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Chapter 695: Did My Manager Get Bitten By A Dog?

Chapter 695: Did My Manager Get Bitten By A Dog?

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The more that Duan Jinghong thought about it, the more frightened she felt and the more she sensed chills down her spine. Eventually, she found a countless amount of reasons to comfort herself.

"Impossible. Tangning can't be smarter than Song Xin. Tangning couldn't have discovered what I had done."

But, everything was such a coincidence. Did coincidences like this really exist?

The next morning, Song Xin headed into Hai Rui all on her own and found out through the staff in the office that her manager had been bitten by a dog, "Last night, someone overestimated themselves and tried to steal something from the President's office. But, they were unexpectedly bitten by the President's dog. I heard they are currently lying in hospital. I'm not sure if it's true or not."

"Of course it's true. That person was none other than Song Xin's manager, Duan Jinghong. The police dropped by early this morning to get an understanding of the situation and to get a copy of the surveillance footage. What a joke! She completely shot herself in the foot and got caught on the spot!"

Song Xin overheard the cleaners talking while she was in the elevator. As soon as she stepped out, she gave Duan Jinghong a phone call, "Where are you?"

"I...I may need to go back to my hometown for a while. Something happened to my family," Duan Jinghong immediately created a lie.

"Jinghong, you know the consequences of lying to me." Song Xin stormed into Fang Yu's office without waiting for Duan Jinghong's response and glared at him, "Did my manager get bitten by a dog?"

"She's your manager. Shouldn't you ask yourself? Why are you asking me?" Fang Yu asked back without answering her question.

"What's the meaning of President Mo's actions? Why did he release his dog onto my manager?"

"The President's dog is kept inside his office. It hasn't bitten anyone else, so I wonder why it bit your manager," Fang Yu continued to avoid answering. "The police have investigated into the matter and have looked through the surveillance footage. It was your manager's fault for not sleeping at night and instead sneaking into the President's office to steal something. That's why she was bitten."

"I don't believe you."

Fang Yu seemed to have anticipated this response, so he turned on his computer and showed the surveillance footage that the police had studied earlier to Song Xin, "Whether you believe it or not, the evidence is before you."

Song Xin did not look pleased, especially after seeing the entire footage. She never thought that Duan Jinghong was so stupid as to sneak into Mo Ting's office.

So, she closed her eyes and turned her face away from the screen.

"Hai Rui will announce the truth to the public soon before they arrange compensation for her. From now on, I wish her all the best on her own."

"By the way, to avoid affecting you too much, it's best you keep your distance from your manager and draw a fine line."

After hearing this, Song Xin immediately grabbed onto Fang Yu's arm, "Hai Rui can't announce the truth. How am I going to face the world after this?"

"Hai Rui are obligated to cooperate with the police and reveal the truth," Fang Yu replied calmly. "Plus, President Mo's dog was fine all along and did not attack anyone. Why should it be blamed because of your brainless manager? If others didn't know, they would think that our President Mo is a violent person."

Song Xin had no reason nor right to stick up for Duan Jinghong. After all, she was caught red-handed and there was surveillance footage as proof.

But, she couldn't figure out why Duan Jinghong had done what she did.

Before the incident began to spread, Song Xin put on a complete act and arrived at Duan Jinghong's hospital; she was afraid that people would relate her to the word, 'steal'.

"Song Xin, you're here. Hurry and help me."

Duan Jinghong's legs were covered in bandages as she sat pale-faced in bed. As soon as she saw Song Xin, her eyes lit up with hope.

"Help you?" Song Xin pushed Duan Jinghong away with extreme disappointment, "The entire Beijing is about to hear about your embarrassing incident. How am I supposed to help you? The police have already checked the facts and Hai Rui are ready to announce the truth. Fang Yu has asked me to keep my distance from you. So, you will need to suffer a little and handle yourself in front of the limelight on your own." After speaking, Song Xin pulled out a bank card from her handbag.

"There is enough money on here for you to fund your daily expenses for the rest of your life. Hold onto it..."

"Are you planning to abandon me at a time like this?" Duan Jinghong was shocked by Song Xin's actions.

"I'm not abandoning you, I'm just avoiding you for a little while. You don't want both of us to be destroyed, do you? Give it a bit of time, after you've moved out of the limelight, you can change your name and return to my side."

Duan Jinghong did not say a word. After all, the first thing that Song Xin did as soon as she arrived was not ask her what to do or the condition of her leg. Instead, she gave her money and tried to get rid of her.

After quite some time, Duan Jinghong finally asked, "Aren't you afraid that I'd stab you in the back?"

"You wouldn't do that. We're still good friends," Song Xin replied confidently.

In reality, both women knew the other's secrets. If one was to betray the other, they would both suffer. How was Duan Jinghong to compete with Song Xin who was currently popular and had a judge as a father?

So, Duan Jinghong sneered and said in a dull tone, "Go ahead and leave. Don't forget to lock the door."

Song Xin confirmed that Duan Jinghong knew what to do, so she told her to get some rest. A moment later, Duan Jinghong disappeared into the hospital room like Song Xin had never appeared at all.

It was often said, a person showed their true self when faced with difficulties. It turned out, it happened so easily.

Duan Jinghong could only wish Song Xin all the best with her fame...


Soon, Hai Rui officially announced that Duan Jinghong had been bitten while trying to steal something. As it was an official announcement and it was accompanied by a police report, the name 'Duan Jinghong' quickly became a hot topic online. Of course, she was hot topic throughout the nation for being a joke.

"This manager is such a troublemaker. She has dragged Song Xin down too much."

"Does she have a pig's brain? How dare she try to steal from Mo Ting's office? She deserves to be bitten by a dog!"

"I feel embarrassed on her behalf. She's humiliated herself in front of the entire nation."

"Hai Rui dealt with this matter pretty well. Although this manager has no brains, they still helped her arrange compensation. If it was me, I wouldn't give her a cent. She obviously provoked the dog herself."

"Now, even when I look at Song Xin, I feel a bit embarrassed too. I don't know why!"

"Haha, you're not the only one."

The internet was filled with opinions. Although Song Xin tried to maintain a low profile, she was still affected in one way or another. After all, Duan Jinghong was her manager and her actions made it difficult to separate the two.

"I feel like Song Xin was aware of this and may possibly be the instigator."

"Song Xin is in an awkward position. The best thing for her to do at the moment is to stay quiet."


The public continued to discuss the issue enthusiastically. But, of course, Fang Yu found the entire thing quite strange. Duan Jinghong did not appear to be such a stupid person. How did she make such a huge mistake?

Most weird of all, why did Tanging - someone that was about to give birth - suddenly adopt a dog?

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