Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 718: How Dare She Betray Me Like This!

Chapter 718: How Dare She Betray Me Like This!

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"Don't be so harsh with your words," Xiao Yuhe reminded her helplessly.

"Is this the first day you met me? It's not like you never knew I was like this," Song Xin replied casually.

She was right, Xiao Yuhe acknowledged in his mind. He knew she was like this from the start, yet he couldn't​ help but treat her with no regrets.


Actually, one of the reasons why Song Xin did not insist for Duan Jinghong to accompany her was because it had been a long time since Duan Jinghong had spent time with her parents. But, another reason was, whenever she thought about Duan Jinghong's impressive new image after returning home, she would feel extremely uncomfortable.

She couldn't tolerate the fact that her 'follower' had suddenly become more attractive and eye-catching than her.

So, even though their relationship appeared normal on the surface, the two women knew deep down whether things had actually changed.

6pm. Xiao Yuhe picked Song Xin up to take her to the event. However, en route, Song Xin couldn't help but ask, "Have you noticed that Duan Jinghong has gotten prettier lately?"

"Just a little bit," Xiao Yuhe replied, "She's a bit more stylish than before."

"I don't like it. I don't like that my manager is covered in thick makeup. I prefer her clean look," Song Xin expressed her displeasure; her vanity was getting the best of her.

"It must be tiring to be your friend. They're not even allowed to stand out more than you," Xiao Yuhe smiled helplessly.

"What? I have the right to choose my friends!"

Xiao Yuhe did not respond as he placed his focus on driving.

Duan Jinghong's girl group was called AOB. It consisted of four members; each with their own strengths. All four girls were highly talented.

As they had just debuted, they did not have the right to hold their own concert yet. So, the event tonight was held by the seniors of Hai Rui to show their support for promising newcomers and AOB had been invited to perform.

In the backstage of the concert, Duan Jinghong and her group members were getting their makeup done. At this time, the group leader asked Duan Jinghong, "Has the b*tch arrived yet?"

Duan Jinghong turned to look at her group leader and nodded her head, "Yes, she's here."

"Good. Let's show her what we've got..."


The concert was packed with 10,000 people and there were plenty of fans in the audience, so a view of the stage was limited and the atmosphere was very noisy. However, Song Xin had her hands on VIP tickets, so she was seated right at the front with just a small runway separating her from the performers on stage.

It couldn't get any better...

7pm. The concert officially started. Song Xin couldn't help but sigh. The artists on stage were indeed trained by Hai Rui. Their singing, dancing, and stage presence was almost perfect. No wonder Hai Rui's singers were so popular.

As one wave of cheering followed another, Song Xin's ears began to feel numb. But, the performance she was waiting for, did not arrive.

However, Duan Jinghong had already observed Song Xin clearly from the backstage.

She couldn't wait to see how Song Xin was going to react.

On stage, the host finally prepared the audience for AOB's performance. Although the fans had never heard of them before, knowing that their idol had invited them as guest performers, filled them with anticipation. So, they erupted in a loud applause.

"Get ready, it's time to go on stage," the group leader reminded Duan Jinghong. "Don't be afraid. In a moment, you simply need to display the charm that you've always had. You've never been less comparable to anyone."

After receiving words of support, Duan Jinghong nodded her head and smiled calmly at the group leader.

Soon, the lights on stage began to change, throwing the entire venue into complete darkness. It was officially time for Duan Jinghong and her group members to appear on stage. A few seconds later, the lights on stage lit up to reveal the girls, ready in their positions. As the music started, they began to move their delicate bodies to the rhythm. In response, the audience once again erupted in a loud applause.

As they sang and danced, the girls movements were cool and natural. The difficulty of their choreography was highly impressive.

At first, Song Xin did not notice Duan Jinghong amongst the girls because of her clothes and makeup. But, as the cameras focused on her, and her face appeared on the big screen, Song Xin's expression changed. She immediately questioned Xiao Yuhe, "Is that Jinghong? Am I seeing things?"

As the girls kept changing positions, Xiao Yuhe couldn't see clearly either, "It's just a slight resemblance. Why would Jinghong appear here?"

Song Xin's instincts told her that she did not make a mistake, so she continued to stare at the young woman. The more she looked at her, the more she looked like Duan Jinghong and the more familiar she felt.

In the end, the music and dancing ended and the girls completed their dance impressively. At this time, all the lights turned on and the host approached them. With a smile, he said, "Come, introduce yourselves. Give your greetings to the fans."

Song Xin looked anxiously at the girl that resembled Duan Jinghong and watched as she received the microphone.

"Hello everyone, my name is Jinghong."


It was Duan Jinghong!

Song Xin quickly stood up. At that moment, she really wished she was hearing things.

Impossible, how was this possible?

How could Jinghong appear here? How did she become a member of AOB?

After realizing that she had been tricked, Song Xin felt her mind go blank. Duan Jinghong actually lied to her, how dare she lie to her.

Xiao Yuhe subconsciously turned to look at Song Xin and noticed the complex expression on her face...

Song Xin could finally experience how it felt to be betrayed by her best friend.

"All four of you are still very young. It has been rumored that AOB is the most anticipated girl group this year. After seeing your performance just now, I must say you are all young, beautiful, and full of energy. President Mo sure has a good eye for people," the host praised. "By the way, I heard that Jinghong was previously injured and had just joined the group. But, judging by your performance, it was perfect and you are very talented."

"Thank you," Duan Jinghong bowed thankfully at the host. Afterwards, she stood up straight and looked at Song Xin below the stage.

It was a provocative gaze. In fact, it carried a sense of mockery. It seemed, she was ridiculing Song Xin for her stupidity and overconfidence.

Of course, if they weren't at an event with 10,000 people, Song Xin would have already run on stage and torn Duan Jinghong in half. How could she have done this?

She was just a mere manager, what right did she have to become an artist?

Moreover, she even wanted to be more famous than her.

At that moment, Song Xin's mind was filled with anger.

Xiao Yuhe seemed to have noticed, so he suggested, "Why don't you go backstage and ask her about it?"

"Even if you didn't suggest it, I would have went," Song Xin said as she gritted her teeth. "I would like to ask her how she had the confidence to do this. And how she could be so shameless. I've been so good to her, how dare she betray me like this! She must be overestimating herself!"

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