So, after Tangning coaxed the two babies to sleep, she headed into the living room to meet with Duan Jinghong.

"I already know the results..."

"I never thought that condemning her would be so difficult," Duan Jinghong said between sobs, "If the law can't find evidence against her, won't my sacrifice be in vain? If I can't do it this time, no one will be able to deal with her in the future."

"That may not necessarily be the case!" Tangning gestured for Duan Jinghong to sit down and handed her a tissue to let her control her emotions, "Has Song Xin ever injured anyone in the past?"

"Back during our student days, in order to seize first place, she deliberately injured her opponent the day before the awards ceremony so they couldn't attend. The other party discovered what she had done, but she used her background to settle the problem. However, there's no evidence for this!"

"You're wrong! After you mentioned this incident the first time, Mo Ting already instructed Lu Che to start an investigation. Originally, we didn't find anything, but, after seeing Song Xin's attitude, the other party seems to have been upset by what they saw, so they took the initiative to contact us. This person told us they were an old classmate of Song Xin's and they had a witness!"

"Is this true?" Duan Jinghong's heart ignited with a glimmer of hope.

"You'll know after you meet with them."

If they could expose this incident, then neither Song Xin nor Elder Song would be able to escape the long arm of the law.

Of course, Elder Song was completely unaware that, with the mess that Song Xin had created, his work would be obstructed too. After all, an investigation would also be carried out on him.


After Duan Jinghong's surrender, the police could not find any information. So, this further fanned Song Xin's flame.

As a result, Song Xin directly claimed that Hai Rui wanted to reverse the situation and make the media forget about her grandfather's injury by paying Duan Jinghong to put on a show. Since there was no evidence, there were bound to be people that trusted her words. Of course, the world was big and nothing was impossible.

The public had never seen Hai Rui in such a rut; it seemed, they would never be able to prove their innocence.

In front of the media and the public, Song Xin's words sounded plausible and she played the victim perfectly.

But, at this time...

...the police suddenly arrived at the hospital to investigate the cause of the car accident.

Although Song Xin was nervous, she was confident that her threat toward Uncle Chen was effective and useful.

As the officers entered the hospital room, Song Xin followed closely behind them and repeatedly tried to suppress Uncle Chen with her gaze.

"You're known as Old Chen, right? Can you tell us how the car accident happened?"

Old Chen sat up and glanced at Song Xin.

He then replied in a hoarse voice, "Yes, I can..."

"Uncle Chen isn't feeling too well. Try not to occupy too much of his time."


"Actually, the car accident this time wasn't an accident like it appears on the surface. It was because of her..." Uncle Chen pointed at Song Xin, "...she interfered with my driving and caused me to crash the car. It has nothing to do with Hai Rui. It was all because of her!"

After Uncle Chen finished talking, Song Xin's expression changed, "Uncle Chen, how dare you talk nonsense in front of the police?"

"I'm sure the memory card in my car will be able to show the officers whether I'm talking nonsense or not," Uncle Chen growled. "I've worked for the Song Family for many years, but I never imagined that the Big Miss would be so despicable as to request me to hide the truth!"

"That's impossible! The dashcam wouldn't be able to capture what you're saying!"

"The Song Family car is also equipped with surveillance cameras. Elder Song is in a position of power, so he's always been worried about being threatened and used by others."

Hearing this, Song Xin's face turned pale.

"That's impossible, you're lying!"

"I, Chen Liang, have been driving my entire life and have always been a law-abiding citizen. I would never hide anything from the police nor would I let you frame others. Your conscience may allow you to do it, but my conscience won't."

The main police officer turned around and said to his colleagues, "Remember to fetch the camera."

Seeing the officers jump into action, Song Xin immediately ran over and grabbed onto them, "Don't go, you can't go!"

The officers looked at her in ridicule. Evidently, they didn't need to look at the cameras to know the truth.

Song Xin was pushed to the ground. She suddenly felt powerless because she realized it was impossible to stop the truth from being revealed.

Soon, the entire Beijing would know that she had been slapped in the face by her family's driver.

"How shameful. She actually wanted to throw the blame on Hai Rui. Luckily, her driver is a good man!"

"She caused the accident herself, yet she tried to make Hai Rui take the blame. I've never seen anyone as shameless as her."

"I'm starting to believe what Duan Jinghong said. By looking at the car accident, Song Xin's character is obvious."

"I believe her too!"

At the same time, Hai Rui finally spoke up. They had something to announce tomorrow!

It seemed, they were about to face their last battle with Song Xin.

The fact that Hai Rui was about to make a move meant that the show was about to reach its climax and was coming to an end.

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