Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 713: Awaiting Labor

Chapter 713: Awaiting Labor

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Question: if an ordinary person was given the chance to become rich and famous, would they refuse it?

Of course not!

Although Duan Jinghong had been in the industry for a short time, she had witnessed her fair share of glitz and glamour. So, there was no way that she'd settle for her current situation. If Tangning was willing to provide a chance to surpass Song Xin and gain fame and fortune at the same time, even someone less intelligent would not give up on such a great opportunity, let alone someone like Duan Jinghong who had always been slightly bothered by Song Xin.

"What...what do I need to do?" Duan Jinghong was obviously so flustered that she had been rendered speechless.

For Tangning, this was probably a simple decision. But for Duan Jinghong, it was enough to change her entire life.

"I need some time to plan it out properly," Tangning said before she hung up and turned to look at Mo Ting.

This man seemed unaffected, but he had always understood Tangning's plan. After all, the suppression this time had sparked many ideas in Tangning's mind.

Packaging Duan Jinghong for the entertainment industry was obviously the best way to make Song Xin suffer. At the same time, it would protect Tangning's stomach from any more hidden schemes by redirecting Song Xin's focus elsewhere.

As for Elder Song, they were going to deal with him after the baby was born.

For now, Tangning was going to wait patiently for labor...

The next morning, Mo Ting asked Lu Che to find some information on Duan Jinghong to see if she had anything noteworthy. If she possessed some talent, they could immediately sign her on as a trainee at Hai Rui. If she had nothing to offer, they would find a professional and take another approach. From the information they found, making Duan Jinghong famous wasn't difficult to achieve.

"This Duan Jinghong has an average appearance and an average family background. She doesn't have much to offer except...she is really good at dancing! If we debut her in a girl group, she should do quite well."

"Let's go with that then. Ask Fang Yu to make arrangements and to treat her like a normal trainee. If she fails in any aspect, then kick her out!"

Lu Che was confused. Wasn't Duan Jinghong an enemy of the Madam's? Yet, Mo Ting wasn't only supporting her, he was even planning to make her famous.

Mo Ting understood Lu Che's confusion, so he replied coldly without lifting his head, "It's exactly because of her crimes that she will now act as a shield."

"Why don't we just deal with Song Xin directly?"

"From Song Xin to the Song Family to all the other complex relationships that are involved. It's hard to deal with them all at once." In other words, the Mo Family's precious baby was about to be born and he had no time to deal with these people. No matter how important the matter was, it would have to wait until his child was born.

"Understood!" Lu Che firmly exclaimed. According to Mo Ting's temper, he was usually one to seek immediate revenge. But, this explained why he specifically trained up a Duan Jinghong to go against Song Xin.

Because the Mo Family's precious baby was about to be born!

"President, you must be really nervous."

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply lifted his head and glanced coldly at Lu Che. Wasn't he stating the obvious? No matter how calm Mo Ting was, his precious woman was about to give birth to his precious little baby; it was only normal for him to be nervous.

"Focus on what you need to do. Also, help me make an appointment with Official Leng from the Department of Culture..."

"Is the President planning to meet with him personally?"

Mo Ting did not respond, but Lu Che understood as he quickly retreated from the office.

Tangning was about to give birth, so he was going to prevent any news from spreading. Since Song Xin liked to compete, he was going to let her compete with her own good friend.

Of course, Duan Jinghong didn't deserve pity. When Tangning first made her suggestion, she never forced Duan Jinghong to accept it; she always had the option to refuse. But, Duan Jinghong still chose to go down this path. So, following on, she would have to handle the consequences on her own.

Soon, Duan Jinghong received a contract from Hai Rui. Although it stated that she was just a trainee and could be kicked out at anytime, she still treasured the opportunity.

She really wanted to see how Song Xin would react once she found out.

Of course, Song Xin did not remain idle during this time either. She filed a lawsuit against Hai Rui and requested to cancel her contract. On top of that, she demanded for compensation.

She was brave enough to do this because she had both Xiao Yuhe and the Song Family backing her up.

Meanwhile, Elder Song could not demand Song Xin to uphold the promise she had made to him yet because he had not completed his end of the deal either. Song Xin knew that her grandfather was committed to his promise, so she pretended not to know a thing as she continued to meet with Xiao Yuhe and prepared to make a fresh start at his agency after she canceled her contract with Hai Rui.

As for 'The Lost Relative', the review process did not take long before it was allowed back in the theaters once again. Although it wasn't as spectacular as before, the public were still undoubtedly impressed by Tangning's performance.

As a result, even if the fans were unhappy, they weren't unhappy because the film itself or its actors. And even though the box office sales weren't as high as during the initial release, it still surpassed all the other films that were screening at the same time by quite a fair distance.

Song Xin concluded that her battle with Tangning had resulted in damage to both sides. Although she didn't gain anything from it, Tangning didn't benefit either. The situation, at the moment, simply didn't look good.

Of course, that was only because the big gift that Tangning had prepared for her had not been delivered yet.

While Song Xin and Hai Rui were in the midst of their court battle, Tangning had already moved into her hospital room in the labor ward. Her and Mo Ting's first baby was about to come into this world! However, the media were completely unaware of this because Mo Ting had kept everything tightly under wraps. With the addition of Song Xin's current court battle, the media's focus was completely drawn away and they had temporarily forgotten that Tangning was about to give birth.

Bai Lihua and Xia Yuling dropped everything to accompany Tangning at the hospital. Both women had jerks for husbands, so they regretted that they hadn't met sooner as they quickly got along like sisters.

Tang Jingxuan also visited with Xu Qingyan every now and then and anticipated the arrival of his little nephew or niece. However, the little human refused to come out.

Bei Chendong was also dragged to the hospital once by Han Xiner. After taking a quick glance at Tangning's stomach, he sneered, "Let's not have any children."

Han Xiner quickly snapped back, "Who would want to have a child with you?"

"I can't stand fat people. Stay the way that you currently are, it's just right..."

Tangning burst out laughing at Bei Chendong's words as she asked Han Xiner, "Has this guy changed his lazy habits?"

"I have no expectations for him!" Han Xiner shrugged.

Mo Ting's response? He quickly shooed Bei Chendong out of the room and explained, "I don't want him to affect my child's perfect genetics."

Afterwards, Chen Xingyan also visited. Although she was still shy around Mo Ting, she still greeted him 'older brother'. She did this not for her own sake, but for An Zihao's sake. So Mo Ting could stop making things difficult for him...

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