Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 717: Did She Give Birth To A Monster?

Chapter 717: Did She Give Birth To A Monster?

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Afterwards, Tangning was sent to a normal hospital room. At this time, Xia Yuling walked in happily with the two babies and presented them to Tangning, "You have two sons."

Tangning looked at the two babies and froze in surprise. Seeing this, Xia Yuling laughed, "Didn't you know how many babies you gave birth to?"

Tangning shook her head and looked at Mo Ting. Mo Ting had not seen the babies yet either; this was their first meeting.

"Do you want to carry them?" Xia Yuling asked Mo Ting.

Mo Ting remained still. He had not adjusted to his new identity as a father yet. Only at this moment did he realize how much responsibilty he had as the father of two children.

From now on, these two children would be relying on him and Tangning to survive.

Although he had prepared himself for this moment. Truly seeing the babies for the first time still made him panic.

Xia Yuling noticed the nervousness on Mo Ting's face, so she gestured for him to raise his arms and copy what she was doing. She then placed the two babies slowly into his arms.

The babies looked tiny, especially in Mo Ting's arms. However, they were sleeping comfortably and peacefully with a complete sense of security.

"Hey, look at the father holding the babies. They don't cry in his arms," the nurses laughed as they witnessed the scene. "The babies and their father will definitely have a good relationship."

Tangning looked at Mo Ting's careful expression and sat up to touch the babies cheeks as a satisfied smile appeared on her face...


Later that night, the hospital was quiet and extremely peaceful.

Tangning awoke from her sleep to find Mo Ting still sitting by her bedside. Her heart ached looking at him, "The babies have been born and I am fine. You haven't slept for a few days now. Don't make me worry about you."

Mo Ting lifted his head to look at Tangning. After a quick glance, he nodded his head, "OK."

He then walked around to the other side of Tangning's bed and lay down beside her.

Tangning quickly stopped him, "Don't sleep there, I've just finished giving birth and my body is dirty."

Mo Ting stretched out his arms and hugged Tangning, placing her head against his chest, "You gave birth to two precious babies for me. I've never been disgusted by you, so why should you be disgusted by yourself?"

"I'm smelly..."

"I don't mind," Mo Ting said gently as he continued to hug her tightly. "Thank you, wifey."

Hearing this, Tangning's eyes began to turn red. As long as this man was aware of her suffering and could understand her pains, then everything she experienced was worth it.

"You don't need to thank me."

At this moment, Mo Ting suddenly started a new conversation and placed his chin on top of Tangning's head, "Nothing in this world should be taken for granted. With you and our babies, I am very grateful and satisfied."

Tangning's tears seeped out from the corners of her eyes, but hearing Mo Ting's words, she suddenly laughed, "You're welcome, Mr. Mo. This is proof of my love for you."

No matter when and how long time had passed, the love shared by the couple on the bed remained as deep and passionate as ever.

Mo Ting often wondered, how many people in this world felt grateful towards their lover?

Especially over the last few days, he couldn't understand why there were so many people in this world who could bear to get angry towards their lover or treat them badly. Because for him, simply thinking about Tangning not being by his side, made him suffer. Thus, even if Tangning was to do something extremely overboard in the future, as long as she stayed by his side, it was enough for him.

"Where are the babies?"

"They are asleep," Mo Ting replied.

"Then...have you given them names yet?" Tangning asked.

"The older brother can be called Mo Zichen and the younger brother Mo Zixi. As for their pet names, you can come up with that."

Hearing this, Tangning fell silent. Mo Ting waited patiently. Just as he thought she had fallen asleep, she suddenly said, "Why don't we call them Tang Tang and Guo Guo 1 ?"

"They will hate you when they grow up," Mo Ting laughed.

Tangning also laughed, "The elders all say that a pet name should be as corny as possible. That way the child would be easy to take care of. They should be happy that I didn't name them Wangcai or Afu 2 ."

The couple had originally said that they'd get some rest, but they were suddenly distracted by endless heartfelt conversations.

After all, Mo Ting's precious woman had given birth to two precious little babies. For the rest of his life, he would never forget this day.

So...they had given birth to two boys in the end?

Perfect! From now on, the household would have two other men to help him protect Tangning!


The next day, Duan Jinghong received news that Tangning had safely given birth. In fact, she had given birth to twins.

If it wasn't because they had a performance that night, she would be popping a bottle of champagne with her group members to celebrate.

"Hua Wenfeng previously spread horrible rumors about my Ning: something about the child being a daughter with a deformity. But, look at the results. My Ning gave birth to two healthy babies."

"Woah, when their sons grow up, plenty of girls are going to be charmed by them!"

"But, first, I wonder how long their legs will be..."

Duan Jinghong watched as her group members discussed the news excitedly. They were practically happier than if they were to give birth themselves. But, her lips also curved upwards. Regardless of everything else, hearing this news also made her happy.

The only problem was, Song Xin was still inquiring about Tangning and still had the intention of hurting her.

Since she still hadn't learned her lesson...

...tonight, they would present her with a big gift.

The group leader seemed to have understood Duan Jinghong's concerns, so she patted her on the shoulder, "Give it your all tonight. You are our secret weapon."

Duan Jinghong nodded her head, "Don't worry, I know what to do."

"Hurry, let's send her two tickets to the live show. It would be more spectacular that way..."

Duan Jinghong knew that she didn't need to worry about this. She trusted that Hai Rui had already made necessary arrangements. But, to be exact, according to Song Xin's personality, even if no one dug a hole for her to fall in, she would jump into one herself.

So, as expected, Duan Jinghong soon received a phone call from Song Xin, "Jinghong, are you busy tonight?"

"What is it?"

"I want to go watch Hai Rui's new girl group perform. I want to see what they're made of and why Hai Rui would put so much effort into training them."

"I need to have dinner with my parents tonight. Ask President Xiao to accompany you instead," Duan Jinghong replied naturally. In actual fact, her heart was pounding in nervousness.

"Fine, I'll give Xiao Yuhe a call then," Song Xin said before she hung up.

Duan Jinghong put down her phone and let out a cold laugh. It was time for Song Xin to receive her gift.

Song Xin was unaware of everything that was happening around her. When she gave Xiao Yuhe a phone call, she was simply filled with disdain. Xiao Yuhe understood her arrogance, so he replied, "What's Jinghong doing? Why isn't she going with you?"

"She needs to keep her parents company," Song Xin replied.

"OK, I'll accompany you tonight then."

"Wait, have you received any news on Tangning yet?"

"Nothing," Xiao Yuhe replied.

"Did she give birth to a monster? Is that why she's not showing anyone?" Song Xin sneered.

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