Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 719: Duan Jinghong VS Song Xin

Chapter 719: Duan Jinghong VS Song Xin

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Duan Jinghong expected Song Xin to enter the backstage, so the other girls in AOB left their makeup on to show their team spirit. They weren't going to let Duan Jinghong face Song Xin on her own.

No... be exact, they had waited a long time for this chance to tear Song Xin apart.

Soon, there was a commotion outside the door to the waiting room. Obviously, the concert staff were blocking Song Xin from entering.

The girls looked at each other. The group leader was the bravest of the lot, so she immediately stood up from her makeup desk, walked towards the door and she said to the other girls, "Let me open the door."

Duan Jinghong remained seated in front of the makeup desk. But, as soon as the door opened, Song Xin immediately threw a slap towards the group leader without checking who she was hitting.

It seemed, she thought the person that opened the door was Duan Jinghong!

The group leader clicked her tongue in pity and grabbed Song Xin's wrist, "Big celebrity Song is indeed different from everyone else. It seems, she's a big shot with a big temper."

"All of you get out! I have something to say to Duan Jinghong."

Hearing Song Xin's tone, the girls couldn't help but laugh, "Who are you throwing orders at, Miss Song? We are aware that your grandfather is a government official, but sorry, not everyone is afraid of you!"


"Leader, you and the girls can wait outside for me a moment." Duan Jinghong was aware that if the other girls were around, Song Xin would continue to cause a commotion. She was disgusted by it, so she decided it was best to get it over and done with. That way, she wouldn't need to continue facing this sickening face.

The group leader and the other girls looked at each other. After a few seconds of silence, they nodded their heads, "We will be just outside. If she gets violent again, just call out to us."

"OK," Duan Jinghong looked thankfully at the group leader, gesturing for her not to worry.

Soon, the room was emptied out and only the two women remained. Duan Jinghong stayed seated at the makeup desk as Song Xin took a couple steps towards her and said in ridicule, "I never imagined, one trip to South Korea, and I'm suddenly not good enough for you!"

"Following on, you will only be less worthy!" Duan Jinghong laughed.


Duan Jinghong understood what Song Xin was trying to ask. She picked up a cotton swab and poured some makeup remover on it as she replied, "You're actually asking me why? What a joke! Song Xin, do you think of yourself as a princess that the world revolves around? Did you think that just because my family background isn't as good as yours, I'm destined to be your follower? You asked me why? Why don't you ask yourself what you've done to me?"

"I risked myself to hurt Huo Jingjing for you; I risked myself to provoke Hua Wenfeng; I even snuck into President Mo's office to steal yours and Tangning's evaluation reports. But, when I was slandered for being a thief, what was your first reaction? Do you remember how you looked when you threw your bank card at me?"

"Yet, you have the audacity to ask me why?"

After hearing this, Song Xin wanted to argue back and retaliate against Duan Jinghong. So, that was exactly what she did, "I've been so good to you. I took good care of you during our university days!"

"Who required your care? Who would want your care?" Duan Jinghong laughed even louder. "Although my family background isn't as good as yours, it is still better than the average person's. I simply wanted to prove my determination to be your friend, so I invested my heart and soul into helping you. It had nothing to do with the expensive products you gave me!"

"Don't make your insincere charity sound so great..."

"Haven't you made yourself feel superior enough in front of me?"

"Since you know that my family background is better than yours, how dare you try to become an artist? What right do you have?" Song Xin ridiculed impatiently. "Did you really think that you have the ability to be more famous than me and to get more out of the industry than me?"

"Of course I can do better than you and gain more than you, because Tangning is willing to support me. During my most difficult time, Tangning gave me hope. During my most helpless state, my enemy gave me a chance to start afresh."

"Yet, as a friend, you were more disgusting than old food!"

"Tangning? Supporting you? Stop dreaming...She's simply using you to stabilize her position."

"It doesn't matter. At least I debuted in the end," Duan Jinghong spread her arms so Song Xin could take a good look at her. "I currently have an immeasurable amount of resources in my hands. Hai Rui won't disregard me for no reason. They won't be cautious against me like they are cautious of you. Song Xin, I know how ruthless you are; I have plenty of your secrets in my hands. If I was to compete against you on my own, I may not have much of a chance. But now, don't forget, I have Tangning backing me up!"

"I know you don't look highly upon me, but I will continue to improve. Meanwhile, you can remain planted in the same spot with your arrogance."

"Also, don't blame me for not warning you, previously when your grandfather hurt Tangning, President Mo did not give a response because he was considering Tangning's pregnancy. When he comes to his senses, you and your grandfather will definitely die a painful death."

After hearing this, Song Xin's body began to tremble in anger; she wanted so badly to pounce forward and tear Duan Jinghong apart.

Duan Jinghong looked at Song Xin through her mirror and let out a laugh, "Don't even dream of laying a hand on me. What do you think are your chances of winning against me?"

"I won't let you get away with this."

"So what if you don't? Your future is still not as promising as mine," Duan Jinghong was unaffected.

"It's best if you watch what you say and do. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind using the most ruthless methods on you."

Hearing Song Xin's warning, Duan Jinghong looked into her mirror and threw a warning back at Song Xin; the hatred in her eyes burned, "Tangning told me to pass on a message: those that reap evil with bring destruction upon themselves."

Song Xin sneered as she forced open the door to the room and stormed out.

After seeing what happened, the other members from AOB whistled and cheered. Obviously, Duan Jinghong had won the battle this round.

Seeing this, Xiao Yuhe marched into the room and said, "I can't believe that even you betrayed her."

"She betrayed me first," Duan Jinghong replied.

"Take your 'Goddess Song' with you and leave!" the other group members pushed him out of the room. They didn't care if he was the heir of Kaihuang Theaters; it wasn't like they were actresses, so there was nothing to fear.

Afterwards, Duan Jinghong relaxed and looked at her group leader, "Only now have I realized how much I hate her. But, I am still not the one that hates her the most."

The girls patted Duan Jinghong on the shoulder in understanding, "That's enough, you were already amazing...You did not disappoint our Ning."

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