Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 708: Always Hold Back A Little, In Case We Meet Again!

Chapter 708: Always Hold Back A Little, In Case We Meet Again!

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Tangning's expectations were right. Song Xin visited Duan Jinghong at the hospital early the next morning. Although Duan Jinghong knew why Song Xin was here, she did not hate her as much as she thought when she actually saw her again - even though she abandoned her on the first day of the incident to protect herself.

"Jinghong, I need your help..." Xiao Yuhe had already prepared a PR tactic, but Song Xin was afraid that things would go wrong when it came to Duan Jinghong. So, she still pretended to be hated by the public and that she had no one to rely on.

"In my current state, how can I help you?" Duan Jinghong asked with self-ridicule.

"In order to bring me down, Tangning will definitely come to look for you. But, my career has already fallen into a slump. I can't afford to lose my chance at making a comeback as well. So, can you leave Beijing and not let anyone find you? I swear, as long as I return to my former glory, I will take you back and treat you well."

Duan Jinghong wasn't charmed by Song Xin's words as her expression remained calm and even a little indifferent, "Has President Xiao prepared something for you to fall back on?"

Song Xin froze for a moment. Slowly a fake smile appeared on her face, "Why would you think that?"

"Tangning's already spoken to me," Duan Jinghong revealed calmly. "She hoped that I would testify against you, but I did not agree, because I thought about our past. We've fought side by side since our university days. Even though you've turned evil, I will never have the heart to treat you ruthlessly."

"Tangning's already spoken to you?" Song Xin completely ignored Duan Jinghong's kind gesture and simply latched onto the fact that Duan Jinghong had already met with Tangning.

So, she naturally didn't trust Duan Jinghong...

She didn't trust her at all.

"Yes, she came to see me last night."

"Tangning's offer must have been very attractive," Song Xin suddenly fell into a panic. Was she going to make a move on someone that she had worked with for many years?

"At this moment, you must be thinking of a way to deal with me, right?" Duan Jinghong understood Song Xin well as she directly exposed her. "I wonder if you feel even the slightest bit of uneasiness."

Song Xin's gaze darkened as she noticed an unusual sense of danger in Duan Jinghong's eyes.

"I promise you, I'll leave." In the end, Duan Jinghong surrendered and came to a compromise, "I'll leave immediately."

At this moment, in Song Xin's eyes, she assumed that everything that Duan Jinghong did was a part of Tangning's plan. So, even though Duan Jinghong said she'd leave, Song Xin was still not at ease.

"No, don't leave. Come live with me instead."

Hearing Song Xin's suggestion, Duan Jinghong laughed in ridicule but did not say a word. Tangning probably foresaw this moment.

"You won't be able to take me with you," Duan Jinghong explained calmly. "Tangning has arranged for 4 bodyguards to guard the door."

Song Xin looked at her in surprise.

"Guys, come in," Duan Jinghong yelled towards the door. This was a sign that Song Xin was about to lose her chance to ever see Duan Jinghong again.

"You betrayed me in the end and became a follower of Tangning's."

After hearing this, Duan Jinghong was quite amused, "You're the one that's always prioritized your own interests. Song Xin, don't compete with Tangning. As a friend, this is my last warning. Also, I would like to remind you that Tangning knows that you tried to kill her child. I assume she will exhaust all means to make you pay back. Good luck on your own!"

Song Xin glared at Duan Jinghong. In the end, she could only brush her off and leave.

Song Xin was powerful because she was vicious and knew how to use her background as the granddaughter of an official to do whatever she wanted.

But, Tangning was powerful because she knew how to play with people's minds.


Xiao Yuhe promised Song Xin that he'd help her divert the public's attention, so he decided to find someone to take the blame. But, Tangning did not give him the chance. Even if she didn't use Duan Jinghong, she still had other ways to strip Song Xin of her chance to make a comeback.

"Come have a look at the latest entertainment news. It's regarding the follow-up to the plagiarism claim against 'The Lost Relative'. Everyone knows that a certain chain of theaters refused to screen 'The Lost Relative' even before it's original release date. This theater chain is the rising star in the industry, Kaihuang. An insider revealed that the heir of Kaihuang is currently pursuing Song Xin. To please her, he has thrown away quite a lot of money. After all, everyone knows that 'The Lost Relative' has made over $400 million since its release. I wonder if the shareholders of Kaihuang have fainted in anger."

"The battle between Song Xin and Tangning has been left to intensify on its own. Although Tangning has never given a response, it's clear to see that President Mo has zero tolerance for stuff like this as her manager. Judging by the level of importance that Hai Rui has placed on this issue, I think it's clear what's going on."

"An insider also revealed that the heir apparently plans to spend some money to divert the public's attention. Although I don't know if it's true or not, it seems he is truly in love with her."

Xiao Yuhe was planning to spend money... help Song Xin divert the public's attention!

With this pre-warning, Tangning was going to see how Xiao Yuhe planned to make a move.

Even if he made a move, would the public be swayed by him?

Hai Rui did not deal with Song Xin yet. Firstly, they didn't have evidence, and secondly, they had not finished playing with her!

Regardless of whether Song Xin knew what she had done was wrong or not, Tangning was going to make her pay.

After losing the last chance she had, Song Xin looked at the scolding words online and finally broke down. She enjoyed scheming against others; in fact, it was very satisfying for her. But, when she was put in the receiving end, she was suddenly helpless. This indirectly proved that being relentless and having a high EQ were two very different things. Just because someone was relentless, it didn't mean that they were intelligent. But, those that had a high EQ, could also be relentless, and Tangning was one of them.

Of course, Song Xin did have a bit of intelligence.

Xiao Yuhe witnessed Song Xin breaking down, but there was nothing he could do. So, he naturally felt angry. In response, after Song Xin fell asleep, he gave his secretary a phone call and told her to contact Hai Rui and pass on a message to Mo Ting: "Always hold back a little, in case we meet again!"

Hai Rui's secretary passed the message on to Lu Che. But, when Lu Che heard it, even he had to snort in contempt. Why didn't Song Xin hold back a little when she schemed against others?

There were plenty of hypocrites in this world that couldn't be stopped.

Of course, Lu Che passed the message to Mo Ting, word for word. But, Mo Ting's response was, "Let Xiao Yuhe know that this matter has not ended yet. The amount that Song Xin has lost isn't even 1/1000th of what others have experience!"

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