Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 721: Will You Pay Me Back, Or Will She Pay Me Back?

Chapter 721: Will You Pay Me Back, Or Will She Pay Me Back?

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"Have you looked into it?" Mo Ting asked Lu Che as he looked out the floor-to-ceiling window at Hai Rui.

"Yes, I'm certain," Lu Che replied, "In Elder Song's eyes, Song Xin is a granddaughter that he believes he should be proud of. To him, she is extremely talented and kind-hearted. Although he is against her pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, it does not mean that he dotes on her any less."

"Doesn't this old man know how evil his granddaughter is?"

"Song Xin would never let him know," Lu Che laughed.

"Help me pass on an invite. I want to meet with the old man," Mo Ting said, before he turned around and placed his gaze on the documents on his desk. "Also, from now on, if an issue isn't important, leave it for Fang Yu to handle."


Mo Ting wanted to personally meet with Elder Song!


Although Lu Che didn't know what Mo Ting wanted to do, according to his temper, the old man's fate didn't look good.


Elder Song did not expect Mo Ting to send him an invitation. After hearing that Mo Ting wanted to see him, he turned to his secretary and laughed, "This Mo Ting is merely the boss of an entertainment agency. For someone like him, I don't know how long he will need to queue to see me. I refuse to see him!"

"Minister, I'm afraid you can't refuse," the secretary leaned over and whispered in his ear. Hearing this, the old man slammed his hands on his desk angrily.

"How dare you!"

"To avoid future problems, it's best if the Minister meets with Mo Ting. You've already retired and am simply acting as an advisor. Things aren't as easy for you to resolve as they used to be. Don't put yourself at risk."

Elder Song remained silent for a few seconds. In the end, he nodded his head, "Go organize it then."

Elder Song had spent most of his life in politics, so he was naturally arrogant and prideful. But, Mo Ting understood people like him well. So, he told Lu Che to pass on a simple message.

"Previously, I was occupied with taking care of my pregnant wife, so it was regretful that I didn't get to meet with Elder Song. Now that I have some spare time, it makes sense for me to meet with you. I need to at least know whether my enemy is a good or bad."

Elder Song took note of Mo Ting's arrogance and planned to teach him a lesson.

Unfortunately, he would never get the chance.

That night, a heavy storm hit Beijing. Elder Song arrived at the meeting place in his car and followed his secretary to a private room. But, he was already late by half an hour.

He originally thought that Mo Ting had been waiting for a long time inside the room. But, after entering the room, Mo Ting was nowhere to be seen. Only after ten minutes did he arrive.

Elder Song sat in his chair and looked at the young man with a smile, "This is the first time I've seen a youngster invite an elder and arrive later than the elder."

Mo Ting neatened his suit and brushed off the water drops on his body before he sat down and replied, "Please excuse my lateness. After all, I recently became a father and life has been a bit busy, so it naturally wasted a bit of time."

"Young man, you sure are arrogant. Did you think that if you invite me and apply a bit of pressure, you'd be able to change things? How naive. You should know that whenever a person is in a position of power, they will face a lot of temptation. The scene today is something I've experienced for half my life!" Elder Song tried to intimidate Mo Ting with his political status.

"What does Elder Song think I've invited him here for?" Mo Ting sat down opposite the old man, completely unfazed by his ridicule.

"What else could it be? Aren't you here because of your wife? From what I see, Tangning is just a mere performer. If the industry decides to ban her, then so be it. You can always support someone else and make them famous. Is a simple woman worth all this?"

Mo Ting looked at the old man. For a short moment, he realized how Song Xin came to be.

"I didn't come here because of Tangning, nor do I have any intention to apply pressure to you. I simply want to show you something." After speaking, Mo Ting pulled out his phone and played a recording prepared by Duan Jinghong.

"Up until this point, Song Xin has instructed me to do various wrong things. In particular, I would like to mention two recent incidences: firstly, she made me execute her scheme to have Huo Jingjing bitten by a dog; secondly, she instructed me to provoke Hua Wenfeng into attacking Tangning, causing Tangning to almost have a miscarriage. I have conclusive evidence in my hands."

"Song Xin has never been a good person. Even when she was a student, she exhausted all methods to achieve her motives. For example, to come first one year, she injured her competitor so they couldn't attend the awards ceremony. Afterwards, she threatened them not to say a word, or else she'd get her grandfather to make their entire family jobless."

"As soon as Tangning asks me to surrender myself to the police, I will immediately tell them the truth. I'm sure, after the police confirm what I say, they will be able to convict her straight away..."

"Song Xin is good at acting, but she's actually guilty of the most heinous crimes and she's never felt bad for anything she's done."

After the recording finished, Mo Ting retrieved his phone and looked at the stunned old man, "Did you think that an almighty CEO of an international corporation would have the spare time to scheme against your 'kind-hearted' granddaughter?"

Elder Song reached out his hand to snatch the phone from Mo Ting's hand, but Mo Ting quickly dodged him, "Duan Jinghong has been good friends with Song Xin since their student days. After they graduated, they continued to work together. Duan Jinghong knows better than anyone how Song Xin is truly like and the things she has done."

"Impossible. She is being slandered!" Elder Song exclaimed.

"We will know whether it's slander or not after we call the police. Duan Jinghong is ready to surrender to the police at any time," Mo Ting laughed. "Duan Jinghong must have a lot to talk about. Let's leave it to the police to ask her about every little incident, so those that have suffered, would not have suffered in vain."

Elder Song's expression darkened as he analyzed Mo Ting's face. He was not an average person and understood psychological warfare.

But, he couldn't read anything from Mo Ting's face. Mo Ting simply looked fearless.

This proved Mo Ting's confidence.

He wasn't making up a story.

"Hmmph, if this is really the truth, you would have called the police by now. Why would you come to me?" Elder Song sneered.

"I am a person with a conscience. Before I called the police, I thought I'd let you know how your granddaughter is really like and give you a heads up. As it turns out, Elder Song is quite a righteous person and is willing to punish his own family member. Since you can't wait for me to call the police, I'll satisfy your request."

After speaking, Mo Ting called the police. But, just as the police picked up, the old man snatched the phone out of his hand and hung up, "Don't act rashly."

Mo Ting looked at the old man with an amused smiled. He didn't speak but he wasn't angry.

Even so, Elder Song still experienced Mo Ting's king-like presence.

"What do you want?"

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