Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 682: I've Been Replaced

Chapter 682: I've Been Replaced



"In what way has he put all his heart into helping me?" Chen Xingyan asked as she tilted her head slightly.

"How would I know? You should ask him yourself!" Lin Sheng decided not to clear the mystery so An Zihao could suffer a little.


Meanwhile, An Zihao willingly compensated the production crew for all their losses. As the director watched, his heart ached on his behalf, "It must be a headache to support someone like that."

An Zihao looked at Chen Xingyan and shook his head, "She's a good little seedling. She just needs time to grow and prove her worth."

"You're the only one here who thinks she has unlimited potential," the director sighed.

An Zihao smiled in disagreement.

"Have you come across some financial difficulty lately? If you need money, come and look for me. I can introduce some work to you," the director offered enthusiastically. However, he was simply showing off his wide network of contacts.

An Zihao smiled as he nodded his head thankfully, but he wasn't at that stage yet.

Although Chen Xingyan did not work hard enough, she had her own unique personality. Sometimes, An Zihao was stuck in a dilemma: he didn't know whether to make her shine or to let her continue being herself.

Afterwards, An Zihao left the set. Meanwhile, to make up for the shots from the previous day, Chen Xingyan continued to film into the middle of the night. In fact, she had to film a scene submerged in water.

But, Chen Xingyan wasn't scared of anything except water. So after dozens of takes, she practically failed every single shot.

This made the water-soaked director yell from the shore, "Do you know how to act?"

Chen Xingyan's body tensed up. She couldn't voice her suffering; she could only stand in the water and tremble.

But, to be fair, because of her fear of water, it was indeed difficult for her to focus her emotions.

"Director, I'm sorry, let's try again."

The director held back his anger and returned to the camera. However, Chen Xingyan's performance this time was even worse.

Lin Sheng watched from the side the entire time. His assistant originally wanted to help, but Lin Sheng stopped him, "Let her suffer a little."

"Stop filming! I've never seen such a lousy actor. You, on your own, have caused the entire crew to not get any sleep..."

Chen Xingyan lowered her head, stepped out of the water and headed to the director's side dripping in water.

"Don't look so pitiful, I am also pitiful; the An Zihao that has been endlessly sacrificing for you is pitiful," the director said as he pointed at Chen Xingyan. "I know you're used to living a carefree life and used to the life of a stunt double. But, you are currently the female lead. Can you not be so selfish? Can you think on other's behalf?"

"In order to get revenge on Director Matt for you, An Zihao practically exhausted his finances. As for today, he once again paid the price because of your childish behavior. He was a promising new director, yet because of you, he's almost gone bankrupt. Do you not feel bad at all?"

The director practically screamed his last few words.

Tangning was stunned.

"Go, go, go...I'm not filming anymore tonight. If not for Lin Sheng and An Zihao, I would have directly fired you."

Chen Xingyan opened her mouth to speak, but as the words reached her lips, she suddenly felt like everything she was to say would merely sound like an excuse.

An Zihao...

Because of her, he was almost bankrupt?

Chen Xingyan was confused, she had no idea that An Zihao had done so much for her in secret.

"Director, let's try one more time."

"No, An Zihao has done so much for you, but your performance tonight has shown me how you've insulted his trust, his sacrifices, and his heart." After speaking, the director left. Meanwhile, the other staff on set looked at Chen Xingyan with deep disappointment.

"Sheng Ge, the director's words were a bit harsh," Lin Sheng's assistant said beside Lin Sheng's ear. "Chen Xingyan has a slight fear of water."

"Since she wants to be an actress that everyone has their eyes on, there's nothing she can't overcome. She has a mouth, she can always ask others for advice. But, she is young, reckless, and too proud to ask for help." After speaking, Lin Sheng gestured for his assistant to return to his room and get some rest.

"When it comes to acting, a thousand Chen Xingyan's cannot compare to one Tangning."

Chen Xingyan was used to things not going right, but she had never suffered in such a way. However, the suffering was worth it this time.

Because she actually felt a trace of guilt.

It didn't take long before Chen Xingyan helplessly returned to her room. But, at this time, the director gave An Zihao a phone call.

"I don't think I can continue filming with your little seedling. Since we haven't filmed much, I'd rather find someone to replace her, in case things get more complicated later on."

From the director's tone of voice and the time of the phone call, An Zihao could tell that the director had already tried his best. Otherwise, why would he call him in the middle of the night to complain?

An Zihao remained silent for a few seconds before he responded, "In that case, director, I have a plan. If she still can't do it after one last try, you can replace her. By that time, I won't have any reason to persist either."

The director took a deep breath. He obviously appeared calmer than before, "OK then, tell me your plan. But, this will be her last chance."

"OK," An Zihao nodded.


That night, Chen Xingyan did not sleep well. Her mind constantly thought about the words that the director had said to her.

Did An Zihao really do so much for her?

After not sleeping for an entire night, as she got out of bed the next day, she received a notification, "The director called your manager last night. The director has decided to replace you," the director's assistant said after knocking on her door early in the morning.

"The director can't work with someone that doesn't understand teamwork and gratitude. It's best you go home and look for An Zihao."

Chen Xingyan had heavy eyebags from lack of sleep. Her consciousness was originally not clear, but when she heard that the director was going to replace her, she was stunned like she had been struck by lightning.

After speaking, the assistant turned and left without giving Chen Xingyan a chance to defend herself.

But, was she really replaced just like that?

After a few minutes in a stunned daze, Chen Xingyan remembered she should give An Zihao a phone call, "I've been replaced."

"I know," An Zihao replied calmly. "It works for you. Now you can return to being a stunt double."

"I..." An Zihao's words suddenly pierced into Chen Xingyan painfully.

"Go home by yourself first. I still have stuff I need to do here."

After speaking, An Zihao hung up the phone.

Chen Xingyan sat on her bed uncomfortably as she began to panic.

Was she going to spend the rest of her life like this? Was she going to continue dragging people down and implicating them?

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