Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 716: The Baby

Chapter 716: The Baby



Meanwhile at the hospital, Tangning had not given birth yet, so her room was still being tightly guarded.

Generally, when a pregnancy exceeded its expected date by 2 weeks, the baby would face increased dangers. Bai Lihua knew this best. So, in the dark of the night, she quietly whispered to Mo Ting, "We should prepare drugs to induce labor, otherwise, the baby will be in more danger the longer we prolong the pregnancy."

After hearing this, Mo Ting turned to look at Tangning who was lying in bed and did not say a thing.

If he knew that Tangning would be put in so much danger and would experience so much torture, he would not have wanted a child to begin with. Nor would he be in the situation he was currently in, where all his concern was placed on Tangning, making him extremely uneasy.

But, Tangning wasn't actually asleep. After overhearing the conversation between the mother and son, she forced herself to sit up and said in a hoarse voice, "Let's do what mom suggested. I can handle it."

However, the more Tangning tried to stay strong, the more heavy and deep of a guilt Mo Ting felt.

At this time, Tangning gave him her usual warm smile. Her smile was the best form of comfort in the world.

Mo Ting calmed down and nodded his head, "I will speak to the doctor in a moment."

After listening to Mo Ting's request, the doctor smiled and explained, "We will monitor Mrs. Mo's condition to see if she requires induced labor. Don't worry, Mr. Mo, we will try our best to ensure the health of Mrs. Mo and the child in her stomach."

But, nothing in this world was for certain. So, as long as there was a risk, Mo Ting couldn't help but worry.

"Ting, you've never been like this before. I'm simply giving birth. It's not as dangerous as you think..."

Late at night inside the hospital room, under the yellow lighting, Mo Ting held onto Tangning's hands and gripped them tightly, "After the baby is born, I won't go easy on it. How dare it stay in your stomach for so long and not come out!"

"The baby probably knows that you will snatch away its warmth as soon as it's born, so it's decided to stay in my stomach for a little longer."

Mo Ting remained silent for a while, before he suddenly said, "Mom told me that you are also at risk of danger. So, over the past few days, I've been thinking about what I'd do if something happened to you."

"But, no matter how I thought about it, I couldn't think of an answer. All I felt was fear. A fear that I had never felt before."

"Don't be afraid. Your child and I will remain by your side. We won't be going anywhere," Tangning calmed Mo Ting's nerves. "We will stay by your side until you grow old."

That night, Tangning felt Mo Ting sleep cautiously in her arms while she remained wide awake. She had never seen this side of Mo Ting. He was the king of the entertainment industry and had always been invincible at everything he did. But, at this moment, he was like a fragile piece of glass.

Tangning's heart ached, so she prayed for the child to arrive soon and allow its father to be at ease.

The next day, the doctor ran a few checks on Tangning and confirmed that it was safe for her to induce labor. So, she comforted Mo Ting and told him not to worry.

While Tangning waited in the delivery room, Mo Ting wanted to accompany her, but Tangning understood his temper too well. If he was to see her in pain, he would be forever traumatized by it. So, Tangning refused to let him accompany her.

A moment later, the pain arrived. Tangning felt her lungs tighten as breathing became difficult.

Outside the delivery room, everyone waited anxiously while Mo Ting sat quietly on the bench looking extremely tense. Although he didn't say a word, it was impossible to ignore his presence.

Tangning had already pulled through all kinds of difficulties in the past. Was giving birth to a child for the man she loved going to pose a challenge?

Thinking of this, Tangning felt her body fill with power.

"Tangning, keep pushing, I can already see the baby's head..."

Inside the delivery room, Tangning was experiencing deep torture; the pain was so intense that she almost fainted.

Meanwhile, outside the delivery room, everyone could see the torment that Mo Ting was going through.

"Why does this brat have to go through so many difficulties?" Elder Tang sighed.

A moment later, a nurse stepped out of the delivery room and clasped Elder Tang's hands, "Are you a family member of Tangning's?"

"Yes...yes, I am."

"Congratulations, Tangning has successfully given birth and is safe. Another nurse will come out very soon to speak to you. Don't worry, Tangning is fine."

Hearing that she had given birth, everything breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the nurse asked, "Who is the husband?"

Everyone looked at Mo Ting as he stood up and walked over to the nurse.

"I can tell that you love your wife very much. It's the first time I've seen a woman give birth so strong and courageously just so her husband wouldn't worry about her. The two of you are very loving, congratulations again."

"Can I go in now?" Mo Ting's voice wasn't as cold as usual. In was a bit hoarse and shaky. He was in so much fear that he hadn't realized that he had already become a father. All he could think about was Tangning, his lover.

"Yes, you may," as soon as the nurse spoke, Mo Ting rushed into the delivery room. Seeing Tangning covered in sweat, he immediately approached her and held her hands.

"It's's all over."

Tangning couldn't hold back her tears as they flowed uncontrollably from her eyes.

Because, just a moment ago, she had made a bet with the nurse.

The majority of husbands placed their focus on their child as soon as their wives gave birth. Only a small minority went to check on their wives. There were even cases where the husband ran away as soon as they discovered their child was a daughter.

But, Tangning was confident that her husband wouldn't be like that.

In his heart, she was always the number one priority.

So, the nurse admired their relationship and congratulated Tangning.

"Have you seen our child?"

Mo Ting shook his head. He wanted to hug Tangning, but he didn't want to make any reckless moves.

"You're only worried about me?"

"Uh huh," Mo Ting's voice was still shaky.


Outside the delivery room, everyone else was still waiting. Soon, a nurse came out carrying the child that Tangning gave birth to and was ready to present the little one to the family.

But, to everyone's surprise, the nurse was carrying one child in each arm...

"Didn't any of you know? Mrs. Mo gave birth to twins - a pair of boys!"

A pair...of boys!

"Mo Ting, that jerk, sure is lucky," Bei Chendong sighed. However, his voice contained a slight trace of admiration.

As the family looked at the two pure and innocent babies in the nurse's arms, they were immediately filled with excitement.

"Twin brothers. How great..."

Perhaps, at this time, even Tangning didn't know she had given birth to twins. During her regular checkups, she had only ever focused on the health of her child and told the doctor to keep everything else a secret. As for the labor she had gone through, all she focused on was the pain. After the pain subsided, she didn't remember a thing...

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