Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 684: Has She Lost His Adoration Already?

Chapter 684: Has She Lost His Adoration Already?

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Over at Hai Rui, the most successful person in recent days was none other than Song Xin.

Her songs were the number one bestsellers, her adapted scripts were a hit, and she was extremely likable on variety shows. It didn't take long before Song Xin's name was all over Beijing. In fact, the music industry named her as a rare genius!

Hai Rui was already in the process of preparing her first EP. They believed, in the near future, her popularity was going to rise to an inestimable level. However, her only flaw was the fact that she wasn't a very interesting topic of discussion.

Sure, she was popular. But, she still did not compare to the deep impression left by Tangning.

So, if she wanted to surpass Tangning, she still had a long way to go.

After the incident with Hua Wenfeng, Tangning remained at home even more than before. Even when there were important events, she completely avoided them to protect the child in her stomach.

She continued to investigate the person who had provoked Hua Wenfeng. But, faced with a person that even Hua Wenfeng couldn't recognize, how was Tangning to find any clues or information?

Meanwhile, over the past couple of days, Mo Ting left the house early and returned late. The couple barely got a chance to see each other; even getting a few words with each other was impossible. Every time Tangning awoke, she wanted to chat with Mo Ting, but every time she saw his tired face, she couldn't bear to disturb him.

Seeing this, Bai Lihua couldn't help but ask, "I haven't seen you complain that Mo Ting works too hard. Don't you feel that he doesn't spend enough time with you?"

Because of her encounter with Quinidine, Tangning had been occupying her time with basic books on medicine. As soon as she heard Bai Lihua's question, she shook her head, "What is there to complain about? I know him better than anyone."

"What if he is doing something else behind your back? I've noticed that he's been going next door quite often lately. Haven't you noticed?" Bai Lihua asked with deep meaning. "I spotted him this morning. After he left the house, he did not go to Hai Rui, but went next door instead."

Tangning put down the book in her hands and stretched her neck to look outside, "How's that possible?"

"Why don't I go with you to see? Perhaps we might run into him."

Although Tangning did not believe Bai Lihua, she still wanted to know what Mo Ting had been getting up to. So, she stood up from the sofa and walked out of the villa with Bai Lihua to the building next door.

Next door, a bunch of workers were busy at work. As soon as they spotted Tangning, they quickly said, "Madam, your presence will hinder our construction."

"Isn't there anyone living here?" Tangning asked curiously.

"Originally there was, but the place has been sold to someone else now. Perhaps some big boss wants a place for his mistress," a worker sighed before he turned back to his work. However, Bai Lihua's expression was displeased, even though no one could see it.

"Xiao Ning, why don't you call Mo Ting and ask him about it?"

Tangning shook her head indifferently, "No need. He will naturally tell me when he wants to tell me."

Tangning then turned and returned to her home. After she left, the workers finally recalled Tangning's name, "Wasn't that Mo Ting's wife, Tangning? Does this mean she has lost his adoration already? Otherwise, why would he buy a property next door when he already has a home? He must be doing something sneaky. This must be a convenient way to keep a mistress while his wife is pregnant."

"Shut your mouth. Stop talking nonsense and focus on your work," the supervisor knocked the worker on the head as a warning.

"Seeing Tangning pregnant makes me feel sympathy for her."

"You can't say words like this out in the open."

Bai Lihua had only been around Tangning and Mo Ting for a short time. All she knew was that they had a flash marriage and never had any arguments. So, she had no idea how they interacted with each other, nor did she know the level of trust that Tangning had towards Mo Ting.

Especially during this sensitive period right before giving birth.

"Xiao Ning, I trust that Mo Ting has his reasons for doing this."

Tangning simply responded with a gentle smile.


That afternoon, the new female lead arrived on Chen Xingyan's set.

As it was a last minute change, the director could not find any big name actresses to take the role because of problems with their schedule. However, Lin Sheng was all they needed. As long as the new female lead was nothing like Chen Xingyan, that's all that mattered.

As soon as the woman arrived on set, she treated everyone to a big meal. Her generous gesture easily overshadowed the small favors that Chen Xingyan had done.

More importantly, the director had decided on using her after seeing her act one scene and confirmed that she would be replacing all the scenes that Chen Xingyan had previously done.

Chen Xingyan continued to help out on set even though everyone looked at her with pity. Someone even asked her why she persisted on not leaving.

Chen Xingyan didn't know how to respond. All she knew was, she did not want to be defeated.

However, that night was going to be a difficult night for her...

"Lighting designer, hurry and adjust the lights. Actors, you can get some rest," hearing the calls of the director, Chen Xingyan followed the rest of the crew onto the set. As soon as the new actress saw Chen Xingyan, she asked, "Were you the previous female lead? I heard about what happened to you. I'm sorry for taking your role."

The woman was covered in a blanket with a casual expression; she did not look apologetic at all. Of course, she was slightly taunting Chen Xingyan.

"I understand you. You had always been a stunt double. To suddenly be the focus of the cameras is a bit hard to get used to," the woman paused halfway and looked at some clothes on a nearby chair, "Could you please hand me those clothes. Now that you are just a member of staff, I'm sure it's no issue for you to do that, right?"

If this was in the past, it would have been impossible for Chen Xingyan to withstand this treatment. But now, she was merely a hedgehog that had its spikes removed. No matter how much it hurt, she had to control her anger and hand the clothes to the woman.

"After an arduous journey, my assistant is unwell and is having some rest. Why don't you assist me tonight? Give me a price...I won't treat you badly."



"Fine." Seeing that the woman wanted to call the director, Chen Xingyan immediately agreed, "I'll be your assistant."

"That's the right answer. I'm about to film my next scene, help me find the makeup artist. I don't need to teach you this, do I?"

Chen Xingyan swallowed her anger and ran off the set to look for the makeup artist. But, no matter where she looked, she couldn't find her. After returning to the woman's side, the woman directly threw a slap across her face, "What kind of assistant are you? I told you filming was about to start. How could you spend 10 minutes looking for a makeup artist?"

Everyone was stunned.

The woman was much too arrogant. How could she slap Chen Xingyan in the face?

"I don't care if you are Mo Ting's sister or not. When you're on set, you are just a member of staff and a 'nobody'."

Chen Xingyan turned around and glared at the woman. The deadly look in her eyes made her appear ready to tear her apart at any time.

"What do you want to do?"

"Do you think I'm going to hit you?" Chen Xingyan asked coldly. "I'm going to see how you do the next scene without a stunt double."

"Even if I can't complete the scene, the role won't be given back to you!"

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