Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 714: The Best Counterattack

Chapter 714: The Best Counterattack

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That night, when all was still and all the visitors had left the hospital room, Tangning finally noticed Mo Ting's tired expression.

"Sleep for a bit. If you keep your eyes open like this, you will tire yourself out before the baby is born," Tangning's heart ached as she spoke to Mo Ting, "I'm not that delicate."

"I want to lay eyes on my child as soon as it's born," Mo Ting rubbed the back of Tangning's hand against his cheek. "Plus, I've noticed that you've been having labor pains, but I haven't been able to do anything for you. Every time I think about this, I feel slightly guilty and can't sleep."

"I'm more than willing to do what I'm currently doing: to give birth to a child for the person I love," Tangning replied emotionally. "Come up here and sleep with me for a while."

"I'm afraid of squashing you."

Faced with this situation, Tangning didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "This is a double bed..."

Meanwhile, the media did not try to get news about Tangning. Only Song Xin exhausted all forms of methods to inquire about her within the industry. Unfortunately, apart from those close to Tangning, no one knew of her current situation. And those from Hai Rui had their lips sealed.

Song Xin couldn't accept this, so she decided to hire a private investigator. Even so, Mo Ting had already arranged for a large number of bodyguards to watch over the room. It was difficult to even get a glance of Tangning, let alone gain any information.

Mo Ting found out about the private investigator through the bodyguards. During his spare time, he asked Lu Che, "How's Duan Jinghong?"

"Her legs recovered a long time ago. Although we forcefully added her to a girl group, she's been working very hard and has already adapted to the situation. If we rush her a little more, she should be able to debut with the rest of the group," Lu Che explained.

"Then, it's time to make Song Xin suffer..."


According to Song Xin's temper, Lu Che could already predict, if she was to find out that her close friend, Duan Jinghong, had debuted and become an even more promising artist than her, how she would feel and how interesting her expression would be.

But, Song Xin had no idea about this.

She tried to contact Duan Jinghong as usual, but Duan Jinghong was nowhere to be found. This was because Duan Jinghong was staying in the dormitory that Hai Rui had organized. However, Song Xin simply thought she had returned to her hometown to recover.

"Jinghong, your legs should have recovered for quite some time now. When will you be returning to my side? We can still make a comeback. When that time comes, you can return to being my most competent manager."

But, manager?

Duan Jinghong couldn't help but sneer. Wasn't she just asking her to execute her evil schemes?

"OK, I've already prepared myself. We should be seeing each other very soon."

"Then it's set. I will be canceling my contract with Hai Rui very soon. When that happens, we can go back to how we used to be..."

Hearing this, Duan Jinghong couldn't help but feel disgusted. In response, she placed her phone aside and let Song Xin reminisce on her own. People were supposed to look forward to the future. Since Duan Jinghong had been hurt so badly by Song Xin in the past, no matter how stupid she was, she would never be Song Xin's follower again. After all, there was a completely different path available for her.

She had already passed through many layers of obstacles that Hai Rui had given her. Although she was lacking in many aspects, when it came to dancing, even the other members of her girl group couldn't help but raise their thumbs in acknowledgment.

"Jinghong, why aren't you talking?"

"The reception here isn't that good," Duan Jinghong yelled towards the phone in the distance as she massaged her leg.

"Oh yes, you're in the countryside aren't you? In that case, let's meet when you come back."

"OK." After speaking, Duan Jinghong hung up her phone; she had gotten tired of putting on an act around Song Xin.

In reality, she understood her significance towards Tangning. Tangning was currently waiting to give birth, but Song Xin was inquiring everywhere about her. So, Duan Jinghong's role was to attack Song Xin head-on, so she would fall into a panic and redirect her focus.

This was what she owed Huo Jingjing and Tangning. If this was what she had to sacrifice to become famous, she was happy to shoulder it.

Plus, she was going to protect Tangning because it was her only way of redeeming herself.


A few days later, a new Asian girl group announced their debut in South Korea. Hai Rui was smart in this aspect. They allowed the four girls to first gain popularity in South Korea and get used to the stage. They also exposed them to comparison with other South Korean girl groups so they could ride the Korean Wave before returning to China with their accumulated experience.

So, the day after speaking to Song Xin on the phone, Duan Jinghong flew over to South Korea...

The girl group consisted of 4 members; each with their own strengths. Initially, the other group members completely dismissed Duan Jinghong. But, they were eventually stunned and slapped in the face by her impressive dancing.

Song Xin was completely unprepared for this outcome.

In fact, in her last phone call with Duan Jinghong, she was still filled with excitement, "Jinghong, I'm about to win the lawsuit with Hai Rui!"

At that time, Duan Jinghong thought to herself, "It's not that you are about to win. But, after dragging you for so long, it's time for Hai Rui to present you with another attack."

"Where are you at the moment?"

Song Xin did not wait for Duan Jinghong's reply as she increased in excitement.

"I'm overseas."

"Why are you overseas?" Song Xin was a bit upset because she was unaware of Duan Jinghong's whereabouts.

"I'm trying to decrease the appearance of scars on my legs. Thanks to your bank card, I've managed to recover pretty well."

"In that case, when can we meet?" In response to Song Xin's question, Duan Jinghong turned to check with her group leader.

Her group leader was in the middle of doing the splits. Seeing Duan Jinghong staring at her, she quickly laughed, "We will be catching an early flight in 2 days..."

"In 2 days!" Duan Jinghong replied to Song Xin.

"Good. Let me know your flight number and I'll pick you up."

"OK," Duan Jinghong nodded.

After putting down her phone, Duan Jinghong looked at the three members behind her and shrugged. The three girls had more or less heard about the situation with Song Xin, so they couldn't help but laugh, "When the time comes, don't embarrass us."

"You are the secret weapon for attacking Song Xin. Do your best, I have faith in you! I've disliked her ever since she dared to file a lawsuit against Hai Rui. Stab her to death!"

"To be honest, I am a fan of Tangning's. I came to Hai Rui because of Ning. But, Miss Song ended up playing so many dirty tricks. What a b*tch! I've been wanting to slap her in the face on behalf of Ning for ages. Please excuse my aggressiveness," the group leader said before she covered her mouth in slight embarrassment.

"If you make Song Xin breakdown, I will treat you to a month of seafood!"

The three members showed their support towards Duan Jinghong, but they couldn't help but sigh, "I wonder if Tangning's given birth yet and whether it's a boy or a girl. Once our Ning recovers, Song Xin will definitely be forced to start from the bottom again!"


Everyone was waiting for Mo Ting and Tangning's baby to be born. But, the child refused to come out even though the expected birth date was overdue.

The doctors examined Tangning's body. Everything was fine, so they recommended for her to continue waiting. Tangning did not respond, but Mo Ting was more upset than his pregnant wife. Because, he knew, the longer that the child stayed in Tangning's stomach, the longer she would have to suffer...

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