Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 688: Song Xin Suffers A Setback!

Chapter 688: Song Xin Suffers A Setback!

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On the other side of the phone, Duan Jinghong's face turned pale...

She obviously sensed Mo Ting's warning...

If Hai Rui could raise Song Xin to new heights, they could also drag her back down. This was the almighty power that Mo Ting had. He could give someone the best, as long as they didn't challenge his authority.

Hence why the artists at Hai Rui all respected and feared Mo Ting at the same time.

Duan Jinghong no longer dared to act impulsively, in fear that she would ruin Song Xin's future. So, she quickly swallowed back her anger.

Luckily, she did not make this phone call in the presence of Song Xin. Otherwise, the situation would have gone out of hand.

After returning to the artist's van, Duan Jinghong looked at Song Xin and comforted, "Fang Yu said that he'd look into it tomorrow."

"Can't he do it tonight?"

"You're well aware that his wife..."

"Yes, she was injured by me!" Song Xin did not say any more, she simply closed her eyes to get some rest. Duan Jinghong assumed that she'd forget about the entire matter. But, nice and early the next morning, Song Xin dragged Duan Jinghong to Fang Yu's office, sat in his chair, and asked, "What was up with the talk show last night?"

"Don't they know my identity?"

Fang Yu was under Mo Ting's instructions, so, of course, he knew what Song Xin was referring to. Hence, he curved his lips upwards and asked, "What identity?"

"My grandfather..."

"The producer's brother is currently appointed to an important position in the government. Yet, you're mentioning your retired grandfather?" Fang Yu rebuked. "Song Xin, don't you think you're stepping a bit out of line?"

Both Song Xin and Duan Jinghong were stunned. Fang Yu actually spoke back to Song Xin in such a manner.

More importantly, Song Xin was made to understand that there was always someone better.

She hated the feeling of being oppressed. She despised it!

"The matter this time doesn't pose that big of a loss for you. You simply appeared on the camera a little less. Plenty of artists put up with stuff like this, why are you any different? Yet, you even made a phone call to President Mo last night. Do you know what President Mo hates the most?"

"He hates self-righteous people. What do I mean by self-righteous? Someone that thinks they are more important than others..."

"If you don't have anything else, you can leave."

Song Xin had never suffered such humiliation in her life. After being scolded by Fang Yu, her eyes were red and swollen. If she could, she would chop Fang Yu up into a million pieces.

"Song Xin, let's leave first," Duan Jinghong knew that it wasn't wise for them to have a fall out with the agency at a time like this. After all, Song Xin was currently on the rise and Hai Rui was already the best platform in the industry.

If they offended Hai Rui, how was Song Xin going to ever achieve anything?

"Remember what you have said today!"

After speaking, Song Xin stormed angrily ahead of Duan Jinghong, making the staff at Hai Rui very uncomfortable.

Upon returning to her room, Song Xin sat quietly in her chair. Duan Jinghong gave her some time to cool down, before she patted her on the shoulder, "Don't be angry...this is only momentary."

"Why did they treat me like this?"

"If you think about it carefully, Hai Rui didn't actually do anything wrong. President Mo has always been tough and ruthless, so it's normal for him to disregard you. Wasn't this the reason why you entered Hai Rui in the first place? As for Fang Yu, his words may have been a bit harsh, but they made sense. Your background may be impressive, but there are plenty of people in this world with impressive backgrounds. Just think of today as a lesson."

"Above all...don't forget that we were the ones that injured his wife. Let's just endure it for now."

After listening to Duan Jinghong's advice, Song Xin tried her best to suppress her anger.

"I'm going to make him kneel before me someday..."

"Yes, our Song Xin is invincible."

It was good to have confidence, but one shouldn't think too highly of themselves.

Actually, Fang Yu was quite puzzled. According to Song Xin's progression, she was undoubtedly popular right now. Although she was selfish with an arrogant personality, Mo Ting did not need to personally restrict her from advancing in her career.

But, Tangning had no intention to reveal the truth straight away because she didn't know what Fang Yu would do.

Although she had basically confirmed the truth, it was just a basic hunch.

Since Song Xin enjoyed playing a game of cat and mouse...Tangning was going to play along.

That morning, Bai Lihua returned to the Bei Family house. After her identity was confirmed, Elder Bei discovered all the trauma that Bai Lihua had gone through and was ready to welcome his real daughter home.

It wasn't convenient for Tangning to move around, so she did no accompany Bai Lihua. Even though she would have liked to see Mo Ting's grandfather.


Meanwhile, ever since Chen Xingyan and An Zihao confessed their love to each other, Chen Xingyan's appearance suddenly looked like that of a young girl in love.

During this time, her competition with Ling Long grew more and more fierce, while the director became more and more willing to give her chances and she faced each scene with more seriousness. When competition existed, the challenging feeling attracted both love and hate. But her improvement was obvious.

The director did not tell her that this was all a part of An Zihao's plan. Nor did he tell her that every scene she tried was actually recorded properly.

At first, Ling Long was indeed advantageous, but as support for Chen Xingyan grew, it was hard not to admit that Chen Xingyan improved dramatically.

That night, Chen Xingyan continued filming late into the night. But An Zihao had to return to the set of 'Concubine Ning' the next day.

An Zihao liked to take things slow. After all, there was still plenty of time. But, this was Chen Xingyan's first relationship.

She dreamed of sticking to her lover 24 hours day and not wasting a single minute.

As a result, An Zihao ended up staying the night. But of course, he did not stay in Chen Xingyan's room. Instead, he slept on the grounds of the set. They couldn't allow others to discover their relationship, yet they couldn't help stealing glances at each other. It sure was tiresome...

It wasn't until the next morning, when no one noticed, that Chen Xingyan finally leaned into An Zihao's face and placed a quick kiss on his cheek before she quickly moved away.

An Zihao couldn't help but smile, "You are still young after all. I'm getting too old..."

"What? You don't like this?"

"Careful others don't see you," An Zihao said as he nudged her forehead.

"We are lovers. Why can't we do this?"

"It's to protect you," An Zihao got up from his seat and massaged his numb arms, "I'm leaving now. Take care of yourself on set."

"When will you come back?" Chen Xingyan gazed at him hopefully.

"Depends on your performance..." An Zihao replied before he turned and left.

Sometimes, even he didn't understand why he would once again choose such a troublesome and young girlfriend.


...he was born to enjoy being abused!?

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