Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 720: A Sparrow Will Always Be A Sparrow!

Chapter 720: A Sparrow Will Always Be A Sparrow!

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On the way home, Song Xin couldn't contain her anger. So, she forced Xiao Yuhe to stop the car and ran out to destroy a section of flowers on the side of the road.

Xiao Yuhe followed behind. Seeing her release her anger on the flowers, he walked over and stopped her, "Don't be like this..."

"Don't I have the right to release my anger? My manager and best friend debuted behind my back and her future is now more promising than mine. Can't I vent a little?" Song Xin turned around and hit Xiao Yuhe on the chest. "I know that Tangning planned all this. She wants to see us turn on each other while she sits peacefully and enjoys the benefits. Yet, Duan Jinghong the b*tch, decided to trust her!"

"Either way, Duan Jinghong has already debuted. Why can't you learn to accept it?"

"How am I supposed to accept it? How am I supposed to accept that a shadow that's been following me since university would suddenly be more popular than I am?" Song Xin cried.

To prevent attracting attention, Xiao Yuhe showed his understanding and helped Song Xin back into the car before escorting her home.

But, after Song Xin returned home, she continued to throw her anger around. In fact, she was rude to even Elder Song.

"What's wrong?" Elder Song asked.

Xiao Yuhe sighed and simply explained that Song Xin was in a bad mood.

The old man nodded his head and waved his hand at Xiao Yuhe casually, "I'm used to it. Don't make excuses for her."

Both men understood Song Xin's temper. She would never allow anyone to make her suffer, because she never took others into consideration nor did she ever tolerate others.

So, how could she accept that Duan Jinghong had debuted?

After spending a bit of time, Xiao Yuhe explained the entire incident to Elder Song in detail. So, after he heard what had happened, Elder Song sneered, "I never expected Jinghong to be such an ambitious person. It seems, I may need to teach her a lesson in the same way as Tangning."

Xiao Yuhe did not respond. Elder Song had the ability to influence Tangning's film, but how was he to influence Duan Jinghong's album. The two women were in two completely different fields.

Plus, those that helped Elder Song in the past, did not appear willing to take another risk.

"She's really spread her wings. But, don't forget, a sparrow will always be a sparrow! Even if she changes her appearance, she will never be a phoenix!"

From Elder Song's words, Xiao Yuhe could tell that he would not let Duan Jinghong go. But, the problem was, Duan Jinghong knew too many of Song Xin's secrets.

If he was to make a move and push Duan Jinghong too far, the person to suffer would be Song Xin.

Actually, Elder Song was still unaware of Song Xin's bad deeds. He was still under the assumption that his granddaughter was constantly being bullied in the industry. But, he never considered, with Song Xin's temper, how that would be possible.

However, Xiao Yuhe did not say a word...

AOB's performance was a huge success. As a result, the girls managed to display their talents to the nation. After all, Hai Rui put in a considerable amount of effort to train the newcomers and did not hold back on using their resources.

Hence, Duan Jinghong had a taste of fame and had even less reason to give up on everything to return to her previous lifestyle. Even if Song Xin sought her for revenge, she was going to fight back with all her life.


Later that night, Duan Jinghong recalled the entire day to Tangning over the phone. Tangning had just put the twins to sleep. After listening to Duan Jinghong, she responded calmly, "I'm aware that you performed really well today."

"Song Xin seemed really angered. I'm sure she will find a way to seek revenge."

"Don't worry, you are now an artist of Hai Rui's. Hai Rui will naturally protect you," Tangning remained calm. "You don't need to do anything. Simply focus on your performance and that will already be the best attack on Song Xin."

"After all, she can't tolerate good things happening to you, nor can she handle you surpassing her!"

"What about you? Are you going to let her go like this?" Duan Jinghong questioned. Now that Tangning was a mother, would she not be bothered to focus on this matter?

"Every time I look at my two babies, I think about how they almost couldn't come into this world."

Tangning would always remember this grudge.

"But, that has nothing to do with you. Simply do what I say and everything will be fine. Also, since you've decided to change for the better, don't have any sinister ideas. Even if you're dealing with Song Xin, don't use the dirty methods that you previously used. It wasn't easy for you to tear away from Song Xin's control. Don't repeat your previous mistakes. Otherwise, no one will be able to save you."

"Understood!" Duan Jinghong would always remember this. "I'm not stupid. I will never return to how I used to be. Don't worry, compared to using ruthless methods and living in fear, I'd much rather my current lifestyle!"

Tangning wanted Duan Jinghong not to get involved because her existence was already enough to trigger and mock Song Xin. So, it wasn't necessary to waste her time on the enemy.

Even if Duan Jinghong did nothing, as long as she was more popular than Song Xin, Song Xin would already suffer.

A moment later, Tangning hung up the phone and turned to look at Mo Ting. At this moment, he was carefully picking up one of the babies and comforting it.

"Did I disturb him?"

"It's fine, I'll just comfort him a little and he'll be fine," Mo Ting replied calmly. Although he had only been a father for a short period of time, he had already gained a lot of experience.

Of course, as the boss of an international agency, it wasn't hard for him to grasp the temper of two babies. So, he quickly understood their tempers and sleeping habits, leaving Tangning with no choice but to be convinced by his abilities.

Looking at the way that Mo Ting carried their child, Tangning wanted so badly to snuggle up close. The image was too perfect.

In fact, she could already imagine the kids running around Mo Ting after they grew old enough to walk. The image would be even warmer then.

"Song Xin has already received her gift...It's time for the Song Family to receive theirs."

"Be more gentle. After all, you're getting old and we don't know how many more dramas you can handle!" Tangning said to Mo Ting as she gently rubbed the child's cheek.

"I know what I'm doing," Mo Ting said as he placed the baby into its cot and pulled Tangning into his arms. "In a couple days, I will take the three of you home."

"Since there's a show to watch, it's more meaningful to watch it in person."

"I can't wait," Tangning answered seriously as she leaned against Mo Ting's chest.

There were some things that she would let slip. But, there were some people that she would never let go of, even if they were already in the grave!

In the meantime, all she could do was wait to watch a good show...

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