Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 690: Doesn't She Just Want To Make Things Difficult For Me?

Chapter 690: Doesn't She Just Want To Make Things Difficult For Me?

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This was the first time that Tangning had come across such a confident person. It seemed Song Xin had exceeded her limits.

So, Tangning opened her arms and waited to see what was to come.

"I hate how you appear indifferent when you're actually ruthless on the inside."

"You're still young..."

Hearing this, Song Xin threw back her chair and left. Tangning had accurately read her mind. For Song Xin, there was nothing worse than having Tangning disregard her.

A moment later, Fang Yu approached and asked, "Is everything alright?"

"What did you expect her to do to me?" Tangning asked back.

"Well, you are pregnant after all..."

"Whether I'm pregnant or not, Song Xin has no chance of winning against me," Tangning said seriously. "In fact, I quite enjoy the way she underestimates me."

How high was Tangning's EQ? After an entire year of training, it had already reached a frightening level.

However, Song Xin was not an average opponent...


"What did Tangning say?" Duan Jinghong asked as she followed behind Song Xin.

"What else could she say? Of course she denied it!" Song Xin sneered. "I hate people that don't admit to what they've done. What complete rubbish!"

"What should we do following on then?" Duan Jinghong asked. "Now that we've confirmed that Tangning has done something behind-the-scenes and Hai Rui are suppressing you, what can we do?"

"There's plenty that we can do. It's not like I'm obligated to stay with Hai Rui. We have other options," Song Xin replied coldly. "Tangning's old. Looking at her expression today, it's obvious that she was pretending to be calm because she doesn't know how to compete against me. I can't wait to see how long she can keep it up."

This was Song Xin's interpretation of Tangning's expression. But, she had no idea that Tangning faced everyone with the same calmness. Tangning never revealed her temper.

But...she actually said that Tangning was old?


Compared to others, Song Xin was definitely a lot more calculative. At least, underneath her arrogance, she still knew how to judge a situation.

She knew that Tangning currently possessed the most resources in Hai Rui. If she wanted to stand out, she would need to show Tangning something that was beyond her expectations.

But, what could that be?

Perhaps she could pretend that other companies were also fighting for her.

With news of Hai Rui's suppression, plenty of agencies tried to offer her a way out. Especially the newly reestablished Cheng Tian. Apart from that, a few other film and television agencies also expressed their interest.

On one side, Song Xin was displaying her loyalty to Hai Rui. But, on the other side, she began to demonstrate to everyone that Hai Rui was losing its professionalism. She wanted everyone to know that Mo Ting suppressed his artists unreasonably to keep Tangning at the top; that he was treating contracts and professionalism as a joke.

But, she had no idea that Tangning had already played these tricks in the past without anyone knowing.

She wanted Hai Rui to be flustered. She wanted them to acknowledge her importance. But...after the commotion that she caused, Hai Rui did not give any response.

No, to be exact, it wasn't completely no response. At least, during one of his interviews, Fang Yu had said to the media, "Is Song Xin being suppressed? No one in Hai Rui knows of this."

"Then, have you heard that other agencies have sent her offers?"

"The agency hasn't been notified of this either."

Who was Fang Yu? He was Hai Rui's ex PR manager, after all. Would he not be able to get over such a small obstacle? Just a simple deflection was enough to easily dispel the media's doubts.

However, Song Xin wasn't willing to admit defeat. She even leaked a photo of herself having dinner with the boss of another agency.


"I think Song Xin knows how to respect contracts."

One simple sentence from Hai Rui was enough to highlight Hai Rui's bottom line. If Song Xin dared to change agencies, Hai Rui would only focus on retrieving compensation.

Even Fang Yu couldn't help but laugh and cry. Why did Song Xin keep asking for trouble like this?

She was honestly not very important to Hai Rui and Tangning was truly just getting revenge on her. Tangning had never felt that Song Xin was a worthy opponent.

In reality, Song Xin did indeed have the intention to change agencies, but she did not want to leave so easily. She wanted Hai Rui to first feel panicked.

So, she continued to release songs as usual. In fact, the response was so good that she appeared on entertainment news and ranked well on the music charts.

But, after a long and arduous battle, Hai Rui was not affected. Instead, Song Xin was completely exhausted. After all, she did not have any proper backing.

If one looked at the female celebrities that jumped to immediate stardom, it was obvious that they all had a rich person backing them.

In the past, she had rejected many rich men because of her arrogance. Now that she thought about it, it wasn't worth it.

"Jinghong, if I go find someone to back me up, what do you think?"

"You've finally figured things out?" Jinghong had previously made this suggestion to her already. But, when it came to having a background, plenty of people had backgrounds. So, Song Xin would have to find a relatively stable backing.

Song Xin used to be so arrogant that she thought having a godfather or being someone's mistress was a very dirty thing. But now...

...she did not say a thing.

"I told you before that the heir of Kaihuang Film and Television tried to ask you out on a date. But, you ignored him. Do you want me to organize a meeting with him? You should know that his family owns half the theaters in the country..."

Song Xin took a puff of her cigarette and nodded, "Yes, I'll meet with him."

"Could this be considered as admitting defeat against Tangning?"

"How could it be?" Duan Jinghong replied. "Doesn't she also have a strong backing in the form of Mo Ting? What we're doing is giving you a fair starting point."

That's right!

If Tangning was allowed to snitch in bed, then couldn't she find some assistance?

"I'll leave things for you to arrange."

Duan Jinghong refused to admit that Song Xin was taking a shortcut. No, this wasn't a shortcut, this was a reward for being a genius!


While Song Xin was causing a commotion, Tangning was simply sleeping at home, getting some rest and reading her scripts. She didn't need to do anything for Song Xin to be thrown into a panic.

"Tell me, what's Song Xin planning to do next?" Long Jie was filled with curiosity as she helped Tangning cut some fruit.

After all, it had been a long time since Tangning had met a decent opponent.

"I reckon this child has been lacking love since she was young. Only people that lack love would try so hard to get attention."

"She feels good about herself right now and wants to make Boss regret what he's done. She wants to make you regret as well. I think she still has a lot of tricks up her sleeves."

Tangning smiled with disdain, "I'll wait and see what kind of sensational scene she can create."

"Do you already know what she's planning to do?" Long Jie asked as she watched Tangning close her eyes.

"Doesn't she just want to make things difficult for me?"

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