Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 685: Steal a Little Taste

Chapter 685: Steal a Little Taste

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An Zihao did not arrive too early nor too late. He arrived just in time to see the woman slap Chen Xingyan.

He had promised that he wasn't going to help her, but, seeing Chen Xingyan being humiliated in such a way, his right leg disobediently took a step forward. However, after one step, he quickly retreated. He couldn't waste a great opportunity for Chen Xingyan to grow by being too overprotective.

Because of Chen Xingyan's nimble skills, the director had not hired a stunt double for her role. But, after he replaced her, he specifically found one. So, contrary to what Chen Xingyan had said, the woman had a stunt double to help her.

The woman looked at Chen Xingyan with ridicule. She seemed to think that she was stupid and naive, "The person without a stunt double is you, not me."

So, Chen Xingyan watched as the woman focused on looking good on screen, while the stunt double took care of all the action scenes.

It wasn't fair!

Chen Xingyan could no longer hold back the fire that was boiling up inside her, so she walked over and said to the director, "Director, can you let me act out this scene? I simply want to give it a try..."

"Leave, stop wasting my time," the director looked at Chen Xingyan impatiently.

"Director, you must know how high Lin Sheng's expectations are. Compared to someone that uses a stunt double, I'm sure he prefers acting with someone who does their action scenes themselves," Chen Xingyan followed behind the director and tried to seize an opportunity for herself.

After hearing this, the director turned around and glanced at Chen Xingyan. He then nodded his head, "Your reasoning makes sense. Sometimes to create a life-like result, you need to look at the interaction between actors."

"How about this, why don't you act out a scene with Ling Long."

Act out a scene?

What acting? It was more like asking her to suffer beatings.

"What? Are you afraid? If you don't want to do it, then forget it."

"I'll do it," Chen Xingyan grabbed onto the director and said in a firm voice. "If I perform well alongside her, will you let me try out her scene?"

"Go ahead!"

An Zihao stood in the distance watching as Chen Xingyan grabbed onto the director. She no longer appeared as childish as before because she was obviously putting in a lot of effort.

No wonder when the director asked her to be beaten up in a passerby role, she agreed.

Seeing Chen Xingyan's serious challenge, the woman was afraid she'd have her role snatched back from her, so she didn't use a stunt double and decided to act out the scene herself.

But, the most frightening thing about the scene was, Chen Xingyan had to accept the beatings without fighting back.

"Come Ling Long, pay attention to your safety. Let's begin," the director reminded as he waved at the woman named Ling Long. He then gestured for the set assistant to clap the slate. He did not expect Chen Xingyan to be able to withstand the punches and kicks.

However, after filming started, everyone was shocked. Not only did Chen Xingyan endure Ling Long's beating, but she was also extremely in character.

In reality, when it came to action scenes, the director was still confident in Chen Xingyan. But, when it came to emotional scenes, she was a bit worrying.

After all, action scenes were her specialty.

But, Chen Xingyan aside, even observers felt painful watching the scene in front of them. After all, Ling Long threw punches left, right and center, each punch with more force than anyone else would apply.

In the distance, An Zihao watched as Chen Xingyan endured the beating. He felt the pain from every punch like it was being applied on his own body.

But, Chen Xingyan endured it all. Not only did she not make a sound, she completed the entire scene professionally.

"Director, what are your thoughts?"

The director did not say a word, he simply turned to leave. At this time, the majority of the staff finally spotted An Zihao in the distance, including Ling Long.

The director approached him and said, "You saw the scene just now. Why don't you sign Ling Long on as one of your artists as well?"

An Zihao knew the director was deliberately trying to provoke Chen Xingyan. As a result, Chen Xingyan looked anxiously at An Zihao. Seeing he did not respond, her eyes began to turn dull...

But, as he thought about the way that Ling Long deliberately provoked Chen Xingyan, An Zihao strode over to Chen Xingyan, removed his jacket, placed it on her and said to everyone, "One Chen Xingyan is enough."

After speaking, An Zihao tried to leave with Chen Xingyan.

Chen Xingyan struggled a little as she felt her heart heat up. She then said with furrowed brows, "I still need to film."

"It's just a childish game, what else is there to film?" An Zihao pressed her under his arm and dragged her back to her room. He then sat her down on the sofa and began lifting her shirt.

"Hey..." Chen Xingyan retaliated.

"I'm just checking if there are any bruises," An Zihao explained. "Are you going to mess around with your roles from now on? If you get this role back, will you be able to play it?"

"Of course I can," Chen Xingyan replied in certainty. But, she didn't quite understand what An Zihao meant.

"I'll take you to see a physiotherapist in a moment."

"Have...have you spent a lot of money on me?" Within the empty room, Chen Xingyan was so nervous that she could feel her heart beating out of her chest. But, if she didn't ask this question now, she wouldn't know when she'd get the chance.

"Yes, I spent a bit," An Zihao admitted as he nodded his head.

"I will be serious with my acting so I can help you earn back the money."

An Zihao looked at Chen Xingyan from behind as he placed his hands on her shoulder. He actually wanted so badly to hug her...

Perhaps because of the mutual sparks between the two, Chen Xingyan couldn't help but lean back into An Zihao's chest, "I'm tired..."

An Zihao did not expose her, he simply let her lean on him quietly, "If you could give people a peace of mind like Tangning, how good would that be?"

Chen Xingyan closed her eyes and suddenly remembered how An Zihao had once said that he wouldn't let history repeat itself..

So, she wondered if she should have a bit more self control. What if...

With this thought, Chen Xingyan decided to sit up straight. But, An Zihao held her down and pulled her into his arms, "If you want to lean on me, then lean. Don't move around."

"But...isn't this a little too intimate?"

"You like this kind of intimacy. Don't think I can't tell," An Zihao said beside Chen Xingyan's ear.

Chen Xingyan's ears turned red. She immediately covered her burning cheeks and said, "I think...this is the first time I've developed feelings for someone. I think I like you."

"Me too," An Zihao replied quickly.

"You too?" Chen Xingyan turned around and looked at An Zihao, "Didn't you say that you wouldn't let history repeat itself?"

"I don't think those words apply to you," An Zihao surrendered to himself and to Chen Xingyan. He had already helped her to this extent, what other reason could there be? He obviously liked her and cared about her.

"What should we do from now on?"

An Zihao looked at Chen Xingyan's helpless expression and gave in to his urges. Without restraint, he grabbed her head with one hand and kissed down on her lips.

He didn't care about the future. He was going to steal a little taste first.

He had signed her as his artist and worked so hard to train her. Didn't he do all that to make her into his girlfriend?

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