Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 686: Investigate In Detail

Chapter 686: Investigate In Detail



Over the past two days, Huo Jingjing's condition improved a lot. After visiting her at the hospital and seeing that she was looking good, Tangning began to relax.

"Why are you just standing in the doorway? Aren't you tired? Isn't the little one in your stomach complaining?" Huo Jingjing noticed the serious expression on Tangning's face, so she tried to make her laugh.

"Where's Fang Yu?"

"He went to take Fang Yue to school. But, she will be having a few days off soon. I'm afraid that Fang Yu won't have time to take care of her. I was just about to call to see if we could leave her at your place for a few days," Huo Jingjing gestured for Tangning to sit down.

"That's no problem." Tangning sat down on the edge of Huo Jingjing's bed and subconsciously looked down at her bandaged legs, "Lately..."

"You don't need to say it, I'm aware of it myself," Huo Jingjing said casually. "I haven't rested like this for many years. Sometimes, getting hurt isn't all that bad."

"I also know what you want to say to me. After I recover, I know the world will be a very different place. But, what can I do about it? At my age, perhaps all I can do is copy you and retreat from the industry so I can focus on taking care of Fang Yu and Xiao Yue."

"Won't you miss it?"

"I love Fang Yu and I love my family. As long as I still have my family, there's nothing to miss," Huo Jingjing shrugged her shoulders honestly. "I'm not just valuable on the runway."

Huo Jingjing had experienced a lot in the past. If she didn't understand something so simple, then all her experiences in the past were for nothing.

"In the past, Fang Yu didn't mind that everyone called me a pair of used shoes. He loved me and respected me regardless of what they said. So, I want to make some sacrifices for our family too. Especially since he has been so tired."

After listening to Huo Jingjing, Tangning nodded her head, "As long as you're happy with your decision."

"I'm honestly fine. What about you? Just as Fang Yu was leaving a moment ago, auntie called and asked me to comfort you. She was afraid that your imagination would go wild. What happened between you and President Mo? Does President Mo really have a mistress?"

Tangning was silent.

"Tangning, even I trust President Mo. You wouldn't believe such nonsense would you? Plus, even if another woman tried to seduce him, who would have the ability to compete against you?"

"Mom hasn't seen the way we interact with each other, so she's worrying over nothing," Tangning explained, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Tangning continued to keep Huo Jingjing company while they waited for Fang Yu to return to the hospital. Meanwhile, Tangning arranged for Fang Yu to bring Fang Yue to Hai Rui after he picked her up from school that afternoon.

To welcome the child, Tangning headed straight over to Hai Rui afterwards and read a book in Mo Ting's office while she waited.

During that time, she snuck glances at Mo Ting every now and then. Seeing that there was nothing strange about him, she let out a laugh, "Mom saw you go next door. Why did you buy our neighbours building?"

Hearing Tangning's question, Mo Ting lifted his head, "I bought it for my little lover. I'm planning to join the two villas."

"Are you planning for our child to live next door?" Tangning assumed. Although her man did not have a mistress as Bai Lihua had guessed, he was indeed a bit strange.

"I asked a lot of people around me. They all said that after a woman gives birth, all their attention will be placed upon their child while their husband becomes a part of the background."

"So, is President Mo afraid of becoming a part of the background?" Tangning laughed. "Aren't you being a bit childish?"

"But, President Mo, have you considered that perhaps you could spend more time with our child than me after it's born?" Tangning teased. "It's best if you stop doing such silly things. You're making mom misunderstand."

"Misunderstand what?"

"Misunderstand that you've found a mistress behind my back," Tangning explained calmly.

"What about you? What were your thoughts after you heard what she said?"

"My first thought was, if my husband was such a promiscuous person, he wouldn't have tried to find a random woman to marry before me. It's not that I'm confident, but I know you can't be bothered to spare a second glance at other women," Tangning smiled. "In fact, I can tell that my husband cares about me even more than before..."

"...because he's scared that the little monster in my stomach will compete with him for affection, so he's jealous!"

This was Mo Ting's unique possessiveness; he was even cautious against his own child.

But, this meant one thing was certain.

Tangning practically occupied his entire heart in terms of importance.

Soon, Fang Yu arrived at Mo Ting's office with Fang Yue. As soon as he saw Tangning, he tiredly thanked her, "I really have no time to take care of her. Sorry for troubling you."

"Take good care of Jingjing!" Tangning warned before she received Fang Yue from his hands. The well behaved child followed her over to the sofa.

"Xiao Yue, do you like it here?"

Fang Yue looked around and nodded her head, "Yes..."

Just as Tangning was about to offer some lollies that she had prepared to Fang Yue, the little girl suddenly grabbed onto her shirt and exclaimed, "Auntie...auntie...just a moment ago, Xiao Yue saw..."

"What did you see?" Tangning listened patiently to the stuttering Fang Yue.

"I saw that auntie."

"What auntie?"

"The...the..." Fang Yue didn't know how to explain, so she dragged Tangning out of the room. Tangning followed curiously behind the little girl as she was led to an artist's waiting room.

"What is it, Yue Er?"

Through the slightly opened door, Fang Yue pointed to a round bag with an elk print, "On the day that mummy was bit, I saw that bag..."

Tangning was stunned as she questioned, "Are you referring to the night Jingjing was bitten?"

"Uh huh. An auntie wearing this bag walked past the doorway that day. I thought it was pretty when I saw it and I liked it. Just a moment ago, I saw the same auntie wearing that bag walk into this room..."

Tangning held back her emotions without looking further into the matter. Instead, she calmly led Fang Yue away. After all, the name 'Song Xin' was clearly written on the door.

When children liked something, it would leave a deep impression on them. They may not be able to explain things in detail, but they would remember the moment they saw it vividly.

After returning to Mo Ting's office, Tangning recalled everything that Fang Yue had said to him.

"Before Jingjing's incident, she had spoken to me on the phone. She suspected someone of scheming against her. So, after she was injured, I was determined to find the truth. At that time, all suspicions were cleared. But, even though so much time has passed, I did not waste my efforts."

"Hua Wenfeng had previously said that the person that provoked her came from Hai Rui. I think it's time we investigate in detail."

Mo Ting closed his last document and walked over to Tangning. He then carried Fang Yue in his arms, "Let's go home..."

Song Xin would have never imagined that justice was slow but certain. No matter how quickly her assistant changed her appearance, she ended up being exposed by a simple bag.

Some people may think that the bag was just a coincidence.

But, were there really that many coincidences?

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