Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 85: The Awards Ceremony

Chapter 85: The Awards Ceremony

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Meanwhile, in the CEO's office of Hai Rui Entertainment, Mo Ting relaxed on his sofa as he turned on the TV. It was already 6pm and celebrities were slowly making their way into the ceremony.

Mo Ting watched as the models tried to outshine each other, but his attention did not stop on any of them, until...Tangning appeared at the head of the red carpet.

She was wearing a long red dress and her arm was elegantly hooked around a 40-something-year-old man's arm; this man was the infamous sleazebag of the entertainment industry...

Mo Ting paused the frame temporarily. His narrow eyes carried a quiet, well-experienced aura that was sharp and fear-inducing. He called Lu Che over, "Help me find information on this man."

"President, do we need to warn the madam?"

"No need, she knows what she is doing and I have faith in her. I am just afraid someone will attack her from behind." Mo Ting pressed the remote to resume broadcast. As he turned his head, he revealed the black diamond-like mole on his left ear.

Because he had spotted the brooch on Tangning's chest earlier - and he knew she didn't normally like wearing accessories - Mo Ting had a feeling his wife came well prepared.


6:10pm. Annual Model Awards Ceremony.

Amongst the star-studded event, camera lights were flashing. Tangning endured her body's feelings of rejection and disgust as she hooked her arm on Mr. Li's and stepped out onto the red carpet...

This was the first time since her scandal that she had appeared in front of the public. She did not appear to be affected at all by the rumors. She was calm and composed as usual as she maintained a constant smile.

How can she remain so calm when her arm is hooked on the arm of a well-known sleazebag?

Does she want to take advantage of this opportunity to advance in her career? The media were making their own assumptions. First, it was Star Age, then it was Lin Weisen, wasn't that enough for her?

The hosts introduced Tangning and the artist beside her in an exaggerated and excited tone before they headed over to the signing wall and accepted an interview with the media.

"Miss Tang, have you taken notice of the recent news?"

"In regards to assumptions made about you, would you like to defend yourself?"

"Your colleague, Mo Yurou, has announced this afternoon that she will be moving to Creative Century. What do you think of this?"

"An insider has revealed that you've got a big boss backing you up. What's your opinion on this?"

The reporters' questions were like bombs being endlessly thrown at Tangning; she wasn't even given a chance to breathe. However, Tangning did not show a trace of panic; she listened quietly before giving them a smile.

"I am a public figure. In front of the public, I need to be conscious of what I say; one never knows if the words that are coming out of their mouths may affect their fans in any way. A simple word can skew their views on the world. That's why...I prefer to be cautious."

"I've seen the discussions online, but...I believe they have the right to voice their opinions."

"As for the scandal itself, I believe everyone can make their own judgment; I am confident it will not affect my fans. The reason why I am liked must be because there is something unique about me that everyone is moved by..."

The reporters never expected Tangning would reply to them directly; especially in such an honest and concise way. Just because she had a high EQ, people thought she wasn't being truthful. But by explaining her responsibility as a public figure, she was able to retaliate against these claims. Towards the insults from netizens, she responded with her belief that they had the right to voice their opinion and showed her respect for the truth. And as for her fans, from the beginning, she had already developed a trusting relationship with them...

She even pointed out that her fans weren't easy to waver; they liked her because they had discovered something unique about her...

The reporters didn't know how to continue as they looked at each other wondering if they should keep making things difficult for her.

She had already exposed her heart in front of them, if they were to continue insulting her, that would be unreasonable.

So, the reporters fell silent as they took the opportunity instead, to snap a few more photos.

Tangning passed the obstacle easily as Mr. Li looked at her with an impressed expression.

This was proof enough that Tangning's EQ and IQ was on a level beyond many in the entertainment industry, especially those around her age.

"Miss Tang, you are amazing."

After entering the venue, Li Yu tried to wrap his arm around Tangning, but she swiftly stepped aside and avoided him, "You are being too kind, Mr. Li."

"Has Mr. Han said anything to you by chance?" Li Yu tried to test Tangning. Tangning could roughly guess what was going on, but she didn't know what the two had agreed on exactly. So she shook her head as she remained on guard.

"He hasn't told me anything."

Li Yu wanted to move closer to her, but at this moment, one of the hosts approached the two as he spoke to Tangning, "Miss Tang, there has been a change to your seating arrangements, please follow me."

Li Yu looked confused. Tangning was originally meant to sit beside him, why was her seat changed?

Who was trying to go against him?

Tangning nodded. She had a feeling this was something Mo Ting had done in secret, so she followed the host and sat down at her seat comfortably.

The award recipients were seated in the front row, whereas Tangning was seated in the last row. Mo Yurou had entered early on and her eyes were set on Tangning and Li Yu.

Li Yu's making a move! Mo Yurou sneered.

However, she didn't understand why Li Yu walked the red carpet with Tangning, yet did not get to sit next to her; what a shame .

Tangning lifted her head and looked towards Mo Yurou; between them, there was only one row.

Today, Tangning was to present the Top Ten Model Awards. In other words...Mo Yurou was to receive her trophy from Tangning. But...would she really be able to hold onto this award?

In reality, this arrangement was something Mo Yurou had requested from Li Yu. She wanted to take the trophy from Tangning's hands; she wanted to provoke Tangning and make her suffer.

She also wanted Tangning to know, Han Yufan - who she had treated like a treasure - had now been thrown away by her like rubbish.

You've given up so much for Tianyi, yet, in the end, you've only been a stepping stone for me!

Tangning, you were brought to this earth to help other people prepare their wedding dress.

The two women smiled to themselves; each deep in their own thoughts. The true victor was about to be revealed!

Atop the stage, the ceremony had officially started. The awards at the beginning weren't very important; the important ones were left for the climax. As for The Top Ten Model Awards, that was to be presented in the middle...

"Please welcome our guests, the cutting-edge model Tangning and the artist Li Yu, to the stage to present the next award..."

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