Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 711: Hurt Her Until She Has A Miscarriage!

Chapter 711: Hurt Her Until She Has A Miscarriage!

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"The outside world is currently filled with gossip. Fans are saying that your commercials have been canceled and are wondering if you are still safe; whether you are being held under duress or whether you are in danger," Mo Ting said softly beside Tangning's ear as he helped her bathe that night. "You should find a chance to make a public appearance so your fans can be at ease."

After hearing this, Tangning smiled, "I understand. I'll make one last appearance before I go into labor..."

In actual fact, Mo Ting's true intention was for Tangning to give Song Xin a slap in the face. After all, Song Xin thought that Tangning would disappear from the entertainment industry because of Elder Song's suppression.

But, Tangning was going to show Song Xin that suppressing her was merely an inconvenience to the industry, and unfortunately, Elder Song would have to try harder.

"In that case, Ting, when do you think will be the right time to make an appearance?"

"A famous perfume brand will be holding a product launch in a few days. I've spoken to mom and she has confirmed that it is a business partner of Tang Corps'. So, it makes sense for you to attend," Mo Ting spoke softly the entire time as he lowered his head for Tangning to wipe his back.

As his eyes fell upon Tangning's stomach, just the thought of seeing the baby soon, filled him with excitement. The feeling was indescribable.

"Ting, you're meant to be my manager. How can you have no reaction after seeing me suffer in this way?" Tangning asked.

"The film is simply being reviewed, it's not completely banned from screening. Plus, I've asked you to stay at home all along, but you've been disobedient. Now, you have a reason to behave," Mo Ting replied in seriousness. "Either way, Mrs. Mo, you must have a lot of influence for an entire government department to suppress you..."

"President Mo, are you finding joy in my suffering?" Tangning turned around and hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck.

"You must know by now that I enjoy acting weak to catch out my opponents," Mo Ting glared at his wife, gesturing for her to behave. Even with such a big belly, she didn't know how to relax.

Who did she think Mo Ting was? When had he ever allowed her to suffer? This man was the most vengeful type of person. Previously, he didn't know how to be modest and would seek payback in front of her. But now, he had learned a new skill: scheming in silence and causing unspeakable pain.

"OK, I admit defeat. From now on, I won't worry about anything. I'll simply wait patiently for my child to come into this world," Tangning raised her hands and surrendered. "Is that good enough for you, Mr. Mo?"

Mo Ting did not say a word. He simply placed his bubble-covered hands on Tangning's cheeks and drew her in for a kiss. It was not until the couple had run out of breath that he pressed his nose against hers and said in a deep, seductive voice, "If you don't give birth soon, I won't be able to resist myself anymore."

"I never told you to resist..."

"But, the doctor specifically said that we can't at the moment," Mo Ting hugged Tangning tightly as he tried to suppress his desires.




Song Xin arrived that night at the Duan family home bearing plenty of gifts. As usual, she knew how to make Mother Duan and Father Duan happy.

She then went to see Duan Jinghong. Duan Jinghong was tidying up some old photos. During the years that she had spent with Song Xin, the two of them had taken plenty of photos.


"Why are you here?" While sitting on the bed, Duan Jinghong closed the photo album in her hands and placed it under her pillow.

"I already saw it," Song Xin was slightly moved. After all, the two women had a long history together. They were even closer than actual sisters. "Come back. Come back to work for me."

"I thought you didn't trust me," Duan Jinghong said with a whimper. "Weren't you afraid that I'd betray you?"

"I only felt that way because I was too scared. I didn't mean it. I've realized now that you would never betray me. Otherwise, you would have already exposed me to the public," Song Xin explained. "Moreover, Tangning has now been defeated by my grandfather. We should no longer hurt our friendship because of a person like that. Come back and work with me."

Duan Jinghong looked away without a word.

"When your legs have recovered, we can go back to how we used to be and pretend that nothing happened. We are still good friends," Song Xin coaxed as she tried to capture Duan Jinghong's gaze.

"My legs..." Duan Jinghong touched her legs and replied, "I don't know when they will recover."

"It's fine, I will wait for you. No matter how long it takes, I will wait for you."

Hearing this, Duan Jinghong lifted her head with a sense of longing, "Can we really return to how we used to be? What if you abandon me again?"

"I won't; never again."

Duan Jinghong thought for a moment and nodded her head, "OK. Give me some time to recover. To be honest, Tangning tried to threaten me while you weren't around, but I told her that you and I were one entity; if I testify against you, I would be testifying against myself. I know better than anyone how many plans I've executed with my own hands. No matter how stupid I am, I would never betray you."

If Song Xin was still uncertain about Duan Jinghong's words, these last few sentences were enough to dispel her doubts.

Duan Jinghong was right. Most of the time, Song Xin had merely given verbal orders. But, the one to execute it, had always been Duan Jinghong. If Duan Jinghong was to testify against Song Xin, she would be hurting herself. With this thought, Song Xin was a lot more reassured by Duan Jinghong. After all, she assumed that Duan Jinghong depended on her to survive.

Meanwhile, the outside world was indeed gossiping ridiculously about Tangning. They claimed that she had offended a senior official, that she was banned by the industry and that she was missing because she was being detained for interrogation. Multiple versions and multiple possibilities were explored.

Her commercials had been canceled, her film was under review and her peers were claiming that she was arrogant. So, the public were certain that Tangning was going to forever disappear from the industry.

Song Xin should be the happiest with this result.

"I don't have to see Tangning's annoying face anymore. How satisfying."

"Has Grandfather Song personally made a move?" Duan Jinghong guessed. "This time, Tangning should be hit hard enough. Being suppressed by a government department is different to being suppressed by an agency. When an agency suppresses someone, it can usually be resolved via the law or by changing companies. But, when it comes to a government department, no one can go against their orders."

"This is where grandfather is amazing," Song Xin laughed proudly.

"How far are you planning to push Tangning?"

"I'm going to hurt her until she has a miscarriage!"

Song Xin's response was extremely direct.

But, of course, this was Song Xin's wishful thinking. Who did she think Tangning was? Was she someone that was at the mercy of others?

Song Xin was going to find out very soon, how wrong she was.


A few days later, the product launch of a famous perfume brand was held in Beijing as scheduled. Of course, at this event, a figure that made everyone scream was to appear.

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