Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 723: Hai Rui's Three Major Crimes

Chapter 723: Hai Rui's Three Major Crimes

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In the middle of the night, the couple was sleeping soundly, when suddenly, a loud cry woke Tangning from her sleep. Realizing it was one of her babies crying, she got ready to get out of bed. But, the man beside her quickly rushed over to pick up Guo Guo in his arms.

Mo Ting touched the baby on the head and furrowed his brows, "It's hot. He must be having a fever..."

After hearing this, Tangning immediately got out of bed, "The doctor mentioned that it's normal for the babies to have a low immunity. She taught me a few methods to reduce a fever and told us not to panic if it happens."

"Stay in bed, I'll handle it," Mo Ting said before he pulled out a thermometer and carried the baby to the bathroom. The doctor had taught them to give the baby a warm bath to reduce its body temperature.

The baby that remained in its cot was the older brother, while the one that was sick was the more fragile younger brother. While Mo Ting was bathing Guo Guo, Tangning gave the doctor a phone call. Even though it was the middle of the night, the doctor still answered her questions patiently.

Actually, at the beginning of Tangning's pregnancy, the doctors did not notice that she was carrying twins because the younger brother developed slower than the older brother. As a result, the younger brother came out relatively weaker.

"It's best if you don't give him any special treatment. Don't develop a habit of preference from a young age, otherwise, the older brother will sense the unfairness."

After listening to the doctor's advice, Tangning's worries diminished. She then walked gently into the bathroom and saw Mo Ting wiping down the baby under the warm lighting. His seriousness was extremely charming.

The word 'Daddy' suddenly came to Tangning's mind.

Perhaps it was because Tangning had never experienced fatherly love in her life, seeing Mo Ting's seriousness made her overcome with warmth...

She didn't know how other people were like, she simply knew that Mo Ting would be a good father!


Meanwhile, Song Xin confusedly kneeled in front of her ancestors for an entire night. Originally, she wanted to gain some information from the housekeeper, but the housekeeper had no idea why Elder Song was so angered. Not only that, Elder Song had ordered him to strictly guard over Song Xin's punishment. If he was to discover him going easy on her, he would double the punishment.

The next morning, as soon as light hit, Song Xin was dragged into a car by Elder Song before she could even react. She had no idea where they were going.

" should at least tell me the reason why I had to kneel for an entire night."

"You'll know when we arrive where we're headed," Elder Song growled.

"Grandfather, you have never treated me this way. Are you bullying me because I have no parents and no one to rely on?"

"No one to rely on?" Elder Song raised his hand again, ready to throw another slap across Song Xin's face. But, Song Xin suddenly stuck her face out and cried, "Hit me all you want. I can't escape the palm of your hands anyway."

Hearing this, Elder Song unexpectedly calmed down. As he lowered his arm, he lit a cigarette and took a puff, "Xin Er, the two of us have lived together for many years and I've always given you everything you've ever wanted. But, recently, I've begun to feel like you are a stranger. Have you been hiding something from me?"

Song Xin suddenly froze in guilt, but pretended like nothing was wrong, "Grandfather, did you hear some random gossip?"

"Have you ever instructed Duan Jinghong to do something harmful to others?" Elder Song asked as he looked at Song Xin in seriousness.

" is that possible? I'm completely innocent!"

"But, Duan Jinghong has evidence that you hurt Huo Jingjing and Tangning's children!"

Hearing this, Song Xin's palms began to sweat as she fell into a panic. But, after thinking things over quietly, she remembered that she had merely given Duan Jinghong verbal orders. How could she have any evidence?

Wasn't this a trap set by Tangning?

So, she turned around and tried to force the car door open, "Open the door, I want to get out!"

"You won't be going anywhere today!"

"Grandfather, how could you trust Tangning's words? How could I have done what she said? Has Tangning shown you any evidence? How could you just trust her? If I tell you that I didn't do it, then I didn't do it," Song Xin retaliated. She then stood up from the back seat and interfered with the driver's driving.

The driver was shocked and immediately slammed on the brakes. But, he was already too late...

The car crashed into the guardrail of the stone bridge it was on and almost fell off.

Song Xin was safe because of Elder Song's protection, but Elder Song's head hit against the glass window and was covered in blood...


Elder Song was quickly sent to the hospital. As a result, Song Xin was both angry and annoyed. She was completely helpless as she paced back and forth outside the operating room. After considering all her options, she pulled out her phone and called Xiao Yuhe, "I have something to expose..."

Although she had been stabbed in the back by Duan Jinghong, she had always been cautious. She couldn't have possibly left anything for Duan Jinghong to hold onto, let alone evidence.

So, she was certain that Hai Rui couldn't produce anything. They had lied to trick the old man into coming to a compromise. What a despicable move!

Since Tangning had been so shameless and caused her grandfather's life to be hanging by a thread, she had no reason to be polite either.


"Breaking news. 8am this morning, a car accident was reported on the Stone Bridge near Zhonghuan Street. Our reporter has confirmed that those involved in the accident were the recently famous Song Xin and her family members. He also confirmed that Song Xin's grandfather and driver are undergoing surgery in separate operating rooms, while Song Xin escaped unscathed."

"Our reporter interviewed Song Xin after the accident, but to his surprise, Song Xin did not express her shock, but instead expressed her anger towards a certain person. If you want to know the truth, please pay attention to the following report from our reporter."

"The famous composer and well-known novelist, Song Xin, expressed that she got into a car accident because of Hai Rui!"

"Everyone knows of my disagreement with Hai Rui. After the lawsuit ended, I initially thought that if I endured for a bit, everything would be over. After all, I would no longer have any involvement with them. But, I never expected that Hai Rui would go so far as to hurt my family members!"

"Now, I want to report Hai Rui for three major crimes: one, they suppressed their artists to guarantee Tangning's position at the top; two, Elder Wu's incident had nothing to do with me, but after someone turned me into a suspect by brushing the blame onto me, Hai Rui did not clarify the claims; and three, they suppressed me because Duan Jinghong was caught as a thief, but they turned around and helped her debut as an artist. That's right, the Jinghong in AOB was my ex-manager!"

"And now, what's even more excessive is, they created a lie to convince my grandfather to go against me, causing him to end up in an accident. Let me warn you, Mo Ting, I'm not finished with you!"

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