Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 709: The Baby Kicked Me

Chapter 709: The Baby Kicked Me

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Before her debut, Song Xin had once vowed to her grandfather that if she didn't make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, she would not admit defeat.

But, the Song Family had a reputation to uphold. Although Elder Song tried his best to make her enter politics instead, he couldn't compete against her passion for music and creativity.

With the added fact that Song Xin had been stubborn since she was a child, Elder Song had no choice but to let go and allow her to explore her possibilities. He knew that his arrogant granddaughter would need to hit a dead end before she'd be truly willing to return to his side.

Even though he expected his granddaughter to experience all forms of underhandedness in the entertainment industry, he never imagined that she'd hit a dead end by completely destroying her reputation.

So, after the entertainment news was released, Elder Song immediately gave Song Xin a phone call, "Xiao Xin, come home, grandfather will help you resolve this matter. But, promise me, from now on, you will stay by my side and learn from me. Also, never get involved with any messy situations in the entertainment industry again and distance yourself from that disgusting place."

Song Xin had no choice but to return home and kneel in front of her grandfather, "Grandfather, I can't hold on anymore."

"Stand up, stand up..." Elder Song felt his heart shatter into tiny pieces. He knew how prideful this granddaughter of his was. Yet, someone managed to hurt her so badly. "Quick, tell me who did this. Who bullied my granddaughter?"

Song Xin couldn't contain her emotions as she pounced onto the old man and burst into tears, "It was Tangning and Mo Ting. Grandfather, I've really suffered. You need to get justice for me!"

"Whoever dares to bully my granddaughter will need to pay." The old man held onto his granddaughter; it was the first time he had seen her in such a defeated state. "Xin Xin, don't cry. Seeing you like this makes grandfather feel bad."

The old man had spent a lifetime in politics and had experience dealing with various political opponents. So, his heart was firm and tough. However, at home, his children were no longer around; all he had was this one granddaughter. As a result, he naturally treasured her and didn't allow anyone to do anything to her. Yet, she was crying so badly in front him. Who could handle it?

But, what about everything that Song Xin had done to others? He never considered it. As long as Song Xin was happy and satisfied, that was all that mattered.

After Song Xin fell asleep, Elder Song paced back and forth in his room, trying to decide on something. Afterwards, he pulled out his phone and put on his reading glasses to find a phone number.

"Hello, Official Yang...there's a favor I would like to ask of you. Do you have time to share a dinner?"


Faced with the pressures from Song Xin, Tangning obviously considered the background that Song Xin had. So, she expected that Song Xin would ask her family for help after she ran out of options.

This was the reason why she did not use Duan Jinghong yet.

Even though the Tang Family were a big perfume empire, the poor could never beat the rich and the rich could never beat those with power. If the Song Family actually decided to protect Song Xin, that would be when Duan Jinghong would come of use.

However, she never expected that the Song Family would make a move so quickly!

"According to film fans, 'The Lost Relative' consists of a large number of bloody and violent scenes, but they haven't warned minors not to watch it. As a result, four days after their release, they've been officially ordered to stop screening and make corrections by a particular government department."

As soon as this news was released, it immediately created a commotion. After all, the film was originally allowed to screen because it had already passed the rating system. Since it was allowed to screen before, why was it suddenly pulled down?

No one understood the situation. But, the film was indeed pulled down and asked to change.

Since they had received an official notification, all those related to the film had no choice but to obey.

Afterwards, Director Chen Feng received another vague notice to ban Tangning from the industry. Of course, everyone knew the unspeakable truth: Tangning had offended someone; not an average someone, but someone with a strong backing.

Meanwhile, after reading through the official notification, Mo Ting simply threw the documents to the side. Since it was an order from the officials, Hai Rui had no choice but to obey. After all, the entertainment industry and the department of culture were two completely separate entities.

" names were mentioned, but it's obvious that this incident is targeted at the Madam. If this is the case, who would dare to work with her from now on?"

"It seems Elder Song has put in a lot of effort," Mo Ting said calmly. "If they want us to change the film, then change it. It's not like we aren't allowed to screen it at all."

Mo Ting no longer reacted emotionally to incidences like this. After all, he and Tangning had already predicted something like this to happen.

"Does this mean that the Madam can't be an actress anymore?"

"According to who?" Mo Ting asked back. "Who said she can't be an actress anymore? She already has a few well-received films up her sleeves. Does it matter if she gets invited to partake in any other films or not? Don't forget. It's not that the industry doesn't want her. She's never needed to appear in other people's productions. From now on, she will be exclusive to Hai Rui. No matter who invites her, we will reject them."

Apart from filming, Tangning barely appeared in front of the public anyway. So, why did it matter if the entire world turned its back on her? Hai Rui was ready to support the world on their shoulders for her.

Of course, after hearing the news, Long Jie was filled with anxiety. As she paced back and forth in front of Tangning, Tangning simply held onto her stomach and laughed, "Why are you walking around like that?"

"Aren't you anxious? You've been thrown into a difficult situation like this..."

"What kind of difficult situation do you see me in?" Tangning asked.

"You won't be able to act from now on!"

"Who says?" Tangning looked at Long Jie indifferently. "I can still act in Hai Rui's films."

"You're saying..."

"What I'm saying is, now that I've gotten three films under my belt, I'm no longer in a rush to prove myself. After the baby is born, I will place most of my energy on my family. One film a year will be enough for me. If I feature in Hai Rui's films, what can people say about that?"

"But, a particular government department will be strict towards you..."

"What rules have I broken? Why would the officials be strict towards me? Their only making things difficult for me temporarily. On the other hand, the Song Family have made much too big of a sacrifice..."

"Much too big." However, she did not feel any pity for the Song Family.

The Song Family was certainly aware of the real Song Xin, right? Which meant, they knew about Song Xin's malicious schemes and agreed to them. Since the Song Family failed to distinguish right from wrong, why should Tangning pity them?

"Are you planning to use Duan Jinghong?"

"Ahhh..." Before Tangning could reply, she suddenly held onto her stomach and let out a painful cry.

Long Jie immediately responded, "What is it? What is it? Are you ready to give birth? Don't scare me..."

Tangning shook her head and quickly regained her composure, "The baby kicked me. It won't be long..."

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