Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 689: Are You Declaring War?

Chapter 689: Are You Declaring War?

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Following on for quite some time, Song Xin's jobs did not run as smoothly as she hoped. She either didn't get many shots in front of the camera, or she was disregarded on the side.

If it was just once or twice, she may have ignored it, but, after missing so many opportunities, she began to suspect that someone was manipulating things behind-the-scenes.

"It's already late. Why are you still sitting here?" Duan Jinghong spotted Song Xin smoking on the balcony and quickly pulled out an ashtray for her.

"Haven't you noticed that my jobs haven't been going well lately?"

"I haven't noticed anything major," Duan Jinghong replied. Song Xin was still appearing on TV programmes and her schedule was still packed full. The only issue was the result wasn't always ideal.

"I keep feeling like Hai Rui is deliberately suppressing me," Song Xin said as she looked into the distance.

"That couldn't be. Hai Rui has no reason to do that."

"Don't forget, Hai Rui doesn't just have one Mo Ting, there is also Tangning. It wasn't easy for Tangning to get to where she is today. For me to suddenly appear and steal her limelight, she's bound to hate me," Song Xin did not consider for a second that her evil deeds had been exposed in front of Tangning. She simply assumed that Tangning treated her as a competitor.

An intimidating competitor!

"What should we do now?" Duan Jinghong felt that Song Xin's words were not unreasonable.

"Since Hai Rui has gone down this path, they shouldn't blame me for retaliating," Song Xin put out her cigarette with an icy cold gaze. She was indeed talented, but...she thought way too highly of herself.

She was right, Hai Rui was suppressing her. But, it wasn't because of the abilities that she was so proud of.

Early the next morning, news started spreading that Hai Rui was suppressing Song Xin. Since Tangning had taken things so far, she couldn't blame Song Xin for bringing the issue to light.

After hearing the news, Fang Yu immediately knocked on the CEO's office and sat opposite Tangning, "Rumors have started."

"The rumors didn't start on their own. Song Xin started it," Tangning said calmly as she remained focused on the script in front of her. "She wants Ting and I to know that she's not one to meekly submit to oppression."

"Speaking of this, I don't quite understand how she has offended President Mo," Fang Yu was confused. "Logically speaking, she may be arrogant, but I've always been the one on the receiving end."

Tangning glanced up at Fang Yu. She did not respond immediately. After planning out her words, she replied, "We have our reasons."

"Tangning, you've never gone around in circles like this," Fang Yu sighed weakly. "I'm quite passive towards your actions."

"The person that provoked Hua Wenfeng was Song Xin's assistant, Duan Jinghong," Tangning directly skipped the incident with Huo Jingjing and told Fang Yu about her other crime. "I'm sure you understand why Ting made such arrangements."

"Are you sure?" Fang Yu was still doubtful.

"Hua Wenfeng previously came to Hai Rui to identify the person that provoked her, but she looked all over the agency and did not find the culprit. At that time, we thought the culprit must not be from Hai Rui. But, as it turns out, she changed her appearance," Tangning explained without revealing the part about Xiao Yue recognizing the limited edition bag.

"You can't assume it's Duan Jinghong based on this small fact..."

"That's why Mo Ting took a photo of Duan Jinghong with short hair and no makeup to Hua Wenfeng. Can you guess what the result was?"

Needless to say, the fact that Tangning asked this meant that she had already confirmed her target.

"These two women are tricky. They almost got away with it..."

"But, no matter how big the world is, nothing can slip through the cracks."

Fang Yu finally understood, so he nodded his head, "Why didn't you call the police?"

Tangning put down her script, lifted up her glass of milk and replied with deep meaning, "Because it's not time yet."

She wanted Duan Jinghong and Song Xin to at least experience how it felt to be bitten by a dog and to be poisoned first.

"But, there are a lot of public discussions going on..."

"Use another artist to draw away the public's attention," Tangning instructed softly. "Fang Yu, I understand what you are thinking, Song Xin is a rare talent. But, a talent that hurts others in secret, will only hurt the innocent to achieve their motive."

"Don't worry, I never go easy in this aspect."

It was because Tangning understood Fang Yu's temper, that's why she couldn't tell him about Huo Jingjing.

At least, not for now.

Fang Yu stood up to leave, but a moment later, he returned to the office and said to the Mo couple, "Song Xin wants to see you, will you see her? If not, I'll reject her for you."

"I'll speak to her at the office, she can't do anything to me here." Hai Rui had an open balcony and there were plenty of people around. According to Song Xin's mindset, no matter how stupid she was, she would never do something reckless at a place like this.

A moment later, Tangning stood up from the sofa. Although Mo Ting did not say anything, he gestured the bodyguards to keep an eye on her.

Soon, Tangning arrived on the balcony. Song Xin was already sitting on a chair waiting for her.

"I didn't think you'd actually agree to meet me."

"Speak, what do you want?" Tangning said as she sat down opposite Song Xin. After sweeping her eyes across Song Xin, she added, "Where's your manager?"

"I noticed you're not only good on the runway and acting, you've also gained a new skill recently. You know how to snitch in bed," Song Xin said as she stirred her coffee and laughed. "Do you feel that pressured by me? Is that why you're using President Mo to suppress me?"

Tangning also laughed as she lifted her head and looked at Song Xin, "We don't exist in the same field, so there is no competition between us. Why would I treat you as a competitor?"

"You are good at writing songs and your scriptwriting is not bad. But, you don't have a pair of long enviable legs, nor do you have impressive acting skills. Why would I even care about you?"

Song Xin was stunned for a moment, but she quickly responded with a stronger tone, "If that's the case, then why would you get President Mo to suppress me?"

"It's true that I don't have long legs nor any acting skills, but I'm young. By the time I reach your age, what can't I achieve?"

"You may not achieve even half of what I've achieved," Tangning spoke back calmly. "Don't try to provoke me verbally, it won't be of any benefit to you. Song Xin, watch what you do, otherwise, you may attract your own demise."

After hearing this warning, Song Xin suddenly laughed arrogantly, "Are you declaring war on me? With the way that you are now?"

"Tangning, not only are you pregnant, you are already 27-years-old. Even if you were as young as me, you wouldn't be a worthy opponent. Did you think that using President Mo to suppress me is a sign of success?"

"Let me tell you, you're far from it."

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