Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 694: Tangning's Revenge?

Chapter 694: Tangning's Revenge?

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"What are you trying to say?" Song Xin didn't quite understand.

"It's fine if you don't understand, I'm just happy that I can be of assistance to you. I can restrict the ticket sales of Tangning's new film," Xiao Yuhe smiled. "As long as it is one of Tangning's films, Kaihuang will refuse to screen it and help you get revenge. What do you say?"

"Will that work? Won't the other people in Kaihuang have something to say?" Song Xin asked with doubt.

"As the second biggest shareholder, I can make small decisions like this. Just wait and see Tangning being turned into a joke," Xiao Yuhe said as he held onto his coffee cup with a deep and mysterious gaze. This was his way of getting on Song Xin's good side. Mo Ting was capable, but he had no say in internal decisions made by individual companies.

After hearing Xiao Yuhe's offer, Song Xin finally breathed a sigh of relief as she relaxed her tensed forehead.

But, during the release of Tangning's previous two films, what difficulties had she not overcome already?


That night, the lights in Hai Rui were still brightly lit.

Duan Jinghong returned to Hai Rui because she had been summoned by Fang Yu. However, as she stepped into Song Xin's room, she noticed a woman walking around outside. Duan Jinghong felt something wasn't right, so she opened the door and looked at the woman, "Which department are you from? Can you not pace back and forth here?"

The woman was in her early 20's. As soon as she saw Duan Jinghong, she began to hesitate.

"Say something..."

The woman took a deep breath like she needed great determination, before she pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Duan Jinghong.

"What is the meaning of this?" Duan Jinghong asked helplessly.

"You'll understand after you look at it. If you give me money, you can have it. The remainder is in the President's office."

Duan Jinghong was a little surprised, but she still pulled out a bit of money and handed it to the woman. However, as Duan Jinghong opened up the piece of paper in her hand, she was stunned. The paper was a part of an evaluation report done by the higher-ups in Hai Rui regarding Tangning and Song Xin. But, it was just a small part. In fact, it looked like it was just a draft. It seemed the woman was a cleaner who had picked it up from the bin. No wonder the woman had told her that the remainder was in the President's office.

Duan Jinghong wanted to know what the board of directors thought of Song Xin and their future plans for her. But, how was she to see the final evaluation?

She had to find a way to visit the President's office...

The best idea she could think of was to look for the cleaner.

As a result, Duan Jinghong secretly took note of the cleaner and, after much difficulty, managed to get in contact with her. She quickly explained her intention: she wanted the woman's access card.

The cleaner simply wanted to make some money and did not want to take any risks, so she rested in the staff resting lounge and ignored her. But, Duan Jinghong took this opportunity to steal the cleaner's access card and placed it into her handbag like nothing had happened.

That night, as Duan Jinghong was about to head back out, Song Xin stopped her, "Where are you going so late at night? You've been extremely secretive lately."

"Go to sleep first. I'll be back before midnight. Don't ask too many questions," Duan Jinghong brushed her off.

Song Xin sighed. To be honest, she had never requested Duan Jinghong to be so attentive towards her. After all, Duan Jinghong had her own personal space and time. So, Song Xin did not insist on a response as she waved at Duan Jinghong, gesturing for her to leave.

But, she would have never imagined, after Duan Jinghong left this time, it would not be easy for her to return...


Duan Jinghong was careful. She had done many things for Song Xin like this in the past. She was especially nimble as she entered Mo Ting's office without anyone noticing.

Afterwards, she approached Mo Ting's desk and carefully opened his drawers. But, she never knew that Mo Ting's drawers had an alarm system installed. As soon as she heard the alarm, she broke out in a cold sweat. Just as she jumped up to escape, a huge creature appeared behind her and bit down on her leg and dragged her a few meters across the floor...


A moment later, the dog trainer was awoken and quickly ran out of his room. Seeing the scene in front of him, he immediately ordered the dog to let go. But, by this time, Duan Jinghong's leg was already in a terrible state and was a pile of flesh and blood.

The dog trainer immediately called the ambulance and the entire Hai Rui was alerted to the matter.

Duan Jinghong was quickly sent to the hospital. After careful examination, her injuries were, of course, not light. Luckily, the dog had already been vaccinated from all forms of disease including rabies. Otherwise, Duan Jinghong may not be so relaxed.

"I want to call the police! I want the police!"

Hearing this, the dog trainer looked at her innocently. She called the police for her as a good deed.

Within 10 minutes, the police were dispatched. After arriving at the hospital, they asked Duan Jinghong, "Are you sure that your company's CEO deliberately sent the dog to hurt you?"

Duan Jinghong's eyes were red, about to burst into tears. But, the dog trainer said innocently, "Officer, I was the one that called you. This incident isn't the way that this woman has described it. I can confirm that this woman snuck into the President's office to steal something from him. However, she had no idea that there was an alarm system in the President's desk. The dog has been trained well. When it realized that there was a thief, it reacted naturally."

"I can help her apply for compensation, but my dog and I will not be blamed for deliberately harming another person."

"She was the one that stepped into a dangerous place. Don't tell me someone else should be held liable."

After hearing this, the police pointed to Duan Jinghong and asked the dog trainer, "Do you have any proof?"

"Officer, our President has surveillance cameras installed in his office. You are welcome to look through the surveillance footage," the dog trainer replied.

Duan Jinghong was injured and guilty. So, after the policeman left, she turned her back to the dog trainer and pretended to get some rest.

"Tsk tsk, how pitiful..."

Duan Jinghong never imagined that she'd experience a dog bite so quickly. In fact, her injuries were even worse than Huo Jingjing's. After all, how could a bulldog compare to a pit bull?

As Duan Jinghong thought about the fierce dog, she wanted so badly to tear it apart.

What was she to do now? She had obviously asked the cleaner if Mo Ting's office had any surveillance cameras and she was certain that there wasn't...

But, what if there really was?

What would she do?

And what about her leg?

Duan Jinghong lay in bed as tears rolled out of her eyes. She did not dare to contact Song Xin. But, as she lay there, she suddenly thought of something frightening.

Could this have all been a part of Tangning's revenge?

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