Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 710: Who In The Industry Would Still Dare To Work With You?

Chapter 710: Who In The Industry Would Still Dare To Work With You?

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"Boss has been looking very anxious lately. Can't you just stay at home and prepare for labor?" Long Jie rolled her eyes.

"I know my body better than anyone," Tangning appeared as calm as ever.

"Have you asked the doctor about the gender of your child? Don't you care at all?" Long Jie appeared more anxious than Tangning as she stared at her protruding belly and envisioned the little human that was about to come out.

"Why should I ask? We will naturally know after I give birth," Tangning wanted to leave it as a surprise for Mo Ting and herself. Whether it was a boy or a girl, it would be equally precious to them.

"My little godchild, hurry out into the world...We are all waiting for you," Long Jie said as she kneeled in front of Tangning and leaned towards her stomach. The child seemed to have heard as it threw a kick. Feeling the movement, Long Jie was rendered speechless in surprise.

As soon as Tangning saw this, a happy smile slowly appeared on her face...


Under Elder Song's protection, Song Xin quickly retreated from the public eye while all the cursing and scolding directed towards her was overshadowed by fresh news. For example, everyone was wondering who Tangning had offended to have caused her film to be pulled out of theaters.

In reality, Tangning's situation was far worse than what the public imagined. After all, the help that the Song Family found indeed had the ability to make the entire entertainment industry tremble at their knees. Tangning was restricted from appearing in front of the public, not only via film, but also via past commercials as well as future ones. It seemed, for someone at the government level, the entire entertainment industry was playing out of the palm of their hands and they could suppress an artist with the blink of an eye...

Even if Hai Rui wanted to help her...

...they would have to consider the consequences!

Song Xin found out about Tangning's situation through Elder Song. As expected, it was useful to be in a position of power. Wasn't Mo Ting meant to be a capable man? Wasn't Hai Rui supposedly good at PR? Yet, there was currently nothing they could do as they watched Tangning being suppressed.

However, there was still one thing that bugged Song Xin: Duan Jinghong, who had been taken away by Tangning.

Thinking of this, Song Xin once again visited Elder Song's study room and whined, "Grandfather, do you remember my good girlfriend, Duan Jinghong?"

"The one that's always following by your side?" Elder Song tried to remember as he put down the pen in his hand.

"That's right. She is currently in Tangning's hands. Can you think of a way to rescue her?" Song Xin asked. "I know it was already tough for you to beg others for help. Yet, now I'm asking you to get involved in something else. It must be difficult..."

"Don't you just want a person? Do you think Tangning can resist?" Elder Song asked. "Wait for the good news. Just don't forget the promise you made to me."

"Yes, grandfather," Song Xin nodded furiously.

When Elder Song made a promise, he always followed through. So, after Song Xin left the room, he once again pulled out his reading glasses and made a phone call.


The next morning, the police arrived at Hyatt Regency and knocked on Tangning's door. As soon as they saw Tangning, they showed their badges and explained, "We received a report that a woman named Duan Jinghong has been missing for a few days. According to our investigation, the people that escorted her out of the hospital were your people. So, we have come to get an understanding of the situation..."

As soon as Tangning heard this, she knew Song Xin was here to retrieve her woman, so she smiled at the officers and replied, "Officers, Duan Jinghong is a living, breathing person, how could she be taken away by me so easily? Have you tried to contact her?"

The officers did not respond.

Seeing this, Tangning pulled out her phone and gave Duan Jinghong a phone call right in front of them, "Jinghong, where are you? The police have come all the way to my place to look for you. Supposedly, your family reported you missing. Has your family contacted you?"

Tangning turned on the loudspeaker so the officers could hear Duan Jinghong's response. But, her response was, "I'm at home sitting beside my mother and father. Who made a report? It must be a mistake..."

A slight awkwardness appeared on the officers' faces.

"Officers, if you still need to clarify things, you can go to the Duan family home and speak to them personally."

The officers didn't know what to say, so they could only apologize, "Sorry to have wasted your time!"

"I understand. You were simply following orders." Of course, Tangning's words contained a double meaning.

The officers gave Tangning a long hard stare before they left the villa.

A few moments later, Duan Jinghong returned Tangning's phone call, "Is 'that person' looking for me?"

"What do you think?" Tangning asked back.

"Don't worry, I won't turn back."

"I'm not Song Xin, I don't threaten people. If you want to leave, then leave. I won't stop you."

Duan Jinghong did not respond straight away as shuffling noises could be heard through the phone. After quite some time, Duan Jinghong finally replied, "I have self-respect too. I don't just come and go as she pleases."

Another reason why Duan Jinghong responded this way was because Tangning was protecting her family.

Duan Jinghong had never expected that her and Song Xin would end up like this. But, she understood Song Xin's temper well. Since she was a threat, she knew Song Xin had an unlimited amount of ways to deal with her.

By following Tangning, she still had faith that a future existed for her. If she followed Song Xin, she knew she would be used in every way possible and have a tragic ending. So, Duan Jinghong knew that following Tangning was the only way to save herself. She wasn't going to step into Song Xin's trap again. She wasn't stupid; she knew how to change for the better.

"Even so, you shouldn't be so tough. You know that Song Xin reacts the worst to that..." Tangning was warning Duan Jinghong to watch out for herself.

"What about you? Now that Song Xin is suppressing you, who in the industry would still dare to work with you?"

Hearing this, Tangning paused for a few moments, before she replied, "If I get suppressed so easily by someone like Song Xin, I wouldn't be Tangning. I don't mind that every enemy of mine thinks that their sinister plan has succeeded. They can be satisfied with themselves all they want. That way, they will quickly expose their weaknesses..."

Duan Jinghong didn't understand what Tangning meant, nor did she force herself to understand. As long as Tangning was more capable than she expected, she was already satisfied.

"In that case, stay safe," this was the only thing that Duan Jinghong could do for Tangning.

Tangning smiled casually, "When it comes to this point, my husband cares about my safety more than anyone."

After speaking, Tangning hung up the phone.

Afterwards, Duan Jinghong stared at her phone in a daze; she was certain that Song Xin was going to call her very soon...

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