Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 693: Simply Terrifying

Chapter 693: Simply Terrifying

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Possibly because the women's words were too harsh and hurtful, Duan Jinghong suddenly stormed forward and dragged Song Xin away.

"That's enough. You have no right to judge what my artist does."

Song Xin felt like she had suffered a huge humiliation. She was so angry that she wanted to dig a hole to hide inside. But, how was Tangning at this moment? Her expression was indifferent, completely disregarding Song Xin's​ existence.

"If it wasn't because we saw your artist trying to make things difficult for a pregnant woman, why would we be bothered to judge her?"


Song Xin didn't want Duan Jinghong to be humiliated as well, so she simply glared at Tangning and said in a shaky voice, "That's enough."

Hearing this, Tangning patted the women that were helping her on the shoulders and said, "Thank you for your help. I'm fine. You don't need to worry. At a place like this, they would never do anything to me."

Since the victim was fine with the situation, the women naturally had no reason to continue. So, before they left, they politely smiled at Tangning, "It was nothing."

Afterwards, they turned and left, leaving Tangning and Duan Jinghong standing in the entrance of the bathroom.

Song Xin's eyes glowed red. From her heaving chest, it wasn't hard to tell that she was desperately trying to contain her anger...

"I'm going to step out and get some fresh air," Song Xin said before she left. Every second she spent in front of Tangning made her feel like she was suffocating.

Duan Jinghong watched as Song Xin left. She then scanned her surroundings. Seeing that no one else was around, she finally said to Tangning, "There are rumors on the outside that you are a calculative person; they were right. Tangning, you are frightening. You obviously knew that your popularity was miles from Song Xin, yet you still humiliated her at a place like this. You are simply terrifying."

"What about you? You were aware that my popularity was higher than hers, yet you didn't warn nor stop her. You simply let her do what she wanted. What were you thinking?" Tangning asked as she raised her chin. "From what I see, you were deliberately trying to see her embarrass herself."

"Do you think people scheme against the people around them like you do? Now that you've humiliated Song Xin, I guess it's payback for the fact that she used you to create hype. So, from now on, we are even..." After speaking, Duan Jinghong tried to leave, but as she walked past Tangning, she heard a cold laugh from her.

"Even? Are you sure?" Tangning mocked with a deeper meaning. "Within this industry, I love getting even. But...are you sure that you've paid me back for everything?"

Hearing this, Duan Jinghong felt her body tremble all of a sudden as her palms got sweaty...

What did Tangning mean?

Did she realize something?

No...that wasn't possible.

"We obviously have a different understanding of this word," Tangning turned and glanced at Duan Jinghong before whispering beside her ear, "This is just the start."

Duan Jinghong's eyes grew big, but Tangning had already turned away.

Of course, Duan Jinghong expected people from the entertainment industry to be good at bluffing, especially the pregnant Tangning. The more someone was insecure, the more they pretended like nothing worried them. That was their only way to threaten their opponents. So, Duan Jinghong did not take Tangning's words to heart. She simply focused on comforting Song Xin and quickly forgot everything that Tangning said.

But, Tangning never bluffed...


[Tangning never clarifies rumors, she lets her popularity do the talking!]

[Truth revealed at charity event: Where's the popularity that Song Xin was bragging about?]

This was the entertainment news that was released that very night. It seemed, the scene that played out on the red carpet had turned Song Xin into a joke in the industry. Due to her recent fame, there were plenty of people that were envious of her. Seeing her being beaten by Tangning in such a way, those that were previously suppressed by her, could no longer control themselves from making sarcastic comments.

Perhaps, even she herself did not know that popularity could be so destructive...

Because, she honestly did not know that she did not compare to Tangning. She had always thought too highly of herself.

After returning home, Song Xin did not say a word, so Duan Jinghong held onto her phone and said to her, "I've already arranged a lunch meeting between you and President Xiao for tomorrow. Go have a shower and get some rest. You don't want to give a bad impression tomorrow."

Song Xin remained silent. After quite some time, she finally put out the cigarette in her hand and got up to go to the bathroom.

As the saying goes, days were aplenty; Song Xin was confident that there'd be a day when she'd make Tangning pay.


Later that night, Tangning lay in bed and waited for Mo Ting. As soon as she saw Mo Ting return from work, she slightly sat up and suggested, "I would like to keep a dog in the office."

"Who's office?" Mo Ting asked as he leaned on Tangning.

"Your office."

Mo Ting's lips curved upwards and he nodded his head, "OK, tell Lu Che what breed you want and tell him to organize it. But first, I need the doctor to make sure that it has no effect on you."

"Of course," Tangning nodded obediently.

A few days later, everyone in Hai Rui was introduced to a fierce new pit bull in Mo Ting's office. This breed was known as the ultimate fighter amongst dogs.

Of course, now that they had a dog, they also hired a professional dog trainer. Besides this, the dog was also allocated a specific space in the office. However, no one understood why Mo Ting suddenly adopted such a fierce dog in the office.

Even Fang Yu was a little scared every time he stepped in to see Mo Ting, "President Mo...why did Tangning adopt something like that?"

Mo Ting lifted his head, looked at the pit bull and brushed him off with a simple, "It makes her happy!"

"But, it's so fierce."

"It won't bite you." Mo Ting looked at the documents in Fang Yu's hands, "Give me the documents and leave."

In reality, Fang Yu did not dare to hang around for too long in Mo Ting's office.

It didn't take long before Fang Yu left. Afterwards, Mo Ting glanced at the intimidating pit bull and smiled. Of course, he knew what Tangning was thinking. This was obviously a surprise that she arranged for someone.

A moment later, an insignificant little staff member entered Mo Ting's office. If someone was to ask the people in Hai Rui who this person was, no one would recognize this insignificant member of staff. However, this person ended up staying in Mo Ting's office for an entire 20 minutes...


That afternoon, like another order of business, Song Xin had afternoon tea with the infamous heir. But, no matter how hard she tried to hide it, the man could sense her repulsion.

"Miss didn't need to force yourself to come to lunch." The man's name was Xiao Yuhe. He was the second biggest shareholder of Kaihuang Theaters and owned half the theaters in Beijing. As viewers had higher expectations for picture quality and effects, Kaihuang had invested a lot of money to introduce foreign equipment into their theaters. They also tried to provide a first-class theater experience and were the rising stars in the industry.

"I'm simply in a bad mood..."

"Is it because of Tangning?" The man was wearing a pair of brown-framed glasses, a stripy grey suit and his hair was combed back meticulously, "Did you know that her new film, 'The Lost Relative', will be released very soon? The schedule has been moved forward."

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