Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 707: Are You Actually Disappointed By Me?

Chapter 707: Are You Actually Disappointed By Me?



Even though Tangning had made things extremely clear for her, Duan Jinghong couldn't help but consider her friendship with Song Xin when asked to testify against her. Even though she didn't want to be so emotional; even though she almost lost her legs; she still didn't want to do it. Sometimes, people just didn't know what was good for them.

Yet, there were times when she would happily skin Song Xin alive and pull out every tendon in her body.

Tangning glanced at Song Xin. After seeing the complex look in her eyes, she let out a sigh, "It seems, you still need time to think it over. But, I must warn you, everything that Song Xin has done will definitely be exposed sooner or later." After speaking, Tangning stood up from the sofa to leave. But, before she reached the door, Duan Jinghong suddenly asked, "How much do you hate Song Xin?"

"I'll show you with my actions," Tangning answered without looking back before she left the room.

Duan Jinghong slowly relaxed. At this moment, she finally realized how afraid of Tangning she was and how panic-stricken she was around her...

On the way home, Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning and protectively guarded her stomach; afraid that she may suffer any slight bump.

"Your chat with Duan Jinghong didn't go well?"

"Yes, it's obvious that Duan Jinghong hasn't lost all faith in Song Xin," Tangning replied. "Either way, it's good that she still has a conscience."

"Duan Jinghong has a conscience, but Song Xin may not!"

If Song Xin had a conscience, she wouldn't have planned out so many inhumane schemes. Worst of all, she didn't even show mercy towards children or the elderly.

"Duan Jinghong will definitely testify against Song Xin sooner or later." Tangning was certain of this, even though her conversation with Duan Jinghong did not go smoothly. She knew that Duan Jinghong was merely remaining silent because she had not been hurt deep enough. So, Tangning was going to let them continue fighting amongst themselves. No, to be exact, she was going to let Song Xin continue to scheme against Duan Jinghong.


Ever since staying the night in the resort village bed and breakfast owned by An Zihao's friend, Chen Xingyan 'went home' after work a lot more often. Under normal circumstances, An Zihao would deliberately remain on set to check the progress of filming. Firstly, he needed to keep an eye on Ling Long in case she played any tricks, but more importantly, it made it more convenient for him to take Chen Xingyan straight to the resort village after filming was done. Whether handling business matters, cooking a meal together or simply staring into space, as long as they got to spend time together, they were satisfied. After all, it was Chen Xingyan's first relationship; if she could, she would spend 24 hours stuck to him. Because of her affection, An Zihao felt like he had gotten a lot younger...

Meanwhile, after Ling Long tricked Chen Xingyan, the crew pretended like nothing had happened. However, they found every opportunity to help Chen Xingyan create trouble for Ling Long.

As a result, Ling Long also experienced the desperation of being left on the mountain by herself. To enhance Ling Long's pitiful situation, the crew even made sure that it was a rainy day before they implemented their plan to trick her.

Ling Long came crying back to the director that night to complain. But, she was told that the director was having dinner with people from Hai Rui.

Hai Rui...

Needless to say, Mo Ting was definitely here to get justice for his sister.

"Our President Mo only has one sister. If she gets bullied by a 'nobody' like this, what would happen to his pride?"

"We will naturally handle it," the director replied apologetically. "We will take good care of Xingyan. Tell President Mo not to worry."

"In that case, I'll leave Chen Xingyan with you..."

At that time, Ling Long was eavesdropping from the door. After finding out that the director had spoken to Hai Rui, she no longer had the courage to pick on Chen Xingyan. Although the public was rumoring that Chen Xingyan was Mo Ting's sister, Mo Ting had never admitted to it, so Chen Xingyan continued to try her luck. But, now...

...even if someone gave her ten lifetimes of courage, she would be too afraid to oppose Chen Xingyan again.

Chen Xingyan wasn't aware that Mo Ting had sent someone to help her. Ever since being in a relationship, apart from placing her focus on filming, the rest of her time was spent on An Zihao. No matter what time of day, all she thought about was how to take advantage of him and steal some kisses.

That night, the couple were once again resting at the bed and breakfast. An Zihao was helping Chen Xingyan study her script, but the little brat's mind was elsewhere.

"Are you listening?" An Zihao lifted his head and noticed that Chen Xingyan was staring at him, so his voice became a little angered.

"If you give me a kiss, I will memorize this entire scene."

An Zihao took a deep breath. As he looked at Chen Xingyan and noticed that her mind was elsewhere, he had no choice but to give up, "I've spent so much effort to support you, why can't you be more serious? Do you know how many people would dream of having your luck?"

"As I've said before, my dream has always been to be a stunt double. Of course, that is now in the past because you are now my only interest..." Chen Xingyan responded.

"That's because you are still young and your mind is not yet fully mature. I'm starting to wonder if being with you so soon was a good thing or bad thing."

After hearing this, Chen Xingyan's expression suddenly changed, like she had been unexpectedly stung by something.

"When you're with me, can't you refrain from talking about work? It's not like I haven't done what you've asked me to do..."

An Zihao understood Chen Xingyan's temper, so he did not argue back. He simply nodded his head, "I won't talk about work anymore. Let's go to sleep."

"Are you going to sleep with me?"

"Chen Xingyan, are you aware of your age?" An Zihao asked.

Chen Xingyan took the opportunity to lie on An Zihao's body and steal a kiss before quickly moving away. An Zihao was helpless against her. So, after coaxing her to sleep, he went to fetch a blanket to sleep on the sofa. But, after turning off the lights, Chen Xingyan suddenly asked, "Are you going to sign another artist? For example, someone like Annie?"

"I'm not sure," An Zihao replied.

"If you have a superstar in your hands, will you give up the idea of signing someone else?"


"An Zihao, are you actually disappointed by me?"

This time, An Zihao did not respond; he had already fallen asleep. But, Chen Xingyan continued to lay in bed, unable to sleep. For some reason, she felt a little disappointed by herself. However, she was born without restraint. If love arrived at her doorstep, she wasn't going to think too much...

Meanwhile, An Zihao actually had his own pressures. After all, Chen Xingyan wasn't anyone else, she was Mo Ting's sister.

And what type of person was Mo Ting? An Zihao knew better than anyone that Mo Ting's sister wasn't someone that anyone could be with. Especially since his sister wasn't even 20-years-old yet.

He really wanted to present some results to Mo Ting, so he could at least prove that he was worthy of being with his sister. But, the little brat in bed wasn't very cooperative...

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