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Chapter 687: Tangning's Counterattack

Chapter 687: Tangning's Counterattack

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It wasn't actually hard to prove whether the woman was Song Xin's assistant or not.

By privately investigating her whereabouts and secretly paying attention to her actions, a lot of unexpected information could be uncovered.

"The woman's name is Duan Jinghong. She is an old friend of Song Xin's. They've been working together for a long time. The fact that Song Xin managed to rise within the industry in such a short period of time wasn't solely due to the platform that Hai Rui has provided her. Her assistant/manager 1 has also played a huge part. She knows how to take advantage of Song Xin's strong points, especially her background. She secures endorsements easily and she is a cautious and calculative person."

"Because of this, she is deeply trusted by Song Xin and the two of them complement each other with their own strengths. So, in a short time, they managed to rule over half the entertainment industry."

"By the way, this woman used to have short hair, but I'm not sure when she started to wear a wig and have a pointy nose. I heard she had plastic surgery done."

This was what the HR manager had discovered from his investigations at Hai Rui. As for her specific whereabouts, he could only assume that she followed Song Xin's schedule.

After all, how was anyone to know where she went in private?

"As for the bag you asked me to investigate, it is from the latest limited edition global commemorative release by Valentino. There is no more than 5 in the entire world, so the chances of having the same bag as someone else is slim."

After hearing the manager's words, Tangning thought about the situation in detail and asked, "When did Duan Jinghong start wearing a wig?"

"Only a few days ago. If I remember correctly, it was around the time when Hua Wenfeng held her press conference."

No wonder when Hua Wenfeng came to the office, she couldn't recognize the person she was looking for.

Even a clever rabbit knew to make three entrances to its burrow 2 , let alow a cunning fox.

"Everything that happened today, just pretend it didn't happen. Don't let anyone know that I asked about Duan Jinghong."

"Don't worry, Madam, I'll keep it a secret."

Tangning nodded her head and waved the manager off. However, her expression did not look pleased. If her existence made Song Xin sense hostility, how did Huo Jingjing provoke her? Huo Jingjing's leg was almost amputated because of an aggressive dog. Worst of all, Duan Jinghong had used a young child to achieve it...

Duan Jinghong actually had the heart to use such a young child!

"Fang Yu will naturally deal with Huo Jingjing's incident. What I want to know is, who provoked Hua Wenfeng..." Mo Ting said without lifting his head. However, Tangning managed to hear a slight trace of danger in his voice.

Tangning did not ask further into the matter. She knew what Hua Wenfeng had experienced the night before she surrendered to the police even though she didn't hear it from Mo Ting himself.

If Duan Jinghong was actually involved, the man sitting in the office would never allow her to live in peace...

Since Duan Jinghong worked for Song Xin, Song Xin obviously knew about the entire matter. In fact, there was a huge possibility that she was the instigator.

Someone seemed to be challenging this Mo Ting's authority, so he gave Fang Yu a phone call, "Create a problem for every single one of Song Xin's upcoming projects."


Song Xin had no idea that she had already become a suspect for Tangning. Instead, she was still dreaming of surpassing Tangning in a few months. She was a winner in many aspects and enjoyed looking down on people, but it didn't mean she'd always be number one.

After Fang Yu received Mo Ting's phone call, he was a bit surprised. He had no idea how Song Xin had angered Mo Ting.

Even so, he still did as told.

That night, Song Xin was supposed to appear on a talk show. The talk show was one that was enjoyed by fans from all over the world, so it was a great opportunity for her to accumulate popularity and fame.

But, what Song Xin did not expect at all was that she obviously participated in the recording but her appearance on the camera...

...was minimal!

What happened? She was currently famous. Were the producers blind?

After the recording, Duan Jinghong went to look for the producer. At first, her tone was very polite, "Sir, I wonder if Song Xin has offended you in any way?"

"Nope," the 40-something-year-old producer shook his head.

"Then...don't you think her appearance on the camera has been too scarce?"

"Oh, are you complaining that it's too small of an amount? Then, we might as well cut it out completely," the producer said before he walked off without even looking into Duan Jinghong's eyes.

Duan Jinghong was so angry she felt like she was going to cough up blood. But, the man was a top-class producer; no matter how brave she was, she wouldn't dare to argue with him. Unless, of course, Song Xin no longer wanted to survive in the industry.

Yet, no matter how she thought about it, she couldn't accept what had happened!

After a while, Duan Jinghong returned to Song Xin's side and explained everything that had happened to her. However, Song Xin did not appear angered at all. She simply asked, "Did you mention my family background?"

"He didn't give me the chance."

"Give Hai Rui a call and speak to Fang Yu!"

Song Xin was undoubtedly talented. In fact, her talent wasn't mediocre. But unfortunately, she wasn't very modest about it.

Even at times like this, in the middle of the night, if she wanted to see Fang Yu, she had to know where he was and he had to deal with her issues immediately.

But, of course, Fang Yu was at the hospital and his phone had been switched off; he had predicted that Song Xin would come looking for him. So, Song Xin diverted her call to Lu Che instead. However, Lu Che was in the middle of driving Mo Ting and Tangning home. As soon as he heard the call, he pulled to the side and picked up the phone.

"Assistant Lu Che...our Song Xin was treated badly tonight, Hai Rui needs to deal with it.

Lu Che needed to drive, so it wasn't very convenient for him to chat on the phone. However, Tangning overheard what Duan Jinghong had said, so she instructed, "Hand the phone to me. You can continue driving."

Lu Che immediately handed the phone to Tangning. After glancing at Mo Ting, Tangning asked in a lowered voice, "How has she been treated badly?"

"You are?"

"I would like to know who taught you the rules? How could you skip Fang Yu and directly contact the President?" Tangning's voice was calm, but it carried a sense of authority.


"How much of a big shot is Song Xin for her to think that she can get the attention of the president?"

After listening for a bit, Duan Jinghong finally recognized the voice as Tangning's, so she calmly responded, "Mrs. Mo, you are just an artist at Hai Rui. Don't tell me the president asked you to answer the phone on his behalf because Hai Rui is just a toy for you to play with?"

In other words, she was telling Tangning that she had no right to interfere with her.

"If Mo Ting answers the phone, your fate will only get worse..." Tangning replied honestly.

"What has that got to do with you?"

Tangning sneered as she handed the phone to Mo Ting. But, Mo Ting did not even take a glance at the phone and simply instructed, "Tell her boss to come to my office tomorrow. What an unruly creature!"

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