Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 692: Only You Are Lying To Yourself

Chapter 692: Only You Are Lying To Yourself

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As Song Xin's van pulled up at the red carpet, other guests were gradually arriving.

Song Xin was currently a hot topic in Beijing, so there were plenty of reporters waiting to get an interview from her at the entrance.

As a result, as soon as Song Xin appeared at the head of the red carpet, the reporters immediately surrounded her...

Song Xin enjoyed the attention, it was an amazing feeling, like an addictive drug. She enjoyed being at the top.

Duan Jinghong followed beside Song Xin as the reporters followed her every step. On her face was an unerasable smile because the scene in front of her was proof of Song Xin's popularity. How many others in Beijing were on the same level?

However...Duan Jinghong's arrogance did not last for long because a Rolls Royce soon pulled up at the head of the red carpet and quickly drew everyone's attention away. As a familiar figure stepped out of the car, the reporters surrounding Song Xin immediately screamed in excitement and ran towards the figure with their equipment.

"It's Tangning..."

"Tangning's here. Hurry and get some photos."

"Ahhh...Tangning! My God, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!"

Within a few minutes, Song Xin experienced how it felt to drop from the heavens straight down to hell.

She had always been confident that she was on a similar level as Tangning. In fact, she even thought there was a possibility that she exceeded her because she had been absent from the spotlight. But, contrary to her expectations, a simple appearance by Tangning was enough to make the reporters go crazy.

And everyone that had been surrounding her, had all run over to Tangning...


The reporters wanted to get closer to Tangning, but Tangning simply clasped her hands together and thanked everyone, "I'm sorry, due to my pregnancy, I cannot stand for too long. I hope everyone can go easy on me."

Hearing Tangning's words, the reporters immediately took a few steps back. They did not forget that she was pregnant.

Therefore, Tangning increased her walking speed and soon overtook Song Xin. Logically speaking, at a time like this, it was expected that the media would pull them together and ask them a flurry of questions. But, to see Tangning for a little longer, the reporters threw Song Xin and her assistant to the side.

That's right, they were thrown aside!

The excitement that Song Xin felt at the beginning had now turned into hate.

Most importantly, the scene that had played out was recorded accidentally by a fan.

"There is an online rumor that Tangning is jealous of Song Xin, so she snitched to Mo Ting in bed and asked him to suppress her."

"Do you believe such words? Have you considered the difference between the two women?"

"Whomever the media follows is currently the most popular."

"Hey, let me tell you guys about a funny video I saw. Song Xin was originally walking along the red carpet with the reporters following behind her. But, as soon as Tangning appeared, no one knew who Song Xin was anymore. Not only this, Song Xin was almost knocked over by one of the reporters. Hahaha, don't you think it's funny? This is what you call a disparity in capability and a proof of their difference."

A few female celebrities were gossiping amongst themselves in the guests' seating area; all of a sudden, Song Xin had become the biggest joke.

"I don't understand where she got her confidence from."

Song Xin's seat was in the same area. As soon as she heard everyone's mockery, she couldn't help but argue, "I may not know where my confidence has come from, but at least I know that I am better than you."

The women did not expect Song Xin to respond, so their laughter only got louder, "What's so good about being better than us? Are you better than Tangning?"

"Didn't you say that Tangning was jealous of your talents? Didn't you say that you posed a threat to her? After what happened on the red carpet, have you realized that you were wrong?"

"Originally, Tangning wasn't going to appear at this charity event. But, she ended up attending...Do you know what that means?"

"It means the face slap she gave you on the red carpet was much too satisfying."

"Tangning came to show you what true popularity is."

Song Xin endured the provocation from the group of women, unable to fight back. Not to mention others, even she was surprised by the show of power that Tangning had displayed on the red carpet and the attack that she had suffered.

Song Xin's confidence severely suffered a blow as she glared at Tangning sitting in the VIP area.

Tangning's appearance had caused her immense humiliation. So, Song Xin's performance was also affected. During her performance, there were a good few times when she almost sang out of tune as a result.

On the other hand, how was Tangning doing?

She simply greeted everyone with a smile and didn't even take notice of Song Xin.

Worst of all for Song Xin, during her entire performance, no one in the audience gave her any response.

No response!

Reality was cruel.

"Song Xin, what's wrong with you tonight? Is it because of Tangning? Should you be affected by her to this extent?" Duan Jinghong was aware that Song Xin's mood had been affected, but she didn't realize that it would impact on her performance.

"Don't say anything. Let me have some peace," Song Xin clenched her fists.

Duan Jinghong sighed as she patted Song Xin on the shoulder. However, as soon as Song Xin noticed that Tangning was getting up to go to the bathroom, she immediately chased after her.

Duan Jinghong was afraid something would go wrong, so she quickly followed behind. The two women saw Tangning approaching the entrance to the bathroom. At this time, Song Xin immediately leapt over and blocked Tangning's way, "Stay right where you are!"

There were already a few other celebrities in the bathroom. As soon as they saw Song Xin blocking Tangning's way, they jumped to her defence, "Can't you see that Tangning's pregnant? What are you trying to do?"

"You did it on purpose didn't you?" Song Xin asked Tangning over the two women that stood in her way. "You deliberately came here to make things difficult for me, didn't you?"

"Miss Song, I don't understand what you are talking about," Tangning replied confusedly. "How have I made things difficult for you?"

"Stop being tricky. You weren't supposed to attend this event originally, yet you appeared tonight. Didn't you come just to show off your power to me?"

"I got to hand it to you, Song Xin. I think you should go back into your mother's womb and reprogramme your morals," a woman in a short purple dress that was protecting Tangning laughed as she crossed her arms. "We all know that you used Tangning to create hype. After all your talk about Tangning being afraid and intimidated by you, aren't you embarrassed?"

"Just because you lied to create hype, it doesn't mean that Tangning can't leave her home."

"Now that you've suffered a setback and realized your distance, you're blaming Tangning for appearing at the same event as you. Didn't you think you were doing something wrong when you were creating hype? Didn't you expect something like this to happen?"

"Everyone in the industry knows that you are miles apart. Only you are lying to yourself..."

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