Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 699: Fight Until The End!

Chapter 699: Fight Until The End!

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Mo Ting wasn't going to care about Chen Xingyan, otherwise, An Zihao's​ job was much too carefree.


Over the past few days, due to the upcoming release of Tangning's newest film - 'The Lost Relative' - the 30-second trailer was set on repeat on the big screen outside Hai Rui.

Everyone that walked past would take a glance. Even though plenty of fans had seen the trailer before, Tangning still had a magical drawing power. A cold fighter wasn't something that existed in everyday life, but the way that her character searched desperately for her husband and the way she portrayed it so realistically, made other women feel like they could relate and could feel her pain.

The film was originally scheduled for the vacation period, but, because of recent events, the public were relatively negative. Therefore, Mo Ting decided to move the release date forward to take advantage of the moment and draw the public's attention away.

This film was spectacular in both drama and action, so Hai Rui had high expectations for it. The film was scheduled for an April 21st release and starred Tangning; it was expected that the distribution of the film would be highly popular. But, there was one particular theater that did not plan to screen it at all: Kaihuang Theaters!

They were rising stars in the industry and they grew quickly in popularity. But, they completely shocked everyone with their decision.

Mo Ting asked Fang Yu to handle the matter, but the other party contacted them first and said that their boss wanted to invite Mo Ting and his wife to lunch.

Unfortunately, Tangning was 9-months pregnant and did not like to move around too much, let alone accept invitations to go anywhere. Plus, she did not know the man, nor were they connected in anyway.

"I'm simply asking you to join me for a meal. Are you afraid that I may do something to you? Does Hai Rui not want a harmonious relationship within the film and television industry, perhaps? Or, have you not thought about working with a big partner like Kaihuang?"

Tangning was pushed into the firing line by Xiao Yuhe's words. After all, Hai Rui had other shareholders; if she didn't go, the ramifications weren't severe, but the other shareholders would not be pleased.

Obviously, this man did not have good intentions.

"Let's meet then," Mo Ting replied.

Two days later, inside one of Kaihuang's subsidiary hotels, Xiao Yuhe invited Mo Ting and Tangning to a lunch in their scenic top-floor restaurant.

"President Mo and Mrs Mo aren't easy to invite...I put in a lot of effort to get you here." Xiao Yuhe was dressed in a grey suit and he stood with a good posture like a gentleman. On the surface, he appeared to be quite an outstanding man.

"I'm close to giving birth, so it's not convenient for me to move around" Tangning smiled. "I'm sorry for dismissing your kind gesture."

"I've heard how President Mo and Mrs Mo have combined their powers to create a successful business..."

"President Xiao, let's be honest and not go around in circles," Tangning spoke alone, almost like she was Mo Ting's manager. After all, Mo Ting had no intention to speak to the man because he had no regard for him.

"Song Xin is my girlfriend. I want to see her progress in Hai Rui and I want President Mo and Mrs Mo to go easy on her. I hope you can stop suppressing her so much," Xiao Yuhe let down his guard after seeing Tangning's directness.

"Mrs Mo's third film is about to screen. I had a look at it and I know it's a good film...but, my father does not think so. That's why we haven't distributed it to any of our theaters."

"What I'm trying to say is, can I come to an agreement with President Mo? If you give Song Xin the best resources, I'll give Mrs Mo the best platform for her film." was because of Song Xin...

"President Mo should understand me the most, right? After all, you only have one Mrs Mo. I simply don't want my Song Xin to suffer. Look at her, from the moment that her manager has been injured, no one's cared about her or helped her arrange anything...My heart hurts just thinking about it."

Xiao Yuhe was nothing like Song Xin. He appeared reliable, but hard to read.

If one read between the lines, his appeared both flexible, yet threatening.

At this time, Mo Ting finally responded. He placed his right arm on the back of Tangning's chair and looked at her as he said, "There aren't many people in Beijing that are brave enough to threaten me."

"Really? I guess President Mo has to get used to it..." Xiao Yuhe laughed naturally.

"But, President Xiao, I think you may be mistaken..." Mo Ting retrieved his gaze from Tangning as his black diamond-like eyes lit up with a wise twinkle, "Song Xin is my artist and I hate it when my artist breaks the rules set in their contract. For example, there is a rule in Song Xin's contract that clearly states that she cannot date during the period of her contract."

"In addition, Song Xin's matters are handled by our Vice President. If every artist is addressed by me personally, how tired would I be? Huh?"

"Lastly, it is entirely your decision whether you want to distribute a film or not. But, you've overestimated the situation. I really don't care as much as you think I do. How much of a loss do you think Hai Rui will suffer? I think you should be controlling your threatening attitude; from what I see, you should be pleading me instead."

After speaking, Mo Ting looked at Tangning. His voice was no longer as cold, "Have some chicken soup, you haven't been eating much lately."

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded obediently as she minded her own business and drank some chicken soup.

Xiao Yuhe's original intention was to apply pressure on the couple, but to his surprise, he was rendered speechless by Mo Ting's words. He couldn't argue back at all.

More importantly, the couple began to do their own thing and dug into their meals without any consideration for him.

Xiao Yuhe couldn't laugh, cry, nor get angry. But, he didn't want to admit defeat. So, after they were done with their lunch, he asked, "Since President Mo doesn't look highly on Song Xin, why don't you do me a favor and just free her from her contract? I'm more than willing to train and support her."

"You can call Hai Rui's Vice President and consult Song Xin's contract. We will do as the contract says," Mo Ting brushed him off.

"President Mo, don't you think you are acting a bit strange? Your reaction makes me feel like Song Xin has offended you in some way."

Hearing this, Mo Ting lifted his head and stared at Xiao Yuhe.

There were some things that did not need to be pointed out.

How could he possibly let Song Xin go? How could he let someone that tried to hurt Tangning and his child go?

"From now on, if you have anything concerning Song Xin, you can speak directly to the Vice President of Hai Rui. Thank you for the warm hospitality, I will make sure to return it to you someday."

In the end, even after an entire meal was over, Xiao Yuhe did not achieve his motive.

He couldn't threaten Mo Ting, nor could he secure any special treatment for Song Xin. Worst of all, he couldn't even retrieve her contract.

During this entire time, Song Xin was separated from the three by a wall of glass. After hearing what Mo Ting had said, Song Xin finally understood his attitude towards her.

She felt her entire body burst into flames of anger. In the end, she had no choice but to be suppressed by Tangning. She was suppressed strongly by Tangning!

Since that was the case, all she could do was go all out and fight until the end!

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