Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 88: I Won't be the Only One That's Miserable

Chapter 88: I Won't be the Only One That's Miserable

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Possibly because the couple understood each other...Mo Ting, who was staring at the screen, immediately stood up, put on his suit jacket and instructed Lu Che whilst walking, "Help me push back all the meetings I have tonight."

"Yes, President," Lu Che smiled; it seemed Mo Ting had become a lot more impulsive lately. Seeing this person who once had so much self-control become impulsive, it was hard not to feel a sense of admiration...

Whilst driving his black Rolls Royce, Mo Ting listened to Tangning's acceptance speech as he approached the location of the awards ceremony. The longing he saw in Tangning's eyes, he understood completely.

This wasn't an extremely important award, was the first award Tangning received since her comeback. He wanted to be by her side at this moment to acknowledge her hard work...

Atop the stage, Tangning was dazzling, however, the words she most wanted to say couldn't be said. She had no way of thanking the most important person in her life; this was her biggest regret!

"Actually, I have a lot I want to say, but all these words can be concluded with one simple sentence: thank you, everyone, I will become even better!"

Below the stage an eruption of applause echoed through the hall. Everyone felt, out of all the awards presented tonight, this was the award they felt was most deserving; Tangning had truly showcased her responsibilities of being a model and set a good example. It turned out, this was the true climax of the awards ceremony...

It was because of Tangning!

Finally, the ceremony approached its end. Tangning, who had received the Special Contribution Award, did not leave early, she remained seated until the very end.

During this time, Li Yu didn't give up on trying to have his way with Tangning. Especially when he saw Tangning receiving her award on stage, her beauty was beyond that of an average model. But...Li Yu knew, the most important thing at hand, was to first go to the hospital. He had to find Mo Yurou and make sure their relationship wouldn't be exposed.

The Beijing night sky had never been as bright as it was today; sparkling with superstars. Tangning exited the TV station and spotted Long Jie waiting quietly for her in front of the car. She smiled and quickly ran up to give her a hug.

"Tangning, congratulations. I'm really happy for you."

"You have worked hard too, Long Jie," Tangning thanked her sincerely. After all, Long Jie had helped a lot in the process of taking down Mo Yurou.

"Let's stop talking. Big Boss has been waiting for you for a long time. I'll take the trophy home. Big Boss should take you for a bit of a drive," Long Jie released Tangning from her embrace and gave her a cheeky wink.

Tangning lowered her head slightly and spotted the man sitting inside the car; her heart began to race. With the help of Long Jie, Tangning boarded the car.

First, the couple drove Long Jie home, before Mo Ting sped out onto the streets of Beijing with Tangning. Tangning's heart was welling up with emotions as she leaned her head on Mo Ting's shoulder and held tightly onto his right hand.

"Aren't you going to ask where I'm taking you?"

"Anywhere is just as good." Tangning stared at the road in front of her, "I'm just curious. Mo Ting, how can you understand me more than I understand myself? How did you know the person I want to see the most, is you?"

"Because our hearts are connected."

Tangning smiled as she tightened her grasp on Mo Ting's hand, "Find a place with no people and stop the car."


"I really want to kiss you," Tangning said as she admired Mo Ting's face side-on; her eyes sparkled like diamonds.

Mo Ting's lips curved up to an attractive angle as he smiled at her, "We've already arrived."

Tangning glanced in front of her. That's when she realized the car had stopped on a hilltop with the view of half of Beijing below them sparkling like gems.

"Don't worry, no one can come here except for us."

Tangning relaxed as she turned her body sideways, hooked her arm around Mo Ting's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. She slowly savored the softness of his lips.

Mo Ting supported the back of her head as he applied added force to the kiss; the couple became more passionate until they both felt like they had lost their breath...

"Honey, now that you have received an award, how would you like me to reward you?"

Tangning kissed Mo Ting's ear and gently nibbled the mole on his earlobe. After a little while, she finally responded in a soft voice, "I don't want anything else"

Mo Ting laughed gently, "Are you sure you want to do it here and not on our soft bed at home?"

"I don't need anything else, all I need is you."

Hearing these words, Mo Ting immediately lowered his seat, carried Tangning over to his lap and wound up the windows.

His big gentle palms carefully undid the zipper on Tangning's back. His every touch sent tingles down her spine as she let out soft moans of pleasure...

Tangning was still the same Tangning, but tonight there was something different. Tonight she was a lot more direct and provocative; this drove Mo Ting crazy as he lost control, trying to obtain as much as he could from her body...

"Honey, you have really turned bad..."

"I told you from the start, I'm not a good person," Tangning responded in a husky voice. "There's so much I want to do with you and say to you, however, when I see you, I find I am speechless because I know - you already understand everything."

Mo Ting brushed his hand across Tangning's bare back as he remained stuck to her body before gently smiling, "You don't need to say anymore, let me take you home. This posture isn't exactly the most comfortable for you."

"OK," Tangning said as she gave Mo Ting one more kiss on the neck.


Beijing Hospital. It had been 3 hours since Mo Yurou had been sent into the operating theatre. Creative Century had sent people to hold back the media while Mo Yurou's assistant stood by her bedside; Mo Yurou had just passed the critical stage and her face was weak.


Hearing her cries, her assistant immediately handed her a cup of water, "Be careful."

Mo Yurou's mind was finally a little clearer as she stared blankly at the hospital ceiling, "You Ge, has the awards ceremony ended?"

"Yes, it ended a while ago. Don't think too much, have a good rest," her assistant tried to persuade her caringly.

"Tangning..." Mo Yurou smiled as tears rolled down her face, "Did Tangning win?"

"Yurou, don't be like this. I'll go look for President Han."

"No need. Do you think he would still come to see me?" Mo Yurou held onto her assistant's arm, "He and that disgusting Mr. Li are both the same...they were both just a game."

"That Tangning is a shameless sl*t. I don't know what methods she used to receive a Special Contribution Award."

As soon as Mo Yurou heard this, she couldn't believe Tangning had received an award. Her mind immediately awoke, "Award? Ha Ha Ha, award?"

"Since the world is so heartless, then...I can't be blamed. I won't allow myself to be the only person that is miserable." After speaking, Mo Yurou pointed to her phone and spoke, "You Ge, inside my phone is a photo. It is a photo of an agreement between Han Yufan and Li Yu. Help me expose it and point out that Tangning only received her award because Li Yu bribed the judges for her."

"Since I'm destroyed, then let's go down together..."

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