Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 698: Then...Can I Kiss You More Often?

Chapter 698: Then...Can I Kiss You More Often?

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A moment later, An Zihao gave Tangning a phone call. He wanted to use Mo Ting to help Chen Xingyan get revenge...

When he finally returned to the room, Chen Xingyan had just finished getting changed. Seeing the anger on An Zihao's face, Chen Xingyan figured that he had gone to get payback, so she quickly shook her head, "You didn't need to do that."

"I went to stick up for you. Why are you complaining?"

"No one has ever stuck up for me in the past," Chen Xingyan laughed, "And my life still turned out fine, didn't it?"

It was because she had always protected herself that Chen Xingyan became a person that acted independently and was extremely self-centered.

"That was the past..."

Chen Xingyan pounced towards An Zihao once again and hugged him. Her soft body pressed firmly against his​ soaking wet body...

"Have a shower and get some rest..." An Zihao quickly pushed Chen Xingyan away, afraid that he'd act impulsively and do something unforgivable.

"But, you also need to wash yourself off..."

"Don't mind me," An Zihao held Chen Xingyan's head in place, not allowing her to move recklessly. "I have my desires, if you keep making reckless moves, I may eat you up."

Chen Xingyan froze and looked at An Zihao blankly.

An Zihao sighed. Just as he was about to turn around, Chen Xingyan wrapped her arms around him in a hug, "I refuse to believe that!"

"Don't act like a little thug. A woman's every decision should go through careful consideration."

"So...everything that's gone through careful consideration, is correct? A woman's decision doesn't change depending on the man they meet?"

This was the first time that An Zihao lost to Chen Xingyan verbally.

"Stay here tonight."

"People in the crew will find out."

"Everyone can already tell that you like me," Chen Xingyan said with slightly flushed cheeks.

"It will ruin your reputation," An Zihao said with a strict expression. "Listen to me, go to sleep."

"If you reject me again, I will kiss you in public tomorrow!" Chen Xingyan threatened childishly.

"In the end, you don't care about your acting career, do you? What woman acts as casually as you do? How could you ask a man to stay the night so easily?"

An Zihao appeared ready to explode in anger, but...Chen Xingyan rubbed her head against his chest and said, "No one has treated me the way that you do: you're kind to me, you worry about me and you take care of me. Ever since my father left, I haven't experienced this feeling of being protected until now. I'm asking you to stay, not because I want anything to happen between us. I simply want to keep the feeling of being protected for a little longer."

An Zihao was stunned by Chen Xingyan's words. After a short moment, he suddenly covered her with his jacket, "Let's go."


"You'll see when we get there."

After speaking, An Zihao led Chen Xingyan out of the room. As he walked, he spoke to the director on the phone, "Director, Ling Long trapped Chen Xingyan on the mountain and caused her to be soaked by rain. I am taking her to the hospital right now. Please rearrange the filming schedule for tomorrow."

As soon as the director heard what Ling Long had done, he immediately replied, "OK, take good care of her."

An Zihao did not say any more as he continued to lead Chen Xingyan out of the hotel. He ended up taking her to the hospital as per his conversation with the director, but he simply bought some cold medicine.

Afterwards, he took Chen Xingyan to a seaside bed and breakfast to stay the night.

The location was peaceful and the bed and breakfast was owned by a friend, so they weren't at risk of being followed or photographed.

Chen Xingyan did not expect An Zihao to take her to another accommodation. Her heart began to race in panic and anticipation...

"Go. You can finally have a shower and get some rest, right?" An Zihao asked helplessly.

If Chen Xingyan had been obedient, she would have been deep in her dreams by now.

"But...there's only one bed..." Chen Xingyan said as she pointed to the bed. "You..."

"Look at you. You're not an old lady, but why are your thoughts so complicated?"

Just as An Zihao was about to say that he'd sleep on the sofa, Chen Xingyan suddenly moved in and bit down sensually on his lip.

An Zihao's eyes grew big. He wanted to push her away, but she began to run her hands randomly all over his body.

An Zihao couldn't resist temptation, so he immediately pressed Chen Xingyan under his body and kissed her passionately. Their cheeks flushed red, but after quite some time, An Zihao ended up releasing her and warned, "Get a good night's rest. Stop thinking too much. Kissing is my bottom line, don't think about doing anything else!"

"When can we move beyond kissing?"

"You're not even 20 yet. Don't talk to me about adult-rated stuff," An Zihao said as he pinched her nose.

"Then...can I kiss you more often?"

An Zihao stood up from the bed and covered her head in a dry towel, "Depends on your performance."

"It seems very peaceful here," Chen Xingyan mumbled as she enjoyed the special drying service provided by An Zihao.

"A friend opened this place. The area is not bad," An Zihao replied.

"Then, let's make this place our secret meeting spot from now on, what do you say? With our identities, we don't get many chances to go on dates."

Hearing Chen Xingyan's complaint, An Zihao stopped drying her hair. He suddenly felt like he had deprived her of things that she shouldn't have been deprived of: a girl's longing to be in love and the sweetness they desired from their lover.

As a result, An Zihao agreed, even though he originally wanted to say no.

He obviously knew what would happen if they got discovered, but he still dove headfirst into danger.

Because, Chen Xingyan was amazing and he didn't want to lose her...


Meanwhile, Tangning was lying on Mo Ting's chest as she told him about An Zihao's phone call.

"Ting...don't you think An Zihao has overstepped his boundaries with Xingyan?"

"Isn't that what you wanted to see?" Mo Ting hugged Tangning as he placed his warm palms on top of her stomach; enjoying the movements of the baby inside.

"You're Xingyan's older brother. Since your sister is suffering, I think you should help her."

Mo Ting did not respond, he simply focused on the movement in his palms. After quite some time, he finally whispered seductively in Tangning's ear, "Hurry and give birth..."

"This isn't something that I can decide," Tangning supported her back tiredly. "When will the building next door be finished with its renovations?"

"Our baby will be able to move in after you give birth."

"Will that be bad for the baby?"

"The renovations followed strict guidelines, it won't be harmful for the baby," Mo Ting replied. "I've almost forgotten how you looked before you were pregnant..."

"Am I fat? I must look bad," Tangning covered her cheeks and sighed.

Mo Ting chuckled without responding to Tangning's question. He simply leaned towards her ear and said something completely unrelated, "It's not that you look bad...It's just inconvenient to do certain activities..."

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