Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 712: My Ning Is Amazing!

Chapter 712: My Ning Is Amazing!

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A famous male artist was invited to the event as a spokesperson. As he appeared on the red carpet, a few fans screamed in excitement; this was expected. But, no one considered that this famous perfume brand had an important business partner - Tang Corps.

So, a beautiful figure soon appeared in front of the media and the public. At first, everyone was stunned, but they quickly responded and snapped furiously at their cameras.

"Why is Tangning here? Didn't the rumors claim that she has been banned from the industry? How come she's allowed to be here?"

"Rumors can't be trusted. Judging by Tangning's expression, she hasn't been impacted at all."

"Tangning must have appeared to dispel the rumors."

"Tangning, look over here and give us a smile!"



No one expected that Tangning would make an appearance. Since they hadn't seen her for a while, they couldn't help but chase after her. They wanted to hear from her personally whether the recent rumors were true.

The internet quickly followed this news. They even posted a photo of her wearing her long pink dress with her perfect posture.

Of course, Song Xin quickly saw this and her eyes widened in surprise. After confirming that it was actually Tangning, she gave Duan Jinghong a phone call, "Have you heard? Tangning is attending a product launch for a famous perfume brand today. How come someone still dared to invite her?"

Duan Jinghong did not know the reason either. She simply believed in Tangning's capabilities.

"No, I can't let this b*tch make a comeback so quickly!"

Faced with Song Xin's hostile panic, Duan Jinghong remained silent; she believed that Tangning was brave and had nothing to fear.

"What's the reason for this? How could this be? I'm going to ask grandfather!"

Meanwhile, Tangning was in the middle of an interview.

"Miss Tang, recent rumors claim that you offended a senior official and have suffered the biggest crisis of your career. Is this true?"

"I'm sorry, but I'm not attending this event today as an actress nor an artist. Don't forget, I am still the chairwoman of Tang Corps. I'm simply attending today because this brand is a business partner of Tang Corps', so I should show some support..."

In other words, she was here as the chairwoman of Tang Corps and not as an actress of Hai Rui's!

It may be easy for Song Xin to suppress the actress Tangning. But, if she wanted to suppress the chairwoman Tangning, she would perhaps need to bribe the officials at the department of economic affairs.

As Song Xin watched this scene on her tablet, she wanted so badly to smash it on the ground.

Tangning, you sure are capable!

"Does that mean you will be attending events as the chairwoman of Tang Corps from now on?" Since Tangning changed the subject, the reporters quickly adjusted their questions as well. In actual fact, all they wanted to know was whether Tangning had offended a senior official.

"At least for this event, I will be," Tangning played tai chi around the questions; she didn't admit that she was being suppressed, nor did she deny it. This left the reporters with plenty to think about. "As the chairwoman of Tang Corps, I can still serve everyone."

After that, Tangning quickly left the interview area and entered the venue of the event.

Of course, Tangning's appearance provided her fans with a lot of reassurance. It was good to see that she was safe. After all, the rumors were much too frightening.

"My Ning is OK..."

"Unfortunately, she hasn't clarified whether she is being bullied or not. The enemy mustn't have considered the fact that even if Tangning isn't a model or an actress, she is still a chairwoman."

"I reckon my Ning is being bullied. Otherwise, why would she draw a fine line with her identity as an actress?"

"Actually, it's not bad for my Ning to be a chairwoman. No matter what she does, she is still my Ning!"

"My Ning is amazing!"

"What's with all the talk about being suppressed and detained? My Ning is doing fine as a chairwoman."

In any case, Tangning's appearance made the fans quickly calm down and no longer make any random guesses about whether she was in danger.

Most importantly, Duan Jinghong could sense that Tangning was declaring war with Song Xin through the screen. If Song Xin wanted to suppress her, it was obvious that the Song Family did not have the ability to do it just yet.

Because of this, Duan Jinghong couldn't help but smile.

She was indeed Tangning; no one could block her dazzling presence. She made people both envious and filled with admiration.

Elder Song was angered by the events that day. So, he made a phone call to the man that was working for him.

However, the man simply replied, "Apart from being an actress and a model, Tangning has many other identities. Amongst these is the chairwoman of Tang Corps."

He could influence Tangning's actions in the entertainment industry, but he couldn't restrict her freedom. He did not have such an authority.

"In other words, from now on you have no control over Tangning attending events as the chairwoman of Tang Corps?"

"Old man, don't force me to do something beyond my powers. I have the phone number of the relevant person you should be speaking to. You can give him a call and see if he is willing to destroy a top-performing company for you. Let me remind you, Tang Corps is a century-old perfume empire that has contributed a lot to Beijing..."

Elder Song felt completely humiliated. How could he be so helpless towards a mere performer? And how was he to explain the situation to Song Xin?

"This Tangning is sure tricky."

However, he had no idea that the truly tricky person was his own granddaughter.

Tangning's slap had landed directly on the old man's face. After all, he could not uphold his promise with his granddaughter. What was going to happen to his pride?

Of course, this was the result that Mo Ting and Tangning wanted to achieve. Was Tangning someone that could be easily suppressed? What a joke!

But, if Song Xin thought everything was over so simply, then her opponent wasn't Tangning. The true Tangning was going to make her pay for the stupid decisions she had made!

Tangning was about to give birth, so she was naturally going to retreat from the industry. But...she still had the option of making Duan Jinghong famous.

How was Song Xin going to feel if her own manager became more successful than her?

This was something that Duan Jinghong had never expected either. She never expected that Tangning would suggest something so crazy and bold.

"Think it over, then give me a reply."

"But, everyone in the industry has their own strengths. How am I supposed to debut?" Duan Jinghong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Plus, if you make me famous, are you going to let me surpass you?"

"If you have the ability, I'm not afraid of being surpassed," Tangning replied. "You don't need to worry about me. When the time comes for me to return, I will definitely return!"

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