Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 696: She Also Wanted To See Song Xin's Fate!

Chapter 696: She Also Wanted To See Song Xin's Fate!

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Fang Yu felt a bit uncomfortable; he had to know the truth. So, he decided to give Tangning a phone call, but Tangning was at Hai Rui, "If you have any questions, come ask me at the office."

Fang Yu hung up the phone and headed over to the CEO's office. As soon as he saw Tangning sitting safely on the sofa and the fierce dog was no longer anywhere to be seen, his gaze was full of confusion.

"The dog injured someone, so we've sent it away," Tangning clarified naturally.

"What exactly happened?" Fang Yu asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "You should at least tell me what's going on."

"Don't you think that this scene seems familiar?" Tangning looked at Fang Yu seriously.

Fang Yu stared at Tangning for a few minutes; a seemingly impossible possibility suddenly came to his mind. So, he asked, "This couldn't be related to Huo Jingjing, right?"

"This is what she owed Jingjing: her legs and her career. Although she can't be compared to Jingjing, this is her payback for now," Tangning said calmly, but Fang Yu could not comprehend the coldness in her eyes, "I did not expect much. I simply wanted to give her a tooth for a tooth. But, she still owes one more thing. I will send it over on behalf of Jingjing soon."

"Wasn't Jingjing's injury an accident?"

"Of course not. Xiao Yue saw with her own eyes that Duan Jinghong was near your apartment on the night of Jingjing's injury. In this world, if someone has done something, it is impossible to leave no trace," Tangning replied before she looked at Fang Yu with a dark expression, "You are Jingjing's husband. If you knew about this matter beforehand, you wouldn't have been able to control your emotions. Regardless, this is a battle between women, so I didn't think it was necessary to implicate you. That's why I handled it without consulting you first. Especially since I had my own payback that I needed to get."

Fang Yu was suddenly speechless. He was shocked by the truth because he felt that the human heart was an ugly thing.

Of course, he would never pity Duan Jinghong, otherwise, what about his innocent wife?

"I can't believe that I'm the last to know..."

"No, Jingjing doesn't know yet either."

Fang Yu did not say anything else, because he knew, everything that Tangning did was to help Huo Jingjing get revenge.

In the end, Fang Yu did not know when he left Mo Ting's office, all he remembered was, before he left, Mo Ting had told him, "Prepare for the promotion of 'The Lost Relative'. Since the release date has been moved forward, we need to ensure that nothing goes wrong."

Afterwards, Fang Yu went to visit Duan Jinghong at the hospital on behalf of Hai Rui. After her other visitors finished giving their well-wishes, Fang Yu requested for some time alone with Duan Jinghong.

Duan Jinghong did not know what Fang Yu wanted to talk about. Perhaps, he simply wanted to tell her not to drag down Song Xin or something similar. But, to her surprise, Fang Yu asked, "Was it your idea or Song Xin's idea?"

Duan Jinghong froze, unsure what Fang Yu was trying to ask.

"Using an aggressive dog to attack Jingjing: was it your idea or Song Xin's?"

Hearing Jingjing's name, Duan Jinghong clasped her hands nervously and shook her head, "I don't understand what you're saying."

"I'm sure you know how you ended up this way. I want to know who the mastermind was. Answer me."

Fang Yu expressed himself clearly: Duan Jinghong had ended up in her current state because it was planned and not because of an accident.

However, it was all payback!

After thinking for a moment, Duan Jinghong's eyes turned red. Since Song Xin thought so highly of herself, then she was going to leave the matter for Song Xin to deal with by herself, "Song Xin."

"Hasn't anyone warned you not to provoke Tangning? I've seen plenty of overconfident people, but their fate...You can just look at yourself..." Fang Yu's voice was icy cold. "I heard that you and Song Xin had a falling out. Think about what you've done for her and look at how she's treated you in return. I can simply say that you reaped what you sowed!"

Duan Jinghong could not retaliate. After all, everything that Fang Yu said was the truth.

People in this world were terrifying. Just like Song Xin and Tangning.

Song Xin did not need a reason to hurt someone. It could simply be because she didn't like the look of a person.

However, there was a person like Tangning who always made people pay for their actions. She never provoked others, but she always got her revenge.

When comparing the two women, she liked Tangning's methods more. At least...

...Tangning maintained her bottom line.

"I know that Huo Jingjing is your wife. If you want to get revenge, direct it towards me. I can handle it."

"No need. You're just a pawn. Plus, you've already paid back enough," Fang Yu was trying to say that the most important person in this incident was still Song Xin.

Even so, Fang Yu still left a small present for Duan Jinghong as he left.

The originally secure hospital was suddenly filled with reporters. In front of the cameras, Duan Jinghong's last bit of dignity was stripped clean...


Meanwhile, Song Xin was too afraid to even take a deep breath. All she could do was hide at home, too afraid to express her thoughts towards Duan Jinghong's matters.

After Duan Jinghong's accident, Song Xin's work could only be temporarily suspended. Hai Rui had no intention to appoint a new manager for her either, so the current situation was at a standstill.

Song Xin waited until the situation died down before she finally sat down and thought about Duan Jinghong's accident. From her understanding, Duan Jinghong wasn't such a stupid person.

However, in the spur of the moment, she simply focused on drawing a fine line with Duan Jinghong and did not ask about the incident in detail. Although Hai Rui had announced the result of their investigation, they never mentioned the motive.

After thinking for a moment, Song Xin gave Duan Jinghong a phone call, "Jinghong, no matter how I think about it, I can't understand what happened. I feel like someone schemed against us."

Duan Jinghong held onto her phone and sneered, "I was simply not careful enough. This was all an accident..."

She wouldn't and couldn't tell Song Xin that Tangning knew about the tricks she had played. She wanted to slowly watch Tangning swallow Song Xin whole.

Song Xin thought she was a genius. She thought she was unrivaled in all aspects. Who would have thought, when faced with Tangning, she was but a mantis stalking a cicada 1 .

She couldn't imagine the extent of Tangning's EQ nor did she want to guess how much Tangning knew...

"Jinghong, you need to tell me the truth. That's the only way I can guarantee safety for both of us."

You're just protecting yourself, Duan Jinghong thought to herself.

"There's really nothing more to it. I was momentarily possessed by greed. I'm tired, I'm going to get some rest," Duan Jinghong said before she hung up the phone.

Song Xin...

From now on, she had to handle things on her own.

At times, Duan Jinghong hated Song Xin. After everything she had done for her, what was the result?

She also wanted to see Song Xin's fate!

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