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Chapter 725: Who Could Prove Anything?

Chapter 725: Who Could Prove Anything?

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While Song Xin was complaining to the world about Hai Rui, Duan Jinghong personally arrived at the police station and told them that she wanted to file a report.

When the officers asked her what she wanted to report, she simply replied bravely that she wanted to surrender.

The police immediately launched an investigation and Duan Jinghong spent the rest of the afternoon explaining how she plotted a scheme to injure Huo Jingjing's legs and how she provoked Hua Wenfeng into harming Tangning. She did not try to hide the truth at all.

"Young lady, if what you say is true, then according to the law, the other person you want to accuse will not bear the main responsibility for the crime. Are you aware of this? In other words, if this is true, then you are the principal culprit and she is just an accessory. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand," Duan Jinghong nodded knowingly. "I executed the crimes, but the person that gave me the orders was someone else. That person was Song Xin. I'm simply restoring the truth and the facts. As for the consequences, I will leave that for the police and the court to decide. No matter the sentence, I deserve it."

After listening to Duan Jinghong's response, the officers nodded their heads, "Great, you have good awareness. Since the nature of this incident is so serious, we will definitely investigate it clearly. Otherwise, the dirtiness in the entertainment industry will soon spread all the way to the Atlantic Ocean!"

Duan Jinghong remained calm. Especially after telling the truth, she no longer had any baggage to carry nor shackles to restrict her, so she was finally relieved...

The media quickly found out about what had happened at the police station and completely surrounded the place. As Duan Jinghong had turned herself in and was extremely cooperative, the police protected her and did not give the media a chance to get close to her.

Even so, the media was still notified of Duan Jinghong's surrender...

She was indeed a member of AOB and was the same Duan Jinghong that had tried to steal from Mo Ting's office. Above all, she was also Song Xin's former manager. She described how she had hurt Huo Jingjing and almost caused Tangning to have a miscarriage and she admitted that she had executed the crimes personally, but the person that had ordered her was Song Xin!

Afterwards, the internet exploded with discussions!

Mo Ting also sent two people to ensure Duan Jinghong's safety. It appeared, Hai Rui was very supportive of Duan Jinghong's decision.

"I never thought there was more to Huo Jingjing's injury. Duan Jinghong deserves to be hated, but this Song Xin is a complete psychopath!"

"Duan Jinghong surrendered herself to the police. Although she's done a lot of bad things, her courage to admit her faults is highly commendable."

"I can't believe Song Xin tried to accuse Hai Rui of hurting her grandfather when she did so many shameless things in secret. How despicable!"


"What a wench!" Song Xin was almost driven mad after seeing the news of Duan Jinghong surrendering. It wasn't easy for her to gain sympathy by using her grandfather's injuries. But, she never expected that Duan Jinghong would surrender herself to the police. "With no proof, doesn't the wench know that she will only hurt herself in the end?"

In actual fact, this accusation and her accusation against Hai Rui were the same. Neither of them could produce any substantial evidence. It was simply all talk and no action.

But, the fact that Duan Jinghong had personally gone to the police station made her sincerity and words more believable. So, all of a sudden, public opinion was all on her side.

"I can't just sit here doing nothing, I need to strike back!" After speaking, Song Xin gave Xiao Yuhe a phone call, "I want to sue Duan Jinghong for defamation. Let's report her to the same police station that she's at!"

Xiao Yuhe wasn't good at handling a crisis, so he agreed that this was the best counterattack on Duan Jinghong and escorted Song Xin directly to the police station for a face-off.

As a result, the police station became extremely crowded!

Duan Jinghong did not expect Song Xin to show up at the same police station. Nor did she expect Song Xin to sue her for defamation right in front of her eyes.

The media was desperate to find writing material, but the police had already taken precautions against them.

As a result, it was possible for the plaintiff and defendant to both be present in the same place.

When the enemies met, their eyes blazed with hatred. But, Song Xin was well aware that Duan Jinghong's actions today merely caused a loss on both sides and resulted in no benefits.

"It's bad enough that you destroyed your own reputation, yet you tried to drag me down with you. Are you happy with the current result?"

Hearing Song Xin's question, Duan Jinghong's gaze was cold and calm, "You can't escape."

"What evidence do you have?" Song Xin asked as she shrugged her shoulders. "Since you've already debuted, you should have focused on being your star. Why did you have to disgrace yourself in this way?"

Duan Jinghong did not say a word as she closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Song Xin wanted to move in closer, but Hai Rui's people quickly held her back, "Step back!"

"You even have bodyguards?"

"I told you to step back, didn't you hear me?" Hai Rui's people pushed Song Xin away.

"Why don't you take a look at the person you are protecting? She's simply a rookie, does she deserve your dedication?"

"At least she has dignity. You only have a despicable heart." After speaking, the bodyguards warned Song Xin not to take another step closer.

Subsequently, according to what Duan Jinghong said, the police searched her house but did not find any evidence. As a result, they couldn't accept her surrender either.

"According to the police's investigation, there is no evidence that these two incidences were related to the two of you. So, the police have no reason to arrest either of you. You should both go home. We will contact you if there is any progress."

After listening to the officer, Song Xin let out a loud laugh, "Duan Jinghong, this is the result of your surrender!"

Afterwards, she turned to the officer and exclaimed, "I want to sue Duan Jinghong for defamation!"

The officer glanced at Song Xin and said to her in an annoyed manner, "We simply haven't found the evidence yet. What's with your arrogance? Before we close the case, you are still a suspect!"

"My lawyers will handle it."

After Song Xin finished, she stormed out of the police station angrily. But, Duan Jinghong was frozen in place, "Have you investigated the things I told you about? Didn't you find anything at all?"

"Miss, I understand how you feel; I know you want the culprit to be condemned. But, it's hard to find evidence for incidences like this. It's best that you return home for now."

Duan Jinghong was not convinced by the result and wanted to further question the police, but Hai Rui's people told her, "Let's go back first. There's no point being impatient."

"I'm angry that I can only look at Song Xin but can't do anything about her!"

"Vengeance is slow but sure. Some people will eventually receive their retribution."

It was within Song Xin's expectations that the police found nothing. After all, she had only ever spoken verbally. Who could prove anything?

So, it was only normal for her to act arrogantly.

As a result, as soon as she stepped out of the police station, she directly said to the media, "In regards to Duan Jinghong's slandering, I will protect my rights via legal channels. I never imagined that I'd be stabbed in the back by my best friend. From today onwards, I will no longer have this friend. Moreover, I want Duan Jinghong to pay the most serious price for what she's done!"

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